Extend Expired Exit ReEntry Visa

-Exit ReEntry Visa Extension for Dependents

Exit ReEntry Visa Extension for Workers

As per a directive issued by the Saudi Foreign Ministry recently, an exit re-entry visa can be renewed through the Saudi Consular Departments at your Saudi Embassy. With this directive, extending exit re-entry visas is possible.

  1. Overstaying should not be more than seven months for people holding a working visa.
  1. Over stay should not be more than 1 year for dependents.
  1. Workers must produce a letter from their firms, authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Saudi Arabia and the Council of Saudi Chambers.
  1. You must attach your residence permits (Iqama)
  1. Details of the Sponsor (Kafeel, Father or Husband) should be included.

Then Submit to the Saudi Embassy for Processing

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Is possible to change IQAMA profession?


Is possible to change IQAMA profession?