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Best SABB Credit Cards in 2022

The Saudi British Bank (SABB) offers a variety of credit cards designed to suite the different needs of people. Each card is designed to serve a unique purpose. The following are some of the most popular SABB Bank Credit Cards, along with a brief description of each.

Credit CardAnnual FeeAPR
SABB Premier Master Card Credit CardFree26.04%
SABB Emirates Visa Signature Credit CardSR 862.50 (free for 1st year)28.68%
SABB Signature Visa Credit CardSR 546.2528.68%
SABB Advance Visa Credit CardFree28.68%
SABB Platinum Visa/Mastercard Credit CardSR 46028.68%
SABB Titanium Mastercard Credit CardSR 258.7528.68%
SABB My Card Visa Credit CardSR 57.50 (one-time fee)N/A
SABB Classic Visa Credit CardSR 258.7528.68%
SABB Umlaty Visa Low Limit Credit CardSR 86.25N/A

SABB Premier Credit Card

The SABB Premier Credit Card comes with credit protection and premium MasterCard travel insurance. You will earn 17.5 ICSABB points on domestic purchases and 22.5 points on international purchases for every SR 100 spent. In addition, you will have an option to pay your monthly bills either in full or a minimum of 5%. The SABB premier credit card has no annual fee. The annual percentage rate is 26.04 percent, and the APR after annual fees is 29.38 percent.

SABB Emirates Credit Card

SABB Emirates Signature Credit Card provides you with a wide range of travel and lifestyle benefits to enhance your overseas experience and meet your travel needs. Credit protection, international medical and travel assistance, extended warranty, purchase protection, and travel insurance are all available with the card. You will get one Skywards Mile for every SR 5 spent in local transactions, 1.5 miles for every SR 5 spent in foreign currency, and two miles for every SR 5 spent on emirates. You can have up to 5 free supplementary cards. It has no annual fee for the first year, and the annual fee will be SR 862.50 beginning with the second year.

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SABB Signature Credit Card

SABB Signature Visa Credit Card provides a wide range of travel and lifestyle benefits, and as the best-in-class premium card, it addresses your needs and matches your status through its distinctive features and benefits. Premier customers will not be charged an annual fee, but others will be charged SR 546.25. With this credit card, every SR 100 spent earns you 15 points on domestic purchases and 21.5 points on international purchases. The annual percentage rate is 28.68 percent.

SABB Advance Credit Card

The SABB Advance Visa Credit Card has no annual fee. Credit protection, international and medical travel assistance, extended warranty, and purchase protection are all available. You will earn 15 points for every SR 100 spent in domestic purchases and 21 points for every SR 100 spent in international purchases. You can also have a maximum of 5 free supplementary cards. The annual percentage rate is 28.68 percent.

SABB Platinum Credit Card

SABB’s Platinum Credit Card is intended for people who work while they are on the move. The annual fee is SR 460, and the APR is 28.68%. Regarding ICSABB reward points, you will earn 12.5 points for every SR 100 spent domestically and 20 points for every SR 100 spent internationally. Credit protection, international medical and travel assistance, extended warranty, and purchase protection are all included with the card. This card, like other SABB cards, allows you to pay monthly bills in either 5 percent or in full. Aside from that, you will have the option of selecting up to 5 free supplementary cards.

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SABB Titanium Credit Card

SABB Titanium MasterCard is a Shariah-compliant credit card. The annual fee is SR 258.75, and the APR is 28.68%. Purchase protection is included with this card. Every SR 100 domestic purchase earns you 10 ICSABB points, and every SR 100 international purchase earns you 15 points. Like other SABB cards, this card also offers 5 free supplementary cards.

SABB My Card

SABB My Card is a Shariah-compliant card with a maximum credit limit of SR 50. Unlike other cards, the My Card does not require an employment confirmation letter. This card has no minimum income requirements. The card has a one-time fee of SR 57.50.

SABB Classic Credit Card

SABB Classic Credit Card is yet another Sharia-compliant credit card issued by SABB Bank. The annual fee is SR 258.75, and the APR is 28.68%. The card includes a credit protection feature. SABB Classic Credit card offers free 5 supplementary cards. You can earn 10 ICSABB points for every SR 100 domestic spend and 15 points on every SR 100 international spend.

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SABB Umlaty Credit Card

The SABB Umlaty Card is a multi-currency travel card that allows you to take advantage of competitive exchange rates while traveling abroad. This is a low-limit credit card. You can apply for this card by downloading the SABB Umlaty Application. The card has an annual fee of SR 86.25 and provides purchase protection.

How to Apply for SABB Credit Card?

You can apply for a SABB Bank credit card by completing the form on the website:

How to Activate SABB Credit Cards

You can activate SABB Credit Cards through SABBNet and SABB Mobile.

What is ICSABB Program

ICSABB is a one-of-a-kind rewards program provided by Saudi British Bank in Saudi Arabia. Customers who use the SABB Credit Cards within the Kingdom or abroad can earn points that can be redeemed at over 2,000 Partner stores across the Kingdom. When a SABB credit card is issued, customers are automatically enrolled in this program. Customers in the Kingdom can use their ICSABB points to make free purchases at stores, restaurants, and other establishments. Customers must present their SABB credit card at the cash register and specify that they want to redeem ICSABB points. Once authorized, a receipt is printed and an SMS is sent to the customer’s phone.

Know About SABB 3D Secure

SABB Bank’s secure online payment service gives you added security and peace of mind when you use your SABB credit card to shop online. The bank has introduced ‘Verified by VISA’ for your SABB VISA credit card, as well as ‘MasterCard SecureCode’ for your SABB MasterCard credit card.


SABB AQSAT service allows you to convert your purchases into monthly istallments. This can be done by calling SAABB Direct (800 124 5557).


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