Exit Re-Entry Visa

What are the types of exit re-entry visas in Saudi Arabia?

Resident expatriates in Saudi Arabia require an exit re-entry visa in order to leave the kingdom temporarily. Exit re-entry visas are issued electronically through the Absher or Muqeem. There are two types of exit re-entry visas in the kingdom:

(1) Single Exit Re-Entry Visa

Single exit re-entry visas allow residents to leave and re-enter the kingdom only once. The visa holder is required to return to the kingdom before the visa expires. A single exit reentry visa costs SR 200 for two months and SR 100 for each additional month.

(2) Multiple Exit Re-Entry Visa

This type of visa allows visa holders to leave and re-enter the country many times throughout the duration of the visa. For those who frequently travel outside the kingdom, the multiple exit re-entry visa is ideal. Multiple exit re-entry visas cost SR 500 for the first three months and SR 200 for each extra month.

Prerequisites for Issuing Exit Re-Entry Visas

  • The applicant’s passport must have a validity period of at least 60 days.
  • There must be no outstanding traffic fines.
  • The visa fee must be deposited on the iqama number.
  • The applicant must be physically present in Saudi Arabia.
  • The Iqama of the applicant must be valid. 
  • The applicant’s fingerprint must be registered.

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