How to Correct the Insurance Status of Visitors on Tawakkalna

By Mohammed Ameen

Updated on:

how to correct tawakkalna insurance status for visitors

How to Rectify Visitors’ Insurance Status on Tawakkalna

Are you a visitor to Saudi Arabia, and your Tawakkalna account does not correctly display insurance status? The Tawakkalna app recently clarified what you could do in this situation.

The app advises such visitors to contact the Health Insurance council for rectification. Visitors can check the validity of their medical insurance by calling the health insurance council at 920001177.

Additionally, visitors can also check their health insurance status by going to the CCHI website. Read: How to Check Visit Visa Health Insurance Validity Online

The Tawakkalna app’s clarification came after complaints that some medically insured visitors were not listed as “insured visitors” on the app.

It is now mandatory for people who come to the Kingdom on visit visas to have medical insurance.

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