How to Cancel Exit Re-Entry Visas through Absher

By Mohammed Ameen

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How to Cancel Exit Re Entry Visas through Absher

How to Cancel Exit Re Entry Visa

Exit Re-Entry visas can be canceled through the Absher portal within 90 days of its issue or the “exit before” date specified on the visa. There will be no fee for cancellation. The fee for the issuance of the Exit Re-Entry Visa, on the other hand, will not be refunded. The procedure for canceling an exit re-entry visa is as follows.

Canceling Exit Re-Entry Visa for Workers

Only the employer has the authority to cancel the exit/re-entry visas of his workers. Employers can cancel re-entry visas of employees through the Absher by following steps: Labor > Services > Visas > Select Employee > Cancel Exit Re-Entry Visa. Related Article: How to Issue Exit Re-Entry Visas through Absher

Canceling Exit Re-Entry Visas for Dependents

The Exit-Re-Entry visa of a dependent can be canceled via the Absher account of the head of the household (Father or Husband). The following are the steps.

  • Login to the Absher
  • Select the “Services” under Family Members
  • Click on “Visa Services
  • Click on “Next”
  • Select the “Dependent” or Family Member
  • Click on “More Detail
  • Click on “Cancel Visa
  • Select the “Confirm” to cancel the visa.

Penalties for Non-Cancellation of Exit/Re-Entry Visas

Upon the expiry of your exit re-entry visa, you will be fined SR 1,000 for the first violation, SR 2,000 for the second violation, and SR 3,000 for the third violation.