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Check Your Visa Validity (Exit Re-Entry) Online

Check Exit Re-Entry Visa Validity through Muqeem

If you are an expat resident living in Saudi Arabia, you require an Exit Re-Entry visa in order to leave the kingdom temporarily. The visa can be obtained through the Absher portal. You can check the validity of your visa in two ways: via the Absher portal or the Muqeem.sa website. Unlike Absher, checking the validity of your Exit Re-Entry visa through Muqeem is simple; there is no need to log in; simply enter a few pieces of information such as your full name as it appears on your passport, your Iqama number, and your passport number to view your visa validity.

How to check the Validity of Visa on the Muqeem portal?

Visit the MUQEEM KSA portal using the link below,


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Select “English” from the top of the page.

Choose one of the two options below: “Residency Number” (Iqama Number) or “Visa Number” and enter its value in the column below.

Select an option from the drop-down list and enter its value in the final column;

  • Visa Number
  • Passport Number
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Iqama Expiry Date
  • Visa Expiry Date

To proceed, click the “CHECK” button.

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The following page will display your complete Visa information, including your visa number, visa type, visa duration, inside/outside information, visa issue date, and visa return before date.

Types of Exit Re-Entry Visas

1, Single Exit Re-Entry Visa

Single entry visas allow you to enter and exit the country only once. Once the visa is issued, you will be required to exit and re-enter the country within a specified time period.

2, Multiple Exit Re-Entry Visa

Multiple exit re-entry visas allow you to enter and exit Saudi Arabia indefinitely during a specified period.

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