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Check Saudi Work Visa Stamping Status Using Passport Number

How to Check Saudi Visa Stamping Status Online

You can now check the status of your Saudi visa stamping by visiting the Enjazit website. You only need your passport number and application number to check the status of your Visa Stamping. If your visa is not a work visa and you want to check the status of your visit visa stamping, please refer to this guide.

Check Work Visa Stamping Status on EnjazIT website

Saudi work visa stamping status can be checked online through the “Visa Service Platform” on the EnjazIT website, here is how:


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In the first column “searching for” select Applied Application

Enter your Visa Application Number in the second column.

Enter your Passport Number in the third column.

Enter the Image Code and press the “Search” button.

In the next window, you will be able to see your Saudi Visa Stamping Status.

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