Exit Re-Entry Visa

How To Pay Exit Re-Entry Visa Fee Online In Saudi Arabia

The exit re-entry visa permits expat residents in Saudi Arabia to leave the kingdom temporarily. In order to obtain an exit re-entry visa, the visa fee must be paid. This article explains how much the exit re-entry visa fee in Saudi Arabia is and how to pay it online.

Exit Re-Entry Visa Fees

There are two types of exit re-entry visas: single exit re-entry visas and multiple exit re-entry visas; for more information on the visa types, see this article. A single exit reentry visa costs SR 200 for two months and SR 100 for each month after that. For a multiple exit reentry visa, the fee is SR 500 for the first three months and SR 200 for each additional month.

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Paying the Exit Re-Entry Visa Fee at an ATM

Here’s how to pay the exit re-entry visa fee at an ATM of SNB AlAhli bank.

  • Choose your preferred language: English or Arabic.
  • Enter the ATM PIN.
  • Go to “Main Menu”
  • Choose “SADAD and Utility Payment“.
  • Select the option “SADAD
  • Choose “MOI
  • Select “Alien Control
  • Choose “Exit Re Entry Single” or “Exit Re Entry Multiple”.
  • Choose “Pay“.
  • Enter your Iqama number.
  • Click on “press here of if correct”
  • Select the duration of the exit re-entry visa.
  • Select “Pay Exact” and complete the payment. 

How to Pay the Exit Re-Entry Visa Fee through Mobile/Online Banking

Here’s how to pay your exit re-entry visa fee via Al Rajhi Bank’s mobile app or online banking.

  • Login to the AlRajhi online banking.
  • Select the “Payments“.
  • Choose “Government Payments“.
  • Select “Expatriate Services
  • Select “Exit Re-Entry Visa (Single)” or “Exit Re-Entry Visa (Multiple)”
  • Select transaction type as “Payment
  • Enter your “Iqama Number”.
  • Choose “visa duration” in days
  • Check the fees displayed on the screen and then click “Confirm” to finish the payment.

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