Final Exit Visa

How to Check Final Exit Visa Status Online in 2022

Final Exit Visa in Saudi Arabia

Expat residents in Saudi Arabia require a Final Exit Visa (Khurooj Nihai) in order to leave the kingdom permanently. The final exit visa ensures that your employer allows you to leave the country permanently. Expats who leave on a final exit visa can re-enter the Kingdom with a new visa. You can check your final exit visa status in two ways: through the MOL-KSA website or through the Absher portal.

How to Check Final Exit Visa Status on the MOL website

You can check your final exit visa status on the MOL website (Ministry of Labor) by entering your Iqama number or passport number or border number.

Visit the MOL website:

Fill in your ID number.

Click on the “green” button.

How to Check Final Exit Status?.

If your employer has already issued your Final Exit Visa, you will see a “خروج نهايي” (khurooj nihai-final exit) result in the employment status. At the same time, if your final exit has not been issued yet, you will see the result “علي رأس العمل” (ali ras alamal-on the job).


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How to Check Final Exit Visa on Absher?

You can also check your Final Exit Visa status on the Absher platform; however, it requires registration.

Visit the Absher website:

Choose “Individuals“.

Select English or Arabic.

Log in to the Absher platform.

Go to “Dashboard“.

Click on “More Details” under the name tab

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Scroll down and look for “Visa Class” under “Visa Information“.

If your Final Exit Visa has already been issued, your Visa Class will show as “FINAL


Now that you know how to check if your Final Exit Visa is issued or not online, you can rest assured that you won’t have any problems when it comes time to leave the country. Checking the status of your Final Exit Visa online is a quick and easy process. Once you have entered required information, you will be able to see whether or not your visa has been issued. If it has not yet been issued, you can check back at a later date.

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