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How to Issue a Final Exit Visa through Absher portal

Saudi Arabia now allows expatriate workers to issue final exit visas through the online portal Absher.

In order to request a Final Exit Visa, you must not have any vehicles in your Iqama or Id.

How to Request a Final Exit Visa through Absher?

The following is a step-by-step guide to requesting a final exit visa via the Absher portal.

-Visit the Absher portal: https://absher.sa/

-Login with your username and password

-Click on “Services” under the “My Services” tab

-Select “Passports” from the list of services

-Choose “Visa Services

-Click on “Create Request for Visa

-Choose “Final Exit Visa

-Click on “Next

-Click on “Confirm” to submit the application

request and issue final exit visa through absher

Once you have successfully submitted your application, your employer will have ten days to inquire about your request for a final exit visa. In the absence of a response from your employer, you can issue a final exit visa with 15-day validity.

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