Updated List of SADAD Biller Codes in Saudi Arabia

By Mohammed Ameen

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SADAD Biller Codes List

SADAD is an electronic payment system in Saudi Arabia that enables individuals and businesses to make different kinds of payments digitally. The system uses specific codes for each payee and service to ensure accurate transactions. This article provides a helpful list of these SADAD biller codes and their corresponding services. You’ll find codes for telecom companies, city services, financial institutions, transportation providers, ministries, and more. By understanding these codes, users can efficiently navigate the SADAD system and make payments with ease.

What is SADAD

SADAD is a national electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) system launched by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) in Saudi Arabia. The system aims to make bill payment transactions for end consumers more convenient and efficient through all channels. As a reliable and immediate centralized bill payment system, SADAD partners with local banks, digital wallets and billers to provide bill payment services to a range of billers, including telecom companies, city services, financial institutions, transportation providers, and ministries.

SADAD Biller Codes List

Biller CodeService Provider
002Saudi Electric Company
006Madinah Municipality
007Home PC Initiative
009King Abdulaziz University
010Riyadh Municipality
012Samba Services Payments
013Ministry of Commerce
015Water Services
016AlAhli Finance and Credit Cards
017Arab Open University
018American Express
019Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
020General Authority of Zakat and Tax
021Saudi Post
022Saudi Arabian Airlines
023Al-Hamrani Company for Investment in Trade
024Al Yusr Leasing & Financing Company
025Eastern Province Municipality
027Holy Makkah Municipality
028Municipality of Jeddah
029SABB Payment Services
031Alawwal Bank Credit Card Payments
034National Technology Group
035Cadre Economic Cities
036Saudi Credit Bureau
037Nesma Internet
038Saudi Net DSL Cards
039Awan For Market Data
040Real Estate Development Fund
042Communications and Information Technology Commission
045Saudi Arabian Agricultural Bank
046Royal Commission of Yanbu
047AlRiyad Press Est
048Sahara net
049Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization
050Ministry of Labor
051Ministry of Media
053Jazirah Newspaper Subscriptions &Advertisements Invoices
054AlRajhi Bank Services
055Integrated Telecom Company ITC
056Falcon Credit Card
057Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities
058Social Development Bank
061Hail Municipality
062Tabouk Municipality
063Taajeer Group
064Jazan Municipality
065Abdul Latif Jameel United Finance
066Global Goodness
067Riyad Bank Payments
069Tamwily International Co.
070Al Qassim Municipality
071Banque Saudi Fransi Payment Services
072Alyamamah University
073Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industrial
074Dar Alyaum For Press and Media
075Ministry of Transportation
076Arab Media Company
077Assemblies of teaching Koran
078Bank Al-Jazira
079Al Amthal Leasing
081AL MAJD TV channels
082ANB Payments
084Aseer Province Municipality
087Najran Province Municipality
088Ministry of Finance
089Saudi Ports Authority
098General Authority of Civil Aviation
101Ministry of Foreign Affairs
102Municipality of Northern Borders
103AlJouf Provence Municipality
104Municipality of Al-Baha
105King Abdulaziz City for Sciences and Technology
106Taibah University
107Smart Cash
108Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia
109Saudi Food And Drugs Authority
110Al Rajhi Takaful
112Amanah Al Ahsa
113Municipality Of Al Taif
114Abha Chamber of Commerce industry
115Technical and Vocational Training Corporation
116Deputy Minister for Mineral Resources
117King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
118King Faisal Universty
120Saudi Railways
121dar Alhayat for Distribution
124Nayifat Finance Company
125Emirates NBD Payments
128Ministry of Health
129Saudi Commission For Health Specialties
130Bupa Arabia
131Raya Financing Company (Closed Joint Stock Company)
132Umm Al-Qura University
133Saudi Heart Association
134United Electronics Company – Extra
135Saudi E-Tabadul Company
136Arabian Shield Cooperative Insurance Company
137Saudi Electronic University
138National Water Company
139Asharqia Chamber
140Bank Albilad SADAD Biller
141Government e-Procurement Portal
142Human Resources Development Fund Programs
143Saudi Industrial Development Fund
144My Business Services
145Industrial Cities Development & Operating Co
146Royal Commission of Jubail
147Saudi Home Loans
148National Gas and Industrialization Company
149Saudi Telecom Company (SAWA)
151Virgin Mobile
154Economic Cities Authority
156Tamkeen Technologies
157Almawarid Manpower Company
159Education Evaluation Commission
160Ministry of Justice
161Ministry of Haj and Umrah
162Saudi Grains Organization
163Saudi Investment Bank Payments
167Saudi Manpower Solutions Co.-SMASCO
168Institute of Public Admiration-Business Center
169Ministry of Justice Execution Agency
170Arabian Agricultural Services Company
171Ministry of Housing
175Bidaya Home Finance
176King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy
177Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs
179Al-Ajeer Recruitment Company
180Public Transport Authority
182Sakani – National Housing Company
185Saudi Exhibition & Convention Bureau
186Lean Business Services Company
187Ijarah Finance
188AJIL Financial Services Company
189Bayan Credit Bureau
190Public Pension Agency
191Saudi Railway Company
192Presidency of Meteorology and Environment
193Nesma Airlines
195Tawkelat Financing Company
196Allied Cooperative Insurance Group – ACIG
199Takamol Holding Company
200King Abdulaziz & his Companions Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity – Mawhiba
204General Commission For Audiovisual Media
206Haramain High Speed Rail
207STC Pay
208Saudi contractors authority
209Tatweer Educational Technologies
210Al Sahab National company
211Taajeer for Finance
212National Committee for Tobacco Control
213Maharah Human Resources Company
214ESAD for Human Resources Solutions and Management
215University of Jeddah
216King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives
218Qassim University
219General Authority for Statistics
221Saudi Irrigation Organization
222General Directorate of Border Guard
226Najran Province Emirate
227General Commission for Survey
229Saline Water Conversion Corporation
231Royal Saudi Land Forces
232First Abu Dhabi Bank Payment Services
233General Authority of State Properties
234Public Security Directorate
235Saudi Geological Survey
236Hafr Al Batin Province Municipal
237Makkah Region Province Emirate
238Alifta Council Senior Scholar
239Saudi Wildlife Authority
240Makkah Region Development Authority
241Ministry Of Education
242Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property
247King Fahad Security College
248Royal Saudi Air Force
249King Khalid University
250King Faisal Military City
251Saudi Export Development Authority
252Saudi Arabian National Guard
253Al Madinah Region Development Authority
254The Saudi Red Crescent Authority
256Northern Border University
257King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center
258Saudi Energy Efficiency Center
259Premium Residency Center
260Rasid Jack
261Tasheel Finance (UCFS)
265Royal Saudi Naval Forces
266General Authority for Competition
267Ministry of Energy
268National Financing Services Company
269Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission
270Ministry of Justice – Alimony Fund
272Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu
275General Entertainment Authority
276Saudi Central Board For Accreditation Of Healthcare
278General Organization for Military Industries
279Saudi Center For Economic Business
280School Transportation
282Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture
283Prince Sultan University
285National Cybersecurity Authority
287National Center of Metrology
288Saudi Accreditation Center
289Aljouf University
291King Khalid Military Academy
293General Authority for Military Industries
295Saudi Broadcasting Authority
297Ministry of Sport
298The presidency of the Staff
303King Abdullah Air Defense College
306Saudi Press Agency
307Aljouf Province Emirate
309Albaha Emirates
312Electronic Porperty Transfer
313Ministry Of National Guard Health Affairs
343Public Health Authority
639NAFT Services Co. Ltd
902e-fa’a Payments
904The presidency of the Staff
905University of Jeddah
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In conclusion, SADAD, the electronic payment system in Saudi Arabia, offers a convenient and efficient way for individuals and businesses to make digital payments. By utilizing specific codes for each payee and service, SADAD ensures accuracy and ease of transactions. This article has provided a valuable list of SADAD biller codes and their corresponding services, covering telecom companies, city services, financial institutions, transportation providers, ministries, and more. Armed with this knowledge, users can navigate the SADAD system with confidence, streamlining their payment processes and enhancing their overall payment experience.