Final Exit on Expired Iqama

As per the Ministry of Labor and Social Development website, the Issuance of Final Exit On Expired Iqama is now possible (Without Renewal).

Procedure to Apply for a Final Exit on Expired Iqama

If your Iqama is already expired from more than 30 days and you wish to go back on the final exit visa without renewing your Iqama, you will have two choices.

01 – Final Exit on Expired Iqama by Online

In this case, you can ask your sponsor to issue a final exit on expired Iqama.

Employers can issue a special work permit for your additional staying period with a fee (Fee for additional staying period from Iqama expiry) from the Ministry of Labor website.

Once the said work permit is issued and paid, the employer can issue a final exit from his  absher or by visiting Jawazat with no fee.


02 – Final Exit on Expired Iqama through Ministry of Labor office

Alternatively, you can also get a final exit on the expired Iqama through the Ministry of Labor office. 

Here are the steps,

  1. Visit the Labor Office and apply for a work permit for a final exit..
  2. The documents submitted (Original Iqama) will be confirmed and a payment number will be issued with the required fees and your application will be sent to the Ministry of Interior.
  3. Pay the required fees (fee for an additional staying period) before going to the passport general department
  4. After payment, visit the passport general department (Jawazat) to issue the final exit visa.


If you have any questions or need more details, you may contact the Ministry of Labor and Social Development customer care through 19911.  You can speak in English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam and Tagalog languages

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tanim mahbub

my iqama was expired 12-05-2018
and my koffil company was deleted by government
I have no horrub
how can I go to final exit
please help me


You take other company nakal kafala (Tanazul) with out Parmesan your kafeel

How much fee of over stay for final exit

Jihada Jaafar

Pls help my husband to go for exit the kafeel is not settling the exit and iqama not renew for 2 it possible to get exit visa ?how
Thank you