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How to Apply for Credit Cards in Saudi Arabia

Credit Card Application in Saudi Arabia

A credit card is a plastic card that can be used to purchase goods or services. The cards are issued by financial institutions, usually in the form of Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. These cards are an alternative to carrying large amounts of cash for making purchases. There are many ways that you can apply for a credit card in Saudi Arabia. You can go to your bank’s branch or can apply online. Once you’ve selected the best method for you, you will need to provide the required documents. The standard requirements for applying for a credit card in Saudi Arabia are as follows:

Please note: This is an average set of requirements. The requirements from bank to the bank may differ.

If you believe you meet the above criteria, gather the following documents and visit your nearest branch to apply. (Requirements may vary bank-to-bank)

  • Salary Certificate attested by the Chamber of Commerce
  • Last 6 months’ bank statement
  • Copy of Iqama or Muqeem Card
  • Copies of your Passport

The bank’s review of your application could take weeks, and banks typically provide a credit limit of 150 to 200 percent of your one-month salary.

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You will receive an SMS notification once your credit card application in Saudi Arabia has been approved. In order to track the delivery of your credit card, you will also be given a courier tracking number.

You can activate your card by visiting an ATM or using Internet Banking once it has arrived.

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