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Saudi Electricity Company Announces Monthly Fixed Bill Service

Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) Fixed Bill Service

The Saudi electricity company (SEC) announces a new service called ‘fixed bill service’ to all non-government subscribers. In the new system the subscriber pays a fixed monthly amount against electric energy consumption, after calculating the value of this amount based on the average consumption value during the last 12 months of the request, and according to the applied tariff rates at the time of the request.

At the end of the year of subscription in the service, the difference will be calculated, minus or plus, for any of the two parties, if the consumer likes to continue in the service, the new rate will be fixed in light of actual consumption, if he does not like to continue the amount will be settled whether he owes them or they owe him, noting that ownership of the building is not a provision for subscription.

More about Fixed Bill Service

• The meter is read monthly and the monthly consumption is calculated as usual.
• The customer pays a monthly bill with a fixed value for 12 months based on the monthly consumption average.
• The bill is issued and may show the actual consumption and the value to be paid.
• Power consumption is reviewed and calculating the difference of plus or minus at the end of each year and accordingly amendment.

Duration of the agreement:

The duration of the agreement is one year from the date of signature, automatically renewed unless one of the two parties does request its cancellation before the expiration date, or in case one of them fails to fulfill the obligations under this agreement.

How to Subscribe the Service

1- Settle the old dues.

2- Subscription to SMS service.

3- Providing the history of consumption for 12 months or more.

4- Approval of owner, if the applicant is an investor or tenant.

5- A copy of the ID of the owner and the beneficiary of the service.

For service request: Click here

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