Iqama Renewal for Expats Outside the Kingdom – Jawazat Clarifies

By Mohammed Ameen

Updated on:

Jawazat Allows Iqama Renewal for Residents Outside the Kingdom

The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia has clarified that the residence permits (iqamas) of expatriates outside the kingdom can be renewed through the Absher business or Muqeem platform for the employer. This information was confirmed by the Customer Service Account of Jawazat in response to an inquiry about renewing an Iqama while abroad.

The user inquired about renewing the residence permit and exit re-entry visa for a resident head of the family from outside the Kingdom. In response, Jawazat stated that the Muqeem ID (Iqama) can be renewed electronically after paying the fees through the SADAD service via the Absher Business or Muqeem platform for the employer.

This means that Iqamas of expatriate residents can be renewed online even while they are outside of the kingdom through the employer’s account in Absher business or Muqeem portals after paying the necessary fees through the SADAD service.

This clarification from Jawazat is significant for expatriate residents in Saudi Arabia who are currently outside the Kingdom and need to renew their residence permits. With the ability to renew their Iqamas through the Muqeem or Absher business portals, expatriate residents can avoid any potential complications or delays in returning to the Kingdom.