AbsherExit Re-Entry Visa

Procedure to issue Exit/Re-Entry Visa using Absher

Exit Re-Entry Visa

Expat workers and their dependents (Residents) living in Saudi Arabia require an Exit-Re-Entry Visa to leave Saudi Arabia, temporarily.

Following is the procedure to issue an Exit Re-Entry visa for dependents using the Absher account.

First, on the dependent’s Iqama number, you have to pay the Exit-Re-entry Visa fee via an ATM or online banking.

The fee for Exit Re-Entry visa is SR 200 for the first two months and SR 100 for each additional month.

Also, make sure your dependents’ Iqama and Passports are valid: Check Exit Re-Entry Visa Validity Status Online

Procedure to Issue Exit-Re-Entry Visa from Absher

Visit the www.absher.sa website

Select My Dashboard

Then click on “More Details” from Dependents  

Then click “Issue Visa”

Tick the box and click OK

Here you will have two choices, you can select any one.

  • Return Before: Here you can give a specific return date, then the absher will issue the permit up to that specific date.
  • Duration: If you are choosing duration, you can simply enter how many days of Exit Re-entry permit you require.

Enter the required days or “Return Before” date and Issue Exit Re-Entry Visa

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