Riyadh Airport Introduces Contactless Boarding System

By Mohammed Ameen

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Biometric Technology Revolutionizes Passenger Experience at King Khalid International Airport

Air travel is a crucial aspect of modern-day transportation, and airports have been continuously evolving to enhance the passengers’ experience. Recently, Riyadh Airports Company announced the implementation of a new experiment called the ‘Smart Travel Journey’ at King Khalid International Airport in the capital city. This experiment aims to introduce a contactless boarding system that recognizes passengers through their digital faceprints instead of a traditional boarding pass.

Smart Travel Journey – A Revolution in Biometric Technology

Under the Smart Travel Journey experiment, the SITA Smart Path solution will enable efficient biometric enrollment. Passengers will be able to become their own boarding passes just by looking at SITA FacePod’s camera. This new technology will reduce boarding time by at least 20 per cent, maximize security, and improve the passengers’ experience during their journey at the airport.

Moreover, SITA-assisted aircraft boarding will ensure a contactless process, minimizing physical touchpoints, and reducing the risk of spreading infections. Biometric technology revolutionizes the passenger experience by simplifying check-in and allowing travellers to pass through the airport without paper tickets or boarding passes.

Transforming Riyadh Airport into a Smart Airport

The Riyadh Airports Company aims to convert King Khalid International Airport into a smart airport to reach maximum customer satisfaction. The Smart Travel Journey experiment is a vital step towards achieving this goal. The Riyadh Airports Company has also launched an experimental service for smart shopping carts at the airport’s domestic terminal No. 5. The service aims to enhance the passengers’ shopping experience by providing them with a contactless shopping option. The airport will be the first in the Kingdom to provide such a new service to its passengers.


The introduction of the Smart Travel Journey experiment is a significant milestone for the Riyadh Airports Company. Biometric technology has the potential to enhance the passenger experience by providing a seamless, safe, and efficient boarding process. Contactless technology is the future of air travel, and the Riyadh Airports Company is at the forefront of this transformation. The Smart Travel Journey experiment is a crucial step towards transforming King Khalid International Airport into a smart airport that prioritizes customer satisfaction and safety.

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