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How to Check Credit History in Saudi Arabia (SIMAH Credit Report)

SIMAH – Saudi Credit Bureau

SIMAH is a credit information agency that collects, analyzes, and provides detailed and up-to-date credit information on both individuals and institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can get your SIMAH credit report/credit score by visiting the SIMAH website

SIMAH Credit Report

SIMAH credit report contains all of the information related to a client’s credit transactions with SIMAH members. The report includes his identification number, place of residence, current and previous places of work, marital status and personal information. Related: Penalties for cheque bounce in Saudi Arabia

Benefits of having a credit report

The SIMAH credit report contains detailed information on any credit product such as personal loans, financial vehicles, or telecom services. The following are the key merits of having a credit report.

  • Credit Reports will help you with your financial planning.  
  • The credit report gives you the authority to view your credit information with credit providers to be aware of any updates.  
  • You can utilize your credit report to be aware of guaranteed default credit products, if any.  
  • Credit Report is a confidential & reliable tool to access your historical & existing credit information at any time.  

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Procedure to Get SIMAH Credit Report

You can get your credit report by visiting the SIMAH website:

There are four different packages available, you can choose one of them as per your requirements,

  • Simah Basic Package
  • Simah Advanced Package
  • Simah Premium Package
  • Simah Premium Plus Package

If you only need a one-time credit report, you can go for the Basic Package of SR 25. Following are the details of the different packages offered by Simah.

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SIMAH Packages

SIMAH Subscription Packages
SIMAH Packages

Once you select a suitable package, create an account using your ID and Mobile number to get the SIMAH report. Your SIMAH Credit report will look like this.

SIMAH Credit Report

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