Exit Re-Entry Visa

Minimum Passport Validity Required for Issuance of Exit/Re-Entry Visa

Exit re-entry visas allow expat residents in Saudi Arabia to leave the kingdom temporarily. Exit re-entry visas can be obtained electronically through Absher or the Muqeem portal. The Jawazat recently clarified the minimum required validity of a resident’s passport for obtaining an exit re-entry visa.

According to Jawzat, in order to issue an exit re-entry visa requires a minimum of 6 months of passport validity. In addition, the iqama of the applicant must be valid.

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The other prerequisites for issuing exit re-entry visas are, there should be no outstanding traffic fines, the visa fee must be deposited on the applicant’s iqama number, and the applicant must be physically present in Saudi Arabia.

Another requirement for issuing exit re-entry visas is that the applicant’s fingerprints be registered with Jawazat systems.

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