What is Matloob Status in Saudi Arabia and How to Deal with It

By Mohammed Ameen

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What is Matloob Status in Saudi Arabia and How to Deal with It

What does the term “Matloob” mean?

Matloob is a term used to describe a person who has been reported to the authorities by their sponsor for engaging in criminal activities or causing damages. It can also be applied to expatriates who are wanted for criminal offenses or have outstanding loans and fines. A Matloob person is not allowed to leave the country and may be subject to arrest and imprisonment.

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Consequences and Conditions for a Matloob Person

Upon being declared Matloob, an individual is required to report to the relevant police station for investigations. They can only return home once the judicial process is completed, or they are removed from the Matloob list by the sponsor or concerned authorities. If the individual is found guilty, they will face punishment accordingly. In cases where there are private rights involved, such as pending claims or compensation for damages/losses caused by the accused, the individual will not be permitted to leave the Kingdom even after completing their punishment (such as a jail term). They will only be allowed to leave once the private rights claims are resolved.

If someone is in Matloob status, as an expatriate, what actions should they take?

It is recommended that the individual in Matloob status should seek advice and assistance from their Embassy or consulate. Additionally, if the individual suspects that their sponsor reported them as Matloob falsely, possibly to avoid paying dues or for harassment purposes, they should immediately report it to the Ministry of Labour helpline at 19911.

How to Check Matloob Status in KSA

If you want to check whether you have been reported for any criminal activities or if any police cases have been registered against you, you can access this information through the Ministry of Interior’s Absher portal. This article provides detailed instructions on how to do so: How to Check Whether You Have a Police Case Online


In conclusion, Matloob status can have severe consequences for expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Being reported by a sponsor for criminal activity or damages can result in a declaration of Matloob, which bars the individual from leaving the country and may lead to arrest and imprisonment. However, seeking assistance from embassies, reporting false accusations to the Ministry of Labour, and following the proper procedures for clearing Matloob status can help individuals navigate this challenging situation. By understanding the legal rights and available options, foreign nationals can make informed decisions and take necessary steps to avoid or address Matloob status.