Final Exit Visa Passport Validity Requirements

By Mohammed Ameen

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Final Exit Visa Passport Validity Requirements

Final Exit Visa

A final exit visa is a document that is required for expatriate residents in order to leave Saudi Arabia permanently. The visa is obtained from the Ministry of Interior and is generally valid for 60 days. In order to obtain a final exit visa, an individual must have a valid passport. Saudi Arabia’s general directorate of apassports (Jawazat) has recently clarified the minimum passport validity requirements for obtaining a final exit visa.

Minimum Passport Validity Requirements In Saudi Arabia For Obtaining A Final Exit Visa

In order to obtain a final exit visa in Saudi Arabia, your passport must have at least sixty days of validity remaining. This requirement is in place to ensure that you can return home from Saudi Arabia without any issues. If your passport does not have at least two months of validity remaining, you will need to renew it before applying for a final exit visa.

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Similarly, Jawzat has recently clarified that the minimum passport validity requirement for obtaining an exit re-entry visa is 90 days.

Last year, Jawazat linked bill payments with the issuance of final exit visas, making it mandatory for expats to clear all unpaid dues in order to be eligible for getting a final exit visa.

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