Riyadh Airport Terminals 1-5: All You Need to Know

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Riyadh Airport Terminals 1-5

Riyadh Airport Terminals

Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport is the crown jewel of Saudi Arabia’s aviation infrastructure. As a pivotal gateway to the nation’s capital, its terminals have state-of-the-art amenities, lounges, and efficient transfer options. Dive into this comprehensive guide, and let’s unravel the offerings across the terminals, ensuring that travellers are well-prepared for a smooth journey.

Covering a vast 225 square kilometres, this airport predominantly serves as the central hub for Saudi Arabia Airlines. The complex is home to Terminals 1, 2, and 5. An exclusive Royal Terminal is dedicated solely to the Saudi Royal Family and their esteemed guests.

An architecturally stunning mosque graces the centre of the terminal complex, flanked by two expansive parking facilities. The positioning of the mosque isn’t just functional; it’s symbolic, reflecting its central place in Saudi culture.

Terminal 1

  1. Purpose: International flights with some exceptions, including Air France, Saudia, Nas Air, and Middle East airlines.
  2. Levels:
    • Ground: Ticketing, security check, and food & drink options.
    • Upper: Boarding gates (11-18) and an array of amenities.
  3. Services: An ensemble of ATMs, banking services, an information desk, luggage wrapping, a barber shop, free Wi-Fi, airline offices, and diverse culinary and retail choices.
  4. Lounges:
    • Plaza Premium Lounge: Open 24/7, offers an array of premium amenities, with an access fee of SAR 140-150 per traveller.
    • Welcome Lounge: Open 24/7, a relaxing space featuring a range of services and a paid spa option.

Terminal 2

  1. Purpose: Reserved for flights from Air France, Saudia, Nas Air, and Middle East airlines.
  2. Levels:
    • Ground: Ticketing, security check, and diverse dining.
    • Upper: Boarding gates (21-28) and numerous services.
  3. Services: A medley of ATMs, banking, currency exchange, information desk, luggage wrapping, free Wi-Fi, airline offices, and duty-free shopping.
  4. Lounges:
    • Welcome Lounge: Open round the clock, this lounge provides many amenities.
    • Saudia Al-Fursan Golden Business Lounges: Two lounges with slightly varied facilities, both are operational 24/7.

Terminal 3

  1. Purpose: After its revamp in late 2022, this terminal now serves international flights for airlines like Flynas, Flyadeal, and Sky team.
  2. Features: Equipped with cutting-edge technology, 22 travel gates, 95 counters, and 12 self-service machines, it offers various services.

Terminal 4

  1. Purpose: Launched alongside Terminal 3 in late 2022, this terminal primarily caters to Saudia Airline’s international flights.
  2. Features: Like Terminal 3, it boasts modern technology, with 22 travel gates, 95 counters, and 12 self-service machines, accompanied by various services.

Terminal 5

  1. Purpose: A newer addition from 2016, Terminal 5, focuses on domestic flights from various airlines and can accommodate 12 million passengers annually.
  2. Features: 36 check-in counters, 60 baggage counters, 20 self-check-in counters, and a direct metro connection.
  3. Services: A vast array of facilities, from ATMs to dining, shopping, and government services.
  4. Lounges: Notably, the naSmiles Lounge and the Saudia Al-Fursan Golden Lounge (Domestic) offer 24/7 services.

The Royal Terminal

This opulent structure, reserved for VIPs and state heads, is embellished with verdant gardens and fountains, directly connected to the mosque.

General Aviation Complex

Situated north of runway 1, this terminal caters to private flights, including Saudia’s special flights, and also houses the Alsalam Aircraft Company.

Inter-Terminal Transfer

Ease of movement is a hallmark at King Khalid Airport. Terminals are interconnected within the same complex, with walkways ensuring smooth transfers. A free shuttle service runs every 10 minutes, which is especially beneficial for those travelling to Terminal 5 from other terminals.

King Khalid International Airport-Riyadh Map


In summary, Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport has everything a traveller needs, all in one place. From its terminals to its top-notch services, the airport promises a comfortable journey. We hope this guide helps you make the most of your time there. Safe travels, and enjoy your journey!

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