What is a health passport and how do you view it?

By Mohammed Ameen

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What is a health passport and how to view it?

Health Passport Service

The Tawakkalna app’s health passport service enables you to collect all of your health information in one place for easier travel procedures.

Use of Health Passport

Health passports in the Tawakkalna app show all travel-related health information, including:

  • Immunization status and history
  • PCR tests and results
  • Information about COVID-19 travel insurance and its validity

What is the purpose of the health passport

The Health Passport Service includes all travel-related information. Upon request, it will provide a preview of the information contained in your health passport to the appropriate entities. Additionally, it simplifies the travel procedures.

How to view your and your family members’ health passports

  • Install the “Tawakkalna app” on your smartphone.
  • Login to the “Tawakkalna” app.
  • Go to “Services
  • Click on “Health Passport” under the “Health Services” tab.
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You can now view your Health Passport.

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