How to Check New Iqama Number and Issuance Status in Suadi Arabia

By Mohammed Ameen

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How to Check Your Iqama Issuance Status and Number

If you have just moved to Saudi Arabia and your first Iqama issuance is under process, and you want to find out your new Iqama number, you are in the right place. This article is intended for people like you to help find your new Iqama number and issuance status. So let’s get started.

Quick Steps to Check Your Iqama Issuance Status

Since you are new to Saudi Arabia, you might be wondering about the requirements for checking your iqama number. For this, you only need your border number, which you can find in my article about how to check your border number. Here are the steps to find out your Iqama number using your border number.

  1. Go to the Ministry of Labor website (MOL KSA) at
  2. The website will open in Arabic by default, but you can change the language to English or Urdu using the top menu.
  3. Enter your ten-digit border number in the first field. Then, click on the “Date of Birth” field and select your birth date using either the Hijri or Gregorian calendar.
  4. Enter the image code and click the “Next” button.
  5. If your mobile number is registered, you will have to input the verification code sent via SMS.
How To Check If Your Iqama Has Been Issued Or Not Online

After following the steps above, if your Iqama has already been issued, you will see your Iqama number and personal details on the next page. If your Iqama number isn’t displayed, it means that your Iqama is still being processed and hasn’t been issued yet.

In conclusion, for expatriates in Saudi Arabia, having a valid Iqama is crucial. You must obtain an Iqama within 90 days of arriving in the kingdom, as per the law. You can check your Iqama status and find your Iqama number online via the Ministry of Labor’s website. This article demonstrates how to easily confirm your Iqama’s issuance, helping you stay compliant with Saudi laws.

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