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Check Any Cases Reported Against You in Saudi Arabia

Check the Generalization Report on Iqama

The Ministry of Interior (MOI Saudi Arabia) online service – (also known as Absher) allows checking criminal records on Iqama by online.

Any criminal activity report against your Iqama number will ban you to exit from Saudi Arabia. You can’t leave the Kingdom either temporarily on an exit-reentry visa or permanently on the final exit visa. In any case, you will be returning from Airport to face and resolve the current case against Iqama number: Check Iqama Red Green Status

Visit Ministry of Interior website to check Criminal Record on Iqama

Then follow below steps.
Login > Eservices > MOI Diwan > Generalisation Report Query

If there is no criminal record, the result will look like below screenshot, otherwise your will get the details of criminal cases : Check Iqama Expiry date

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