How to Check Eligibility of Worker in Saudi Arabia Online

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Guide to Checking Worker Eligibility on the Qiwa Platform

Saudi Arabia’s MHRSD introduced the professional verification program (SVP) in 2021. The goal? To assess the skills of workers either already in the kingdom or before they enter. Here’s a quick guide on how to easily check a worker’s eligibility on the Qiwa platform online.

Steps to Verify Worker Eligibility Online

You can quickly verify a worker’s eligibility using their Iqama number or, for those without an Iqama, their passport number.

  1. Start by visiting the SVP Qiwa portal: Click here
  2. Choose your search method: Select either:
    • Iqama Number, or
    • Passport number (For international workers without an Iqama)
  3. Enter the relevant number in the provided field.
  4. Complete the reCaptcha by confirming “I am not a robot.”
  5. Click “Check” to initiate your search.
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The system will then display the results. Here’s what they mean:

  • Occupation not yet requiring an exam: If it says “Occupation ‘your profession in Arabic’ is not required to take the exam yet”, it means no professional test is necessary for that job role.
  • Successfully passed the exam: If you see “The labor passed the exam in occupation”, it indicates the worker has successfully cleared the exam.
  • Failed the exam: “The labor did not pass the exam in occupation” means the test wasn’t passed, and a retake is needed.
how to check eligibility of worker in saudi arabia on the qiwa platform online


The Qiwa platform offers a seamless way to verify the skill level and eligibility of workers in Saudi Arabia. Ensure your workers have met the standards set by the MHRSD by regularly checking their status.

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