How to book an appointment with Jawazat online

If you want to visit Jawazat for any services, you must schedule an appointment through the Absher portal of the Ministry of Interior. Here are detailed instructions for booking a Jawazat appointment in a few easy steps.

Follow the steps below to book a Jawazat appointment in Saudi Arabia online.

Visit the Absher portal: https://absher.sa/

Log in to the Absher account

Click on “More” under the “Appointments” tab

how to book jawazat appointment

On the following page, select “Passports”

Then select “Proceed to Service”

On the next page, select “Book New Appointment

Choose a service based on your requirements:

  • تسجيل السمات الحيوية للوافدين (رجال) (Registration of Fingerprints for Men)
  • تسجيل السمات الحيوية لمرافقي الوافدين (Registration of Fingerprints for Dependents)
  • Resident Services
  • Activate or Update Cell Phone Number of Absher Account
  • تعديل وضع الأشقاء اليمنيين (Special Service for Yemenis)
  • تجديد بطاقة القبائل النازحه (Internally Displaced Peoples Card Renewal)

Then select your Region.

Also, select the number of transactions you want to perform.

Select the Jawazat office you want to visit

On the following page, select the time and date of the appointment.

Review your date and time and click on “Confirm Appointment Details“.

That’s it. You have successfully booked your Jawazat Appointment.

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