Tawakkalna App clarifies “Exempted” status category

By Mohammed Ameen

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Saudi Arabia's Tawakkalna app clarifies "Exempted" status category

Users who have the status “Exempted” on the app will be treated similarly to vaccinated users in terms of access to public places and travel, said Saudi Arabia’s official Covid-19 application Tawakkalna.

The “Exempted” status in the Tawakkalna app appears only to those who have obtained a prior exemption from the Ministry of Health to avoid getting the coronavirus vaccine for medical reasons.

“Users of Android can preview their health condition (exempt) via the app, while iOS users can preview it on Tawakkalna’s official website: https://ta.sdaia.gov.sa/index-en.html,” the app clarified. 

heath condition exempt on tawakkalna app, Tawakkalna Exempted Status

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