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Expatriates can now buy one property in Saudi Arabia

Expatriates who are legal residents of Saudi Arabia can now own a single property in the kingdom. The Absher platform has outlined three criteria that expatriates must meet in order to buy a property in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Absher platform, the service enables residents in the kingdom to apply for a permit to own property if they meet the following three criteria:

  • The expatriate must possess a valid, unexpired residence permit (Iqama).
  • The resident must provide all relevant information about the property, as well as a copy of the deed.
  • The expatriate must not own any other property in the Kingdom.

The service can be accessed via the Absher platform’s “My Services” (Khidmaty) menu, then “Services” (Khidmat), then “General Services” (Al-Khidmatul Aamma), and finally “Request Property Owning for Non-Saudis.”

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