How to Legalize Huroob Status

How to Legalize Invalid Iqama or Huroob Status

Your Iqama or residence permit becomes a huroob or invalid status when your sponsor registers a runway complaint against you: How to Check Huroob Status on Iqama

How to Cancel / Remove / Overcome Huroob Status

If you are in Huroob (Absent from work or Invalid iqama) Status, you will have 3 options to legalize your status: Iqama Renewal Fees

1- Request Your Sponsor to Cancel the Huroob Status

If you can convince your Sponsor, this is the best and easiest way to solve the problem. In this case, you can approach the Passport department with the following documents: Related: Check Sponsor Name and Id number

  • Form to cancel Huroob Status
  • Huroob Report
  • Required Fees

Go to Jawazat (Passport Department) with your Sponsor or his legal representative and Submit the application over there.

2- Go to the labor Court

You cannot approach the Labor Court on your own; you may seek assistance from social workers or your Embassy.

3- Surrender to Authority

You may surrender to any Tarheel center (Deportation Center). They will arrest you, keep you in jail for a few days, and then deport you to your home country. In this case, you will be barred from entering Saudi Arabia for five years.