Expats’ Companions Now Eligible for Employment in Saudi Arabia

By Mohammed Ameen

Updated on:

Employment for Expat Companions in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is taking a significant step forward in its labor market by granting the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development the authority to employ companions of expatriate workers within the Kingdom. This progressive move aims to expand economic activities and professions in the country, further bolstering its growth and development.

New Opportunities for Expatriates’ Companions

The recent decision by the higher authorities allows the husbands or wives of expatriates working in Saudi Arabia, as well as the mahram (close blood relative) of expatriate working women, to be employed under certain conditions. This groundbreaking initiative stems from a comprehensive report prepared by the Ministry, detailing the potential impact of implementing this policy for the companions of expatriate workers.

Key Employment Conditions

To maintain the integrity of the labor market and ensure quality hires, several conditions must be met for employing companions of expatriates:

  1. Companions must be qualified in various specializations and fields required for the job.
  2. Their appointment must serve as an alternative to recruitment for an actually required job vacancy.
  3. The appointment must be compatible with the terms and conditions of the Nitaqat Saudization program.
  4. The employer of the companion must fulfill all the conditions for recruitment, as well as for practicing the profession. 5. Companions must pass the qualifying tests prescribed for practicing the profession in the Kingdom in accordance with the government requirements.
  5. Companions cannot be employed in jobs reserved for Saudi men and women, as specified by the Ministry’s lists.


This progressive decision by the Saudi Arabian higher authorities showcases the Kingdom’s commitment to economic growth and diversity. By providing expatriates’ companions with the opportunity to contribute to the workforce, the country is not only expanding its talent pool but also strengthening its ties with the global community. As Saudi Arabia continues to evolve and adapt to the changing world, it is crucial to recognize and support these positive changes that contribute to its ongoing progress and development.

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