Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate via Sehhaty

Saudi Arabia has launched the COVID-19 vaccination campaign on December 17, 2020. If you have already received at least one coronavirus vaccine shot, you can download the COVID-19 vaccination certificate (COVID-19 vaccine medical report) through the Sehhaty app. You can also check the coronavirus Vaccination certificate through the Sehhaty website (vaccine

Steps to Download COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate via Sehhaty App

COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate, Saudi Arabia, Sehhaty App, vaccine

The system will show you the COVID-19 vaccine certificate on your screen, which can be downloaded in PDF format. You can also take a screenshot of the certificate. You’ll also be able to see which COVID-19 vaccines you’ve received.

Vaccination Certificate via Sehhaty website

You can also get your COVID-19 vaccination certificate through the Sehhaty website. Follow the steps below.

  • Visit Sehhaty website:
  • Enter the report/certificate number.
  • Enter your ID number.
  • Click on the “Inquiry
COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate, Saudi Arabia, Sehhaty App, vaccine

The following window will show your vaccination certificate.


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