How to Cancel Exit Re-Entry Visa

Exit / Re-Entry visa can be canceled within 90 days of issue or Travel Before date mentioned on Exit/Re-Entry Visa.  There will not be any fee for cancellation. However, the paid fee for issuance of Exit Re-Entry Visa will not be refundable.

Otherwise, you will have to pay the penalty of SR 1,000 for the first time, SR 2,000 for the second time and SR 3,000 for Third time: Issued Exit Re-entry Visa Can’t be Changed – Jawazat

Exit/ Re-entry Cancellation Procedure in Absher

Exit Re-Entry visa Cancellation for Employees

Employees can request his sponsor to cancel the exit/ reentry visa issued. Only the sponsor is able to cancel the visa.

Cancellation of Exit Re-Entry Visa For Family Members

Dependent’s Exit-Re-entry permit can be canceled through the head of household (Father or Husband) Absher account: How to extend expired exit/reentry visa

Following are the steps

Login to Absher > Go to eServices > Passports > Dependent Service > more details (of particular dependent) > Cancel Visa

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I have a re-entry/exit Visa but the problem my passport on Visa is old and I have new passport, how to change my old to a new passport on my Visa?


What if your contract is finished and you want to EXIT but your employer give you a exit and re entry visa instead of exit visa because they don’t want you to go to other employer. What i will do?