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Check Iqama Profession Change Status Online

Iqama Check Profession Change Status

To check the Iqama profession change status in Saudi Arabia through the Ministry of Labor website, you need a reference number for the profession change request.

Iqama Profession Change Reference Number

The reference number consists of three parts (NUMBER/YEAR/MONTH) (Example: 861271/1440/01). You can ask for this reference number for your sponsor or any concerned person who submitted the application online: SR 3000 fine and 6 weeks jail for not carrying Iqama

Iqama Profession Change Fee

The fee for changing the Iqama profession is SR 1000

How to Check Profession Change Status in Saudi Arabia

Click Here to enter the Ministry of Labor website

Note- This is an Arabic language website. If you want to translate to English or any other language use translator plugin with your browser

How to Check Profession Change Status in Saudi Arabia

Choose the Profession Change service (خدمة تغيير مهنة) option from the top drop down menu
Then enter your Application Number.
Then press the button and get your status: Check Iqama Red Green Status

If your application is approved you will get “تمت موافقة الباحث” which means your application has been approved.

If the application is rejected you will get a “لم تتم الموافقة” Not Approved message

Once the application is approved, you will have to pay the Profession Change fee SR 1000 then your sponsor can complete the procedure through his Absher Business account.

Once completed the Absher procedure, you can visit your personal Absher Account and verify the change.

Go to Dashboard and find your profession under the Job category

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