Passport and Iqama Validity Requirements for Exit/Re-Entry Visa Issuance

By Mohammed Ameen

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Passport and Iqama Validity Requirements for Exit/Re-Entry Visa Issuance

Expat residents in Saudi Arabia need an exit re-entry visa for temporary departure from the kingdom. This type of visa can be obtained electronically through the Absher or Muqeem portals. The Saudi Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat) has specified the minimum passport validity required for expatriates to obtain an exit re-entry visa.

Minimum Passport Validity for Obtaining an Exit/Re-Entry Visa

Jawazat mandates that for an exit re-entry visa to be issued, the applicant’s passport must have at least 90 days of validity remaining. Additionally, the applicant’s Iqama (residency permit) must also be valid.

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Iqama Validity Requirements for Issuing an Exit/Re-Entry Visa

To issue an exit re-entry visa in Saudi Arabia, the required minimum validity of the Iqama varies depending on the situation. For employees applying themselves, the Iqama must have a minimum validity of three months beyond the visa’s validity period. When an employer is issuing the visa, the Iqama’s validity must extend beyond the return date. In the case of dependents, the exit re-entry visa can be issued up to 7 days before the Iqama’s expiry date. These requirements ensure that both individuals and their dependents are eligible to travel and return to Saudi Arabia within the designated visa period.

Other Requirements for the Exit Re-Entry Visa

Beyond the minimum passport validity, there are several other criteria that must be met for the issuance of an exit re-entry visa. Applicants must ensure there are no outstanding traffic fines against them, and the visa fee should be deposited using the applicant’s Iqama number. It’s also necessary for the applicant to be physically present within Saudi Arabia at the time of application. Additionally, the issuance of an exit re-entry visa requires applicants to register their fingerprints with the Jawazat system.

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Visa Fees

The fee structure for the exit re-entry visa is as follows: SAR 200 for a single exit re-entry visa valid for two months, with an additional SAR 100 for each subsequent month. For those requiring a multiple re-entry visa, the fee is SAR 500, covering a maximum period of three months.

In summary, expat residents looking to obtain an exit re-entry visa must adhere to the specific requirements set by Jawazat, including passport validity, Iqama validity, and other prerequisites such as the absence of traffic fines and the necessity of being in Saudi Arabia during the application process.