How To Change Your Photo In Iqama

By Mohammed Ameen

Updated on:

how to change photo in iqama

What is Iqama

The Iqama is a residence permit issued by the Ministry of Interior to Foreigners in Saudi Arabia. The Iqama is a plastic card, similar to a credit card, which contains all your details, such as your photo, name and nationality. In this article, we will be talking about how to change your photo in Iqama.

How to get a new photo on your Iqama card

If you want to change the photo on your Iqama, you’ll need to go through the Jawazat (Passport Department)offices. They’re the only ones who can make changes to Iqamas. Here are the steps:

  1. Book an appointment with Jawazat
  2. Go to the Jawazat office personally at the allotted time.
  3. Your new photo will be taken at Jawazat, and you’ll receive the updated Iqama card.

Conditions for changing your photo in Iqama

If you want to change your photo in Iqama, certain conditions must be met.

  • Firstly, you must have a valid passport
  • Secondly, the photo in your passport should be a recent one.
  • Thirdly, your head should not be covered in the photo.


If you need to change your photo in Iqama, it’s a relatively simple process that can be done by visiting Jawazat. So if you’re unhappy with your current Iqama photo, don’t worry — you can easily change it!

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