Dependent Levy

How to Calculate Dependent Levy in Saudi Arabia?

Expat Dependent Levy or Expat Family Fees

Payment of Dependent Fees or dependent levy is mandatory for all family members under the sponsorship of a resident expatriate. This includes wife, male and female children, and parents. In order to renew his Iqama, an expat resident must pay the dependent levy on his Iqama number.

How to Calculate Dependent Levy in Saudi Arabia

You have to pay SR 400 per month per dependent in your Iqama. If you have two dependents in your iqama your annual dependent fees will be as follows:

(400 x 12)x2 = SR 9,600

You can also check the exact amount of your dependent levy through the ATM or internet banking.

Here is how you can check and pay the dependent levy through Al Rajhi internet banking.

  • Login to the Al Rajhi Banks online service (Al Mubasher Retail)
  • Click the “Payments
  • Select “MOI Payments
  • Choose the “Expatriate Service
  • Choose “Fee Collection for All Registered Associates on the Head of Household Iqama
  • Enter your “Iqama Number
  • Also, enter “fees duration end date” (A date that is usually one year after the current iqama expiry date).
  • Click on “Proceed“.
  • You will be able to view the amount of the dependent levy that you will be required to pay in order to renew your Iqama.
  • Click “Confirm” to proceed with the payment or “Cancel” to cancel.

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