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How to Withdraw Money From Atm Using Stc-Pay

Procedure to Withdraw Money from STC-Pay Wallet

You can withdraw your STC Pay wallet balance from ATM using your STC-Pay app. Below is the procedure.

1 Click on the 3 dashes (menu) in the upper right corner of your homepage

HOW TO WITHDRAW MONEY FROM STC PAY2 Select “ATM Cash Withdrawal” option.

STC PAY ATM WITHDRAWAL3 Select “ATMs Near Me” to discover them in a list view, or map view by clicking on the icon on the upper right corner. Click “Directions” once you’ve chosen an ATM

4 Once you get to the ATM, select STC Pay on the screen

5 From your phone, go back to “ATM Cash Withdrawal”, select “Enter Amount”, and click “Done”
6 Select the STC Pay account you wish to withdraw from

7 Scan the QR Code on the ATM screen to confirm the transaction and get the cash from the ATM drawer.



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