Conditions to Change the Profession in Saudi Arabia

By Mohammed Ameen

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Conditions to Change Occupation/Profession in Saudi Arabia

Eligibility Conditions to Change Occupation in Saudi Arabia

According to the Qiwa portal, the following are the eligibility conditions for changing the profession in Saudi Arabia.

Company Eligibility Conditions

-The company status must be existent.

-The commercial registration must be valid.

-The company activity must not be from the activity of farmers and shepherds, equestrian, horse breeding or renting domestic labor services. Read: Check Iqama Profession Change Status Online

Employee Eligibility Conditions

-If the occupation is an engineering occupation, a valid professional practice certificate from the Saudi Council of Engineers must be present

-If the profession is a veterinary occupation, a certificate of practicing a profession from the Ministry of Agriculture must be present

-If the profession is an accounting occupation, a certificate of practicing a profession must be obtained from the Saudi Commission for Accounting Specialties. Also Read: How to register on Qiwa platform

-The status of the worker whose profession is requested to change must not be “Pending service transfer”

-There should be no request to change a profession under process for the same worker

-The worker must not have a final exit permit issued