Expat Dependent Fee Calculator 2024

By Mohammed Ameen

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Expat Dependent Fee Calculator 2024

Expat Dependent Fee in Saudi Arabia

It is mandatory for expatriate residents in Saudi Arabia to pay a dependent fee or levy for all family members under their sponsorship, including spouses, children, and parents. Before renewing their own and their family members’ Iqama (residency permit), the expatriate resident must first pay the dependent levy. This article guides you through the calculation of your dependent fee.

How to Calculate Expat Dependent Fee

The fee for each dependent on your Iqama is SR 400 per month. For instance, if you have two dependents, your annual dependent fees would be calculated as follows: (400 x 12) x 2 = SAR 9,600

Expat Dependent Fee Calculator

You can determine the total fee for your dependents by choosing the duration and the number of dependents

Important Update: Saudi Arabia Reviews Expat Dependent Fee: Finance Minister

How to Check Dependent Levy

You can check the amount of your dependent levy via ATM or online banking. To check and pay the dependent levy through Al Rajhi Bank’s online banking (Al Mubasher Retail), follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Al Rajhi Banks online service.
  2. Click on the “Payments” option
  3. Select “MOI Payments”
  4. Choose “Expatriate Service”
  5. Select “Fee Collection for All Registered Associates on the Head of Household Iqama”
  6. Enter your “Iqama Number
  7. Input the “fees duration end date” (usually one year after the current iqama expiry date)
  8. Click “Proceed”
  9. You will be able to view the amount of the dependent levy that you will be required to pay in order to renew your Iqama
  10. Click “Confirm” to proceed with the payment or “Cancel” to cancel the transaction.


In summary, paying the dependent fee or family levy is compulsory for all family members under the sponsorship of a resident expatriate in Saudi Arabia. The fee is calculated based on the number of dependents and the payment duration. Various methods, including ATMs and online banking, are available to check and pay the dependent levy, ensuring the renewal of your Iqama.