Arabia Insurance Cooperative Company: Complete Hospital Network List

By Mohammed Ameen

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arabia insurance cooperative company hospital list

Arabia Insurance Cooperative Company (AICC) Hospital Network

Finding your way through healthcare is easier with a good insurance partner who makes getting quality medical services straightforward. Arabia Insurance Cooperative Company (AICC) offers a robust network of hospitals, ensuring that its members receive comprehensive care no matter where they are. In this guide, we provide a detailed list of hospitals affiliated with AICC, along with essential information to help you make the most of your health insurance plan. Whether you’re seeking routine check-ups or specialized medical treatment, understanding your options is the first step towards a healthier future.

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Understanding Your Insurance Network

Before diving into the extensive hospital list provided by AICC, it’s crucial to understand what an insurance network is and why it matters. An insurance network is a group of healthcare providers that have agreed to provide services to members of a specific insurance company at predetermined rates. This often translates into lower costs and more streamlined services for the insured. When you choose a hospital within the AICC network, you’re not only assured quality care but also the convenience of coordinated services and billing.

Arabia Insurance Cooperative Company Hospital Network List

RegionCityTYPENPCODEProvider NamePhoneDistrictStreet
Al BahaAl AqiqCLINICC520161Al Hashbool Medical center017-7290145Balqaa Dis.Main St.
Al BahaAl AqiqPHARMACYP540511 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Al Aqiq92000838
Al BahaAl BahaCLINICC519201Shamikh Medical Center017-7241212Al BahaKing fahd st.
Al BahaAl BahaCLINICC533541Salem Medical Complex – Baha920008991Al Sawad DisKing Fahad St
Al BahaAl BahaHOSPITALC1516King Fahad Hospital – Baha (MoH)017-7254000Al Wasat Dis
Al BahaAl BahaPHARMACYP540521 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Al Baha92000838
Al BahaAl MandagCLINICC531466Ashfa General Medical Complex- Al mandag017-7513525Al Nasbaa DisKing Abdulaziz St.
Al BahaAl MekhwaHOSPITALH521066 Al Mekhwa Hospital – MOH017-7280601Al Hedbah DisHospital St.
Al BahaBaljureshiCLINICC1688Al Zubaidi General Medical Complex (Prev Al Serat Medical Complex)017-7220540Main DistrictKing Saud St.
Al BahaBaljureshiHOSPITALH521068Prince Mishari Bin Saud Bin Abdelaziz Hospital (Prev Baljureshi General Hospital- MOH)017-7226448Al Helyah Dis.South St.
Al JoufDawamt Al JandalHOSPITALH521125Dawamt Al Jandal Hospital – MOH014-6224070Aziziya DistrictKing Fahad St.
Al JoufDawamt Al JandalPHARMACYP540583 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Dawamt Al Jandal138677776
Al JoufQURAYATCLINICC1598Al Ajaj Clinic014-6420011Al Hamidiya DistrictKhamson St.
Al JoufQURAYATCLINICC543361Rosa Medical Complex – Qurayat500140994Al Sederyah DisKing Faisal Street
Al JoufQURAYATCLINICC551001Sultan Al-Otaibi Clinics509083489Al Himadiyah DisMecca Street
Al JoufQURAYATHOSPITALC1652Al Qurayat General Hospital (MoH)014-6424712Hosaidah Dis
Al JoufQURAYATOPTICALO530488Badr Najd Optical – Quraayat013-7244124Al Mohammadih Dis.Makkah Al Mokarama St.
Al JoufQURAYATPHARMACYP540641 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – QURAYAT92000838
Al JoufSakakaCLINICC501861Amass Polyclinic – Sakaka014-6256565Al Shalhoub Dis.King Abd Al Aziz st.
Al JoufSakakaCLINICC539176Al Hamad Medical Complex014-6248888Al Shifa DistKing Saud St.
Al JoufSakakaCLINICC547021Health and Smiles Complex146244445skaka
Al JoufSakakaDENTALC527127Dental Specialist Centre – Sakaka – MOH014-6263010Al Rawdha District
Al JoufSakakaHOSPITALC1523Maternity and Children Hospital – Al Jouf (MoH)014-6242224Sakaka District
Al JoufSakakaHOSPITALC1641Prince Mutaib Bin AbdulAziz (MoH)(prev. Abdul Rahman Al Sudairy Hospital – Skaka)014-6247200Ohod District
Al JoufSakakaHOSPITALH521126King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital – Al jouf – MOH014-6256060Aziziya DistrictKing Fahad Bin AbdelAziz St.
Al JoufSakakaOPTICALO548541Al Maha Optical – Sakaka Branch9200333990Al Rahmanya Dis.Prince Fahad Bin Bandar
Al JoufSakakaPHARMACYP540661 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – SAKAKA138677776
Al JoufTABARJALCLINICC1954Gulf Family Medical Center014-6288880Al Rawdha DistrictKing Faisal St.
Al JoufTABARJALPHARMACYP540664 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – TABARJAL138677776
AssirAbhaCLINICC1413Al Themal Medical Complex – Abha017-2316666Hizam DistrictHizam St.
AssirAbhaCLINICC1419Al Arkan Polyclinic017-2282626Nomais DistrictPrince Mohammed Bin AbdulAziz St.
AssirAbhaCLINICC520702Daweni Polyclinic – Abha017-2280505Nomais DistrictKing Fahad St.
AssirAbhaCLINICC521841Dr.Hamzah Medical Clinics – Abha017-2266694Al Mansak Dist.Main Street
AssirAbhaCLINICC521941Dar Al Teb Medical Complex – Abha017-2312333Al Mansak Dist.
AssirAbhaCLINICC533581Nabd Al Mohala Medical Complex ( Prev Mohammed Manea Al Asiri Medical Complex )017-2262030Al Ghader DisAl Mahala St
AssirAbhaCLINICC534501Nahj Al Ertifaa Medical Complex017-2294488Al Morouj DistrictShobra St.
AssirAbhaCLINICC542141Al Arkan Medical Complex – 2017-2308080Al Manhal DisAl Manhal General Street
AssirAbhaCLINICC543501Shamsan Medical Complex017-2296373Shamsan DistrictKing Faisal Street
AssirAbhaCLINICC550121Al-Nomais Medical172272192SafaKing Fahed street
AssirAbhaCLINICC550161Al-Nomais Polyclinic Medical-Branch Hmouma Holding Co172253555Al Badea
AssirAbhaCLINICC551041SAFA ABHA POLYCLINIC172296363Lebanon DisKing Khalid Street
AssirAbhaHOSPITALC1461Abha Private Hospital017-2292222Baghdadiyah DistrictHail St.
AssirAbhaHOSPITALH521058Abha of Maternity and Children Hospital – MOH017-2257575Al Mohala DisAl Mohala St
AssirAbhaHOSPITALH521130Assir Hospital – Abha – MOH017-2251155Al Rabwa Dis.King abdalla St.
AssirAbhaHOSPITALH539481Prince Faisal bin Khalid Cardiac Center – Ministry of Health017-2281633Al Shifa Dist
AssirAbhaHOSPITALH539921Dr. Hassan Al Bar Maternity & Children Hospital – Abha017-2282222King Fahad Road
AssirAbhaHOSPITALH547362The Specialist Hospital920012152
AssirAbhaPHARMACYP540502 Al Dawaa Pharmacy – Abha92000838
AssirAhd RafedahCLINICC548441ALEMEIS MEDICAL COMPLEX172506633Bin Saman
AssirAl NamasCLINICC2109Deryaq Medical Complex – Namas (Prev Future Visions Medical Complex – Namas)017-2820222Al Namas Dis
AssirAl NamasHOSPITALH522444Al Nomas General Hospital – MOH017-2830441King Faisal District
AssirAl NamasPHARMACYP540534 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Al Namas92000838
AssirBishaCLINICC2066Adel Ahmed Al Shaer Medical Complex ( Prev Shoaa Al Salam Medical Complex )017-6203555Mousa DistrictHizam St.
AssirBishaCLINICC521881Top El Amal medical Polyclinic – Bisha017-6226900Al Rawshn District
AssirBishaHOSPITALC1632King Abdullah Hospital – Bisha (MoH )017-6224414Al Noghaila Dis
AssirBishaHOSPITALH540385Maternity and Children Hospital – MOH017-6229300King abdallah Dis.
AssirDAHRAN AL JANOUBCLINICC1411Saeed Al Wadaey Medical Complex ( Prev. Al Ahli Medical )017-2551829Main District
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITCLINICC1143Magrabi Eye & Ear Center – Khamis Mushat017-2222029Khamis DistrictAbha St.
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITCLINICC1414Al Themal Medical Complex – Khamis Mushait017-2226666Husam DistrictKing Fahad Rd.
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITCLINICC1616Wasni Medical Center017-2741000Raqi DistrictTandahah St.
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITCLINICC2082Al Hosam Clinic – K. Mushait017-2351154
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITCLINICC502881Shifa Al Khamis Polyclinic – khamis mushait017-2371777Darb Dis.Darb general St.
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITCLINICC509941Al Emeis Medical Complex – Khamis Mushait017-2502711Al Hadeer Dist.Military City Road
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITCLINICC514001My Care Medical Polyclinic017-2212010Hai Al Dobbatking fisal
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITCLINICC530622Wasni Medical Center – Khibar Al Janoub017-2692212Khibar Al Janoub DisMain Street
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITCLINICC532041Bin Rushd Medical Center – Assir017-2331301Om Sarar DistrictAl Riyadh St.
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITCLINICC544081Al Salamah Medical Complex – Khamis Mushait017-2389270Aziziya DistrictKing Abdullah Street
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITCLINICC547701Al-Haramain medical Polyclinic- Khamis Mushayt172220266Al Aziziyah DistrictKing Fahed street
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITCLINICC550181Al-Nomais Medical Group72234429Southern Arq
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITCLINICC550266Al-Nomais Medical Group – Wadi Bin Hashbal172641616Wadi Bin Hashbal
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITHOSPITALC1138Saudi German Hospital- Assir017-2355000Husam DistrictAba Alkamis Rd.
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITHOSPITALC1179Al Ahli Hospital017-2350000Hameelah DistrictKing Fahad Rd.
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITHOSPITALC1437Al Hayat Hospital – Khamis Mushait017-2334444Om Asrar DistrictPrince Sultan St.
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITHOSPITALH509821Dr. Ghassan N. Pharaon Hospital – Khamis Mushait017-2200002Tarah Dist.King Fahd Rd.
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITHOSPITALH518021Mustasharak Hospital – Khamis Mushyet017-2200066Military DistrictKing Khalid Rd.
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITHOSPITALH521055Khamis Mushait Hospital- MOH017-2371919Shifa DistrictMilitary City Road
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITHOSPITALH521056Maternity and Children Hospital – KM Mushit – MOH017-2231107Al Sinaya Old Dis.Al Madinah Al monwarah St.
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITOPTICALL410792Barakat Optical – Military City Road017-2573873Al Souq Dis
AssirKHAMIS MUSHAITPHARMACYP543963United Pharmacy – Khamis Mushit012-6522226
AssirMuhayel AssirCLINICC519181Experts Medical Center017-2851018Al Dars DisAbdelaziz St.
AssirMuhayel AssirCLINICC551081Rwad Medical Health172955388Al Ain Dis
AssirMuhayel AssirHOSPITALC1521Muhayl National Hospital017-2856666Muhayal Assir
AssirMuhayel AssirOPTICALO536361Experts Optical – Muhayel Assir – Al Hezam Al Daery Dis017-2581999Al Hezam Al Daery DisRing Road
AssirMuhayel AssirOPTICALO536365Ali Al Khairi optical – Muhayil Assir017-2851018Al Ders DistrictAbha St.
AssirMuhayel AssirPHARMACYP540621 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – MUHAYEL ASSIR92000838
AssirOhd RofidaCLINICC2080Haramain Clinic – Ahad Rufaida017-2507677
AssirOhd RofidaHOSPITALH528910Ohd Rofida Hospital – MOH017-2508969Al Warood District
AssirRejal AlmaHOSPITALH532922Rejal Alma General Hospital – Assir – MOH017-2580019Al Shabeen DisMain Street – Jeddah St.
AssirSabt AlayaCLINICC1581Azhar Medical Complex – Sabt Al Alaya017-6300888Main DistrictAssir St.
AssirSabt AlayaPHARMACYP540648 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Sabt Alaya92000838
AssirSarat ObeidaCLINICC2110Deryaq Medical Complex – Sarat Abida (Prev Future Visions Clinic – Sarat Abida)017-2590505Suraat ObeedGeneral St.
AssirSarat ObeidaPHARMACYP540662 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Sarat Obeida92000838
AssirWadi Bin HashbalCLINICC522493Wasni Medical Complex – Wadi Bin Hashbal017-2641000Oreja DistrictMain Street
Eastern RegionAl DahranCLINICC1092Al Faraby Dispensary – Doha013-8916163Al Doha DisDoha St.Behind Farmer Markets
Eastern RegionAl DahranCLINICC543921Doha Medical Complex – Dhahran013-8919291South Al Doha DisDoha St
Eastern RegionAl DahranCLINICH541383King Fahd Military Medical Complex in Dhahran138440000
Eastern RegionAl DahranDENTALE547641Ram Medical Clinic-Doha920020011AL QUSOR 4260Prince Hammoud Street
Eastern RegionAl DahranHOSPITALH521082 Eye Specialty Hospital – Dahran -MOH013-8914226University DistrictMaali Al Mohanads Ali St.
Eastern RegionAl DahranHOSPITALH538001CMRC hospital – Dhahran9200013122Al Dawhah Al Janubiyah Dis
Eastern RegionAl DahranPHARMACYP540422Al Jamaa Pharmacy 2013-8919075South Al Doha DisAbdullah Bin Abbas St.
Eastern RegionAl DahranPHARMACYP540781 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Dhahran138677776
Eastern RegionAl HafoufCLINICC1239Hagr Medical Complex013-5804677Ouwaimiriya DistrictKing Faisal St.
Eastern RegionAl HafoufCLINICC1648Al Naim Medical Complex013-5877733Al AsilaOmar Bin Al Khattab St. St.
Eastern RegionAl HafoufCLINICC552321shif medics company135960003Abdullah Bin Jalawi StreetAbdullah Bin Jalawi Street
Eastern RegionAl HafoufHOSPITALC1567King Fahad Hospital – Hofuf (MoH)013-5750000Al Solimanyah Dis
Eastern RegionAl HafoufHOSPITALH2129Hussein Al Ali Hospital013-5827777Al Fdela DIST.King fahd st.
Eastern RegionAl HafoufHOSPITALH521085 Al Gabr for Eyes and ear Hospital- MOH013-5311056Al Mahasn Dis.Military City Road
Eastern RegionAl HafoufPHARMACYP541083Al-Dawaa Pharmacy 47 013-8584635Al Jafer Dis
Eastern RegionAl Jubail IndustrialCLINICC521545Al-Khonaini Medical Complex-Jubail013-3495910AlDfy DisAl Khalil St.
Eastern RegionAl Jubail IndustrialCLINICC541401Ras Al-Khair Primary Health Care Center – Royal Commission Jubail133464000
Eastern RegionAl Jubail IndustrialCLINICC541402The Primary Health Care Center in Jalmudah – Royal Commission in Jubail133415000
Eastern RegionAl Jubail IndustrialCLINICC541421The Primary Health Care Center in Al Huwailat – Royal Commission in Jubail133415000
Eastern RegionAl Jubail IndustrialCLINICC541441The Primary Health Care Center in Diffi – Royal Commission in Jubail133464444
Eastern RegionAl Jubail IndustrialCLINICC541442Family Medicine Center in Hijaz – Royal Commission in Jubail133466800
Eastern RegionAl Jubail IndustrialCLINICC545549Al Jubail Magrabi Eye and Dental complex543379777Al Salam Street
Eastern RegionAl Jubail IndustrialCLINICC546423The health center at district Al Farouq / of the Royal Commission in Jubail Industrial City133415000Al faroq Dist
Eastern RegionAl Jubail IndustrialDENTALE522764Ram Al-Jubail Medical Company013-3472323Sea Side Dis
Eastern RegionAl Jubail IndustrialHOSPITALC1122Al Mouwasat Hosp – Jubail013-3490000Andalus District
Eastern RegionAl Jubail IndustrialHOSPITALC1194Almana General Hospital – Jubail013-3412000Al Hoaylat Dis
Eastern RegionAl Jubail IndustrialHOSPITALH529038Royal Commission Hospital – Jubail013-3464000Al Fanateer Dis
Eastern RegionAl Jubail IndustrialOPTICALO510382Badghish Optical – Jubail Ind.013-3475669Al Fanateer DistrictAl Fanateer District
Eastern RegionAl MobrezCLINICC550481AL MAGHLOUTH GENERAL MEDICAL COMPLEX135313333Al Shurafyah
Eastern RegionAl MobrezDENTALC1825Al Madar A Masi Medical Clinic ( Prev Madar Al-Shefa Dental Polyclinics )013-5318555Al Mobraz DisDhahran St.
Eastern RegionAl MobrezHOSPITALH521086 Maternity and Children Hospital – Mobrez – MOH013-5942500Al Mahasn Dis.Al Najm Eyes St
Eastern RegionAl MobrezOPTICALL410948Al Wazzan Vision – Ihsaa (2)013-5311552Al Mobraz DisDhahran St.
Eastern RegionAl MobrezPHARMACYP540531 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Al Mobrez138677776
Eastern RegionAl OyounCLINICC533842Al Otaish Medical Complex013-5330072AL Moaizel DistrectMain St.
Eastern RegionAl QaisomaCLINICC521981Pulse Care Medical Company013-7243444Al Khaldiah Dis30 Street
Eastern RegionAl QaisomaPHARMACYP540535 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Al Qaisoma138677776
Eastern RegionAl RafeaaHOSPITALH522449Al Rafiyah General Hospital – MOH013-3880714
Eastern RegionAnakCLINICC523281Anak general Medical .Co013-8423163Al Anak DistrictAl Qesma St.
Eastern RegionAnakDENTALE532561Shams Al Farabi Denatl care – Anak013-8361005Anak DistrictSalman Al farsi St.
Eastern RegionBaqiqCLINICC1370Manar Al Sahha Medical Complex013-5660163Airport
Eastern RegionBaqiqCLINICC530153Al Shifa Medical Complex – Bqiq013-5664000Al Madina DistrictKing Abdulaziz St.
Eastern RegionBaqiqPHARMACYP540543 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Baqiq92000838
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1009Arrawdha Medical Complex – Dammam013-8346555Al Rawdha DistrictDoha St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1090Al Faraby Dispensary013-8420909Telecom DistrictInb Khaldoon St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1091Al Faraby Dispensary – 1st Industrial City013-8474080Telecom DistrictIndustrial Rd.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1111Al Kahhal Medical Complex013-8097777Kornaish DistrictKhornesh St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1141Magrabi Eye & Ear Center – Dammam013-8180000Plan 71 DistrictKing Fahad St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1224Al Rai Medical Complex013-8211911Badr DistrictAbu Baker St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1286we care medical complex ( Prev Al Naamy Medical Complex)013-8467777Al Badya DistrictUthman St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1349Al Mana medical complex 2nd industrial – dammam013-8122161Industrial 2 District
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1496Cardio Vascular Center013-8273703Al Adama District
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1596Dar Al Afia Medical Group – Dammam013-8050101ِAl Jawhara Dist.Al Khaleej Rd.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1621Safa Medical Complex – Dammam013-8331016Al Adama DistrictPrince Mohammed St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1636Shifa Al Dammam Medical Center013-8176806King Saud DisKing Saud St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1826Ahalina Medical Clinic013-8333044Zohour District18 St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1942Fajr Al Dammam Medical Complex013-8152555Gurnata DistrictKing Khalid Rd.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1944Al Takwa Medical Complex013-8096464Zohour DistrictDhahran St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC1997Dar Al Hikma Medical Complex – Dammam013-8253331Abdallah Fouad Dis
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC2027Ajyad Polyclinic – Dammam013-8056444Tobaishi DistrictKing Faisal St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC517601Saud Al Babtain Cardiac Center013-8155685Gurnata DistrictKing Khalid Rd.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC520421Al Rayan Extraordinary polyclinic013-8330233Al Khalij Dis.King Saud St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC521821Burj Al Shifa Medical Complex – Dammam013-8060052Al Adama DistrictPrince Mansour Street
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC522241Dammam National Dispensary013-8434090Jalawyah DistrictKing Khaled St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC523503Zahrrat Al Abeer Medical Complex – Dammam013-6515924Al Khalij Dis.Khalid Bin Al Noaman St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC524001Health and Life Medical Complex013-8222233Badr DistrictKing Fahad St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC524461Ram Dammam Medical Company – Al Faisaliah013-8133000Al Faisalyah Dist.Omar Bin Al Khatab St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC527460Fajr Al Dammam Medical Complex 2013-8026888Al Faisalyah Dist.Mohammed Bin Abdulwahab St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC531481Al Wajha Specialist Medical Complex – Dammam013-8327139Al Rawdha DistrictAl Dhahran – Al Jubail St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC533381Healthcare Medical Complex – Dammam013-8085111Al Adama District17 St
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC538381Murjan Medical Complex013-8681000Al Hajr DistrictPrince Mohammed Bin Fahad St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC539401Dar Al Sahha Medical Complex013-8177899Al Zohor DisKing Abdulaziz Road.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC541362Granada Health Center – MOH138433611
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC547101Basma Al Thuraya Medical Complex920010644Taibah District
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC551201SHUMUA ALAMALCO538008092Al Noor DisTaher Al-Zamakhshari Street
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICC551461Cham Medical Complex013-8335533Al Rayan DistrictOthman Bin Affan Street
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICH521079Al Dammam medical Complex – MOH013-8155777-3521Gurnata DistrictKing Khaled St.
Eastern RegionDammamCLINICH544988Erada and sychological health complex -dammam – MOH013-8119945Al Anwar District
Eastern RegionDammamDENTALC1696Specialist Dental Center013-8344428Tobaishi DistrictKing Faisal St.
Eastern RegionDammamDENTALC1896Creative Dental Center013-8203045Ohod District
Eastern RegionDammamDENTALE2088Ram Medical Clinics Complex – Dammam 1013-8356755Al Hamra Dist.
Eastern RegionDammamDENTALE522281adwaa aalhikmah dental and orthodontic medical center complex (Prev Adwaa Al Hikmah Dental & Derma Clinics )013-8320140Al Nakheel Dist.King Khaled St.
Eastern RegionDammamDENTALE522761Ram Medical Clinics Complex – Dammam 2013-8425701Al Hamra Dist.Othman bin Afan St.
Eastern RegionDammamDENTALE522762Ram Medical Complex – Dammam 3013-8560317Al Bihirah
Eastern RegionDammamDENTALE531267Royal Medical Complex – Dammam013-8426699Al Rawdha DistrictPrince Naif St
Eastern RegionDammamDENTALE543261Cham Dental & Derma Clinic – Dammam 2013-8336797Azizyah DistAl Khaleej Al Arabi Street
Eastern RegionDammamDiagnostic CenterL410510Dammam Scan Center013-8301718Al Tobaishi Dis
Eastern RegionDammamHOSPITALC1018Tadawi General Hospital – Dammam013-8348777Al Mazroaya DisMain St.
Eastern RegionDammamHOSPITALC1121Mouwasat Hospital-Dammam013-8200000Salih District71 St.
Eastern RegionDammamHOSPITALC1198Almana General Hospital – Dammam013-8262111Al Shifa Dis
Eastern RegionDammamHOSPITALH2046Arrawdah General Hospital013-8346555Al Tobaishi Dis
Eastern RegionDammamHOSPITALH521080Maternity and Children Hospital – Dammam – MOH013-8426666Al Mrikabat DisOthman Bin Affan St.
Eastern RegionDammamHOSPITALH521122King Fahd Specialist Hospital – Dammam – MOH013-8442222Al Mrikabat DisOthman Bin Affan St.
Eastern RegionDammamHOSPITALH528263we care medical hospital ( Prev Dr. Hassan Al Naamy Specialized Medical Hospital )013-8467777Al Badya DistrictOthman bin Afan St.
Eastern RegionDammamHOSPITALH537581Saudi German Hospital – Dammam013-8016000Dahya king Fahad DisAirport Road
Eastern RegionDammamOPTICALL410739Magrabi Optical – Mowasat Hospital013-8204626Al Rabwa Dis.Omar IbnAbdullaziz St.
Eastern RegionDammamOPTICALL410949Al Wazzan Vision – Dammam013-8524056Dawasir DistrictDhahran St.
Eastern RegionDammamOPTICALO549801Al Wazzan Vision No. 10 (Class A) – Dammam Al-Andalus Plaza138633844Al Atheer
Eastern RegionDammamPHARMACYP540402Al Jamaa Pharmacy 9013-8050075Al Qazaz DisPrince Nasser St
Eastern RegionDammamPHARMACYP541082Al Dawaa Pharmacy (80) in Dammam013-8584635Hagr Dis
Eastern RegionDammamPHARMACYP541086Al Dawaa Pharmacy 124 in Dammam013-8584634Al Khalij Dis.
Eastern RegionDammamPHARMACYP546621Al-Dawaa Pharmacy 72792000838Ohd Dis
Eastern RegionDammamPhysiotherapistC533401Taafee Rehabilitation center013-8054800Abdallah Fouad DisBaker Bin Huzam St
Eastern RegionDammamPhysiotherapistC536921Prince Sultan Rehabilitation Complex013-8681306Al Basatin DisPrince Mohammed Bin Fahad street
Eastern RegionHafr AlbatenCLINICC1162Dr. Noor Mohammed Khan medical complex013-7220701Hafr Al Baten DistrictMain St.
Eastern RegionHafr AlbatenCLINICC1512Al Hujeilan Complex013-7225270Aziziya DistrictKing AbdulAziz Rd.
Eastern RegionHafr AlbatenCLINICC530363Tulip Medical Complex – Hafr Al Baten013-7238080Al Maseef Dis.Al waleed Bin Abdulmalik St
Eastern RegionHafr AlbatenCLINICC542741Al Ablan Medical Complex – Hafr Al Baten013-7213853Al Faisalyah Dist.Zuhair bin Al Musayyib ٍStreet
Eastern RegionHafr AlbatenHOSPITALC1161Dr. Noor Mohammed Khan General Hospital013-7225550Al Baladyah Dis
Eastern RegionHafr AlbatenHOSPITALC1637King Khaled Hospital – Hafar Al Baten (MoH)013-7213738Al Baladiah Dis
Eastern RegionHafr AlbatenHOSPITALH521042Hafr AlBaten Hospital – MOH013-7293318Qurtoba DistrictRiyadh St.
Eastern RegionHafr AlbatenHOSPITALH521043 Maternity and Children Hospital – hafr Al Baten – MOH013-7212859Al Baten Dis.King Khaled St.
Eastern RegionHafr AlbatenHOSPITALH530521Al Maali Hospital – Hafr Albatin013-7663628Al Baladyah DistrictQutaibah Bin Muslim St
Eastern RegionHafr AlbatenOPTICALO537121Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Baladiyah Dis013-7248483Al Baladyah DistrictKing Salman Bin Abdulaziz Street
Eastern RegionHafr AlbatenOPTICALO537143Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Rabwa Dis013-7248344Al Rabwa Dis.Sultan Bin Abdulaziz St
Eastern RegionHafr AlbatenPHARMACYP540591 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Hafr Albaten138677776
Eastern RegionIhsaaCLINICC1147Magrabi Eye Center – Ihsaa013-5360000Al Sefa DisMain St.
Eastern RegionIhsaaCLINICC1245Hussein Al Ali Medical Complex013-5878796Al YahyZuqigan St.
Eastern RegionIhsaaCLINICC2151Al Tarf Charity Society Medical Complex013-5393200North DistrictMain St.
Eastern RegionIhsaaCLINICC518741Zamzam Medical Complex – Ihsaa013-5820606Ihsaa DistrectAl Khodod St.
Eastern RegionIhsaaCLINICC522621Dr. Jamil Mahmoud Khattab Polyclinics – Ihsaa013-5850999Al Faisalyah Dist.Next to Skiko Co.
Eastern RegionIhsaaCLINICC529841Al Kahhal Company for Medical Services – Ihsaa013-5327777Al Dahran DistrictAl Dahran St.
Eastern RegionIhsaaCLINICC542201Hayaty Family Clinic – Ihsaa013-5850500Al Sefah DisBuhairia Street
Eastern RegionIhsaaCLINICC543081Al Rida General Medical Complex – Ihsaa013-5966980Al Omran DisAl Houta Street
Eastern RegionIhsaaCLINICC547185ALEKHWAH MEDICAL COMPLEX – HARADH135853923sakani
Eastern RegionIhsaaDENTALE2086Ram Dental Clinics Complex Al-Ahsa  1013-5313831Al Yahy
Eastern RegionIhsaaDENTALE522763Ceram Medical Company – Al-Ahsa 2013-5731111Al Basatin DisBahjah St
Eastern RegionIhsaaHOSPITALC1043Obeid Specialized Hospital-Ihsaa013-5303333Al Mobraz DisDhahran St.
Eastern RegionIhsaaHOSPITALC1199Almana General Hospital – Ihsaa013-5887000Al Nagah
Eastern RegionIhsaaHOSPITALC1236Ihsaa Hospital013-5844000Al Mobraz Dis
Eastern RegionIhsaaHOSPITALC1360Al Moosa General Hospital013-5369666Al Mobraz Dis
Eastern RegionIhsaaHOSPITALH520201Prince Sultan Cardiac Center – Ihsaa (MOH)013-5730000Seihat DistrictPrince Fawaz bin abdelaziz St.
Eastern RegionIhsaaOPTICALL410722Barakat Optical – Ihsaa013-5825018Al Naghathel Dis
Eastern RegionIhsaaOPTICALL410947Al Wazzan Vision – Ihsaa (1)013-5840161Industrial DistrictOthaim St.
Eastern RegionIhsaaOPTICALO540281Dar Al Qasr Optical – Al Hassa011-2378640Railroad DisAl Dahran St.
Eastern RegionIhsaaOPTICALO540282Dar Al Qasr Optical – Al Fawares Alhassa013-5836337Al Fawares Alhassa DisSouq Al Thahab St.
Eastern RegionIhsaaPHARMACYP540602 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Ihsaa138677013
Eastern RegionJubailCLINICC1225Jubail Medicare Complex ( Prev Jubail Medical Center – Mutalq Al Otaibi clinic )013-3632888North Area
Eastern RegionJubailCLINICC1307Shifa Al Jubail Medical Center013-3611777Al Jubail
Eastern RegionJubailCLINICC504330Al Mana Medical Ctr-Jubail013-3412000Al Fayhaa DistrictExit # 15
Eastern RegionJubailCLINICC520561Arrazi Clinics – Jubail013-3627373Al Arifi Dis.Jeddah St.
Eastern RegionJubailCLINICC521546Mohamad Suleiman Alkhunene Medical Services Complex – Jubail013-3615737Al Waha DisAbo Ali St.
Eastern RegionJubailCLINICC529702Gulf Asian Medical Center in Jubail013-3627121Al Safa Dist.King abdul Aziz St
Eastern RegionJubailCLINICC533382Majed Medical Complex – Jubail013-3625767North DistrictMakkah St With King Faisal St
Eastern RegionJubailCLINICC533944Dina Medical Complex – Jubail013-3620636Al Merqab DisPrince Naif St.
Eastern RegionJubailCLINICC538873Danat Al Sahra Medical Company013-3620094Teba DistrictKing Faisal St.
Eastern RegionJubailCLINICC539763Bader Al Khaleej Medical Complex – Jubail013-3643000Al Dana DisMakkah Al Mokarama St.
Eastern RegionJubailCLINICC551581Al Rahma Medical Complex500246383Taibah DistrictAbu Bakr Alseddeek street
Eastern RegionJubailHOSPITALC1680Al Jubail General Hospital – Jubail (MoH)013-3622233Teba District
Eastern RegionJubailOPTICALO510385Badghish Optical – Jubail013-3613250Jeddah St. – Abu EinenJeddah Street
Eastern RegionJubailOPTICALO528109Arrazi Optical – Jubail013-3634484Al Dabab DistrictKing Fahad St.
Eastern RegionJubailOPTICALO529382Magrabi Optical 9 – Jubail013-6510655Al Safa Dist.King Abdulaziz St.
Eastern RegionJubailOPTICALO538872Majd Al Enaya Medical013-3620039Al Merqab DisKing Faisal St.
Eastern RegionJubailOPTICALO548041Zuhair Al-Showikhat Optical-Jubail013 838 0038king Abdualziz Disking Abdualziz st
Eastern RegionJubailPHARMACYP540604 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Jubail138677776
Eastern RegionKhafjiCLINICC1214Basma Thuriah Medical Complex – Khafji ( Prev Al Ma’ali Medical Complex )013-7664222Asherek District
Eastern RegionKhafjiHOSPITALH2104Al Khafji National Hospital013-7661111Al Hamra Dist.Prince Meteb Rd.
Eastern RegionKhafjiOPTICALO530489Badr Najd Optical -khafji013-7244124Al Tamalk DistrictOmar Bin Al Khattab St.
Eastern RegionKhafjiPHARMACYP540605 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Khafji138677776
Eastern RegionKhobarCLINICC1045Khobar Cooperative Medical Complex013-8640141Aqrabia District22 St.
Eastern RegionKhobarCLINICC1184Magrabi Eye & Ear Center – Khobar013-8817777Kornaish DistrictPrince Turki St.
Eastern RegionKhobarCLINICC1406Shifa Al Khobar Polyclinic013-8944984Al Khobar Al Janobiah
Eastern RegionKhobarCLINICC510161Elite Specialist Clinic- khobar013-8969976Al Yarmouk DistrictPrince Turki Ben Abdulaziz St.
Eastern RegionKhobarCLINICC515201Rafaa Medical Center – Khobar013-8974777Dahran DistrictDhahran St.
Eastern RegionKhobarCLINICC531941Al Mana Medical Complex – Khobar013-8333777Al Rakah DistrictTariq Bin Ziyad ST
Eastern RegionKhobarCLINICC535221Canadian Medical Center Co. ( Prev Advanced Medical Clinics Complex – Khobar )013-8353256Aziziya DistrictKing Khaled Street
Eastern RegionKhobarCLINICC535641Sumuo Medical Complex – Khobar013-8555546Qurtoba DistrictKing Saud St.
Eastern RegionKhobarCLINICC541221Durrat Al Khuzama Medical Complex – Khobar533033412Al Khozama DisAbu Abdulrahman bin Aqeel Street
Eastern RegionKhobarCLINICC541381Al Aqrabiah Health Center – MOH138986666
Eastern RegionKhobarCLINICC542521Health Medical Clinic Co. One Day Surgery013-8477070Al Raka DisKhaled Bin Al Waleed street
Eastern RegionKhobarCLINICC546201Dar Afia Medical CO – Al Khobar562033532Al BostanKing Fahed street
Eastern RegionKhobarCLINICC548501QEMAT AL SIHHA MEDICAL CENTER138149722Al Kornish
Eastern RegionKhobarCLINICC551515AL khobar national polyclinic138971871southern khobar25th Street, Saihat
Eastern RegionKhobarDENTALC1720Ram Basmat Medical Company013-8144471North Raka- beside Riyady BankKhaled Bin Waled St.
Eastern RegionKhobarDENTALC1875Ram Al-Khobar Medical Company013-8648181Al Aqrabiah DistrictAl Zahran St.
Eastern RegionKhobarDENTALE522766Ram Al-Khobar Medical Company – Khobar 2013-8675566Al Khobar Al ShamalyahPrince Faisal Bin Fahad
Eastern RegionKhobarDENTALE522767Dar Ram Dental and Derma Company013-8675566Al Aqrabiyah DisPrince Faisal Bin Fahad
Eastern RegionKhobarDENTALE543161Saudi Swiss Consulting Center Ltd.920020011Olaya DistrictAl Zahran Street
Eastern RegionKhobarDENTALE543301Cham Dental & Derma Clinic – Khobar013-8873322Al Hezam Al Akhdar DisPrince Faisal Bin Fahad Street
Eastern RegionKhobarHOSPITALC1023Al Salama Hospital013-8641011Khobar DistrictPrince Mansour Rd.
Eastern RegionKhobarHOSPITALC1047Al Youssef Hospital013-8642736Bayouniyah DistrictMubarraz St.
Eastern RegionKhobarHOSPITALC1093Dr. Fakhry & Dr Ahmed Algarzaie Hospital ( Prev Dr. Fakhry & Al Rajhi Hospital )013-8954960Khobar North District Suwaikit St.
Eastern RegionKhobarHOSPITALC1195Almana General Hospital – Khobar013-8987000Khobar North DistrictPrince Talal Rd.
Eastern RegionKhobarHOSPITALC1212Gama general Hospital ( Prev Astoon Hospital ) Khobar013-8591515National Guard
Eastern RegionKhobarHOSPITALC1522Mohammed Al Dossary Hospital013-8945524Al Thokba DistrictDharan St.
Eastern RegionKhobarHOSPITALC1687Procare Hospital013-8956056Al Olayah Dis
Eastern RegionKhobarHOSPITALH530293Al Mouwasat Hospital – Khobar013-8196666Al Morouj DistrictPrince soltan Bin Fahd St.
Eastern RegionKhobarHOSPITALH532741Sehat alsharq Hospital (Dr S. Al Habib Group)013-8711111Al Khobar DisKing Fahad Bin AbdelAziz St.
Eastern RegionKhobarHOSPITALH551161Al Salam Hospital138145555Al Rakah DistrictKing Faisal Street
Eastern RegionKhobarOPTICALL410753Magrabi Optical – Kobar Meridien013-8939726Al Khobar Al Shamalyah
Eastern RegionKhobarOPTICALL410789Barakat Optical – King Khalid St.013-8985743Al Khobar Al Janobiah
Eastern RegionKhobarOPTICALL410950Al Wazzan Vision – Khobar013-8933123Khobar East DistrictPrince Turki Rd.
Eastern RegionKhobarOPTICALO510384Badghish Optical – Khobar013-8655209Khobar North DistrictKing Khaled – First A
Eastern RegionKhobarOPTICALO549281ALwazzavVision 8 lkhabar138633844Thqba
Eastern RegionKhobarPHARMACYP541084Al-Dawaa Pharmacy, News No. 1013-8584635Al Aqrabiyah Dis
Eastern RegionKhobarPHARMACYP541085Al-Dawaa Pharmacy (134)013-8584635Al Jawharah Dis
Eastern RegionKhobarPHARMACYP541087Al Dawaa Pharmacy 124013-8677776Al Hoda Dis
Eastern RegionKhobarPHARMACYP541088Al Dawaa Pharmacy 2013-8677776Al Thoqba Dis
Eastern RegionNuairiyahCLINICC518061Nuairiyah Medical Complex013-3731100Nuairiyah Dis Main Road
Eastern RegionNuairiyahCLINICC522010Maidan Medical Clinics Center – Al Nuairya013-3730665Aziziya DistrictAbo Hadriyah St
Eastern RegionNuairiyahCLINICC531190Health And Safety Medical Complex013-3730033Al Aziziyah DistrictPrince Jalawi Bin Abdulaziz St
Eastern RegionNuairiyahPHARMACYP540623 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Nuairiyah138677776
Eastern RegionQatifCLINICC2060Medical Excellence Center – Qatif013-8555534Al Mazroaya DisQuds St.
Eastern RegionQatifCLINICC2098Badr Al Jazeera Polyc – Qatif013-8635000Al jazeera Dist.Badr St.
Eastern RegionQatifCLINICC519281Nahj Al Shifa General Medical Company013-8467999Hazm Om Al Sahek Dis.Al Hazm St.
Eastern RegionQatifCLINICC521501Mudar Charity Society Medical Complex- Al Qadeeh013-8558513Al Qadeh Dis,Main Street
Eastern RegionQatifCLINICC522521Revive Medical Complex – Qatif ( Prev Umm Al Hamam Charitable Society Medical Center – Qatif )013-8367888Al Anwar DistrictZain Al Abden Street
Eastern RegionQatifCLINICC522721Al Bati Medical Complex – Qatif013-8232811Al Dakhl Al Mahdod Dis.
Eastern RegionQatifCLINICC541361Shweika Health Center – MOH138554087
Eastern RegionQatifDENTALC1890Nour Al Madar Polyclinic – Qatif (Rukn Al Farabi)013-8630717 Al majedyahAl Quds St.
Eastern RegionQatifDENTALE522765Ram Al-Qatif Medical Company013-8559004Al Majedeah DisAlqudos St
Eastern RegionQatifHOSPITALC1208Mouwasat Hospital – QATIF013-8512222Al Mishari DisMoushari St.
Eastern RegionQatifHOSPITALH2030Al Zahra General Hospital – Qatif013-8555000Qatif DistrictKing Faisal St.
Eastern RegionQatifHOSPITALH521358Al Qatif Hospital – MOH013-8361000Al Gash Dis
Eastern RegionQatifOPTICALL410729Magrabi Optical – Qatif013-8522242Island Dis
Eastern RegionQatifOPTICALL410946Al Wazzan Vision – Qatif013-8524056Al Mazroaya DisQuds St.
Eastern RegionQatifOPTICALL412006Zuhair Vision Center – Qatif013-8548551Al Bahr DistrictQuds St.
Eastern RegionQatifOPTICALO548061ZUHAIR ISSA AL SHOWIKHAT OPTICS FOUNDATION138394200Kawther DisAl Khaleej Street
Eastern RegionQatifPHARMACYP540625 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Qatif138677776
Eastern RegionQatifPHARMACYP545141Al Jamaa pharmacy – Qatif013-8919075Al Khamsa Dis
Eastern RegionRas TannouraCLINICC1098Dar Al Taafi Medical Complex013-6672665Dammam DistrictRahima St.
Eastern RegionRas TannouraCLINICC1099Rahima Medical Complex (Prev Rahima Al Ahli Dispensary)013-6674490Al Danah DisKing Faisal Rd. (Prev. 60 St.)
Eastern RegionRas TannouraCLINICC1544Shifa Rahima Medical Complex013-6672525Al Fayhaa District
Eastern RegionRas TannouraCLINICC545521Ram Rahima Medical Company920020011Prince Mohammad Bin Fahad Street
Eastern RegionRas TannouraOPTICALL412008Zuhair Vision Center – Ras Tannoura013-6681816Ras Tannoura DistrictBaladiyah St.
Eastern RegionRas TannouraPHARMACYP540646 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Ras Tannoura138677776
Eastern RegionSafwaCLINICC1400Salamatek Medical Complex – Safwa013-6642193Aramco Dis
Eastern RegionSafwaCLINICC521561Al Safa Society medical complex – Safwa013-6645252Al Khayatia DisKing Khaled St.
Eastern RegionSafwaCLINICC522741Specialized Medical Complex – Safwa013-6644116Al Omal DisBilal Bin Rbah St.
Eastern RegionSafwaHOSPITALH548561SAFWA GENERAL HOSPITAL -MOH136640382Al Marwa District
Eastern RegionSafwaPHARMACYP540649 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Safwa138677776
Eastern RegionSeihatCLINICC1408Al Madlouh Dispensary013-8500208Al Salamah Dis.Sihat St.
Eastern RegionSeihatCLINICC521521Rubban Medical Center – Seihat013-8387402Al Fardous DisOmar Bin Abdelaziz St.
Eastern RegionSeihatHOSPITALC1358Al Saddiq Hospital013-8500160Seihat DistrictMain St.
Eastern RegionSeihatOPTICALL410951Al Wazzan Vision – Siehat013-8390034Deera District
Eastern RegionSeihatOPTICALL412005Zuhair Vision Center – Siehat013-8505205Deera DistrictUmar Bin Abdulaziz St.
Eastern RegionSeihatOPTICALO549781Wazzan Opticals Bsehat / district Nemr – Fifteenth Street138633844Almontazh
Eastern RegionSeihatPHARMACYP540663 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Seihat138677776
Eastern RegionSeihatPhysiotherapistT531801Saihat Society Medical Clinics Complex013-8561062Nozha DistrictAbo Mosa Al Ansari St
Eastern RegionTaroutCLINICC1426Teb Al Hadi Medical Complex – Tarut013-8230333Snabs
Eastern RegionTaroutPHARMACYP540721 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Tarout138677776
HailAl ShananPHARMACYP540541 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Al Shanan92000838
HailBaqaaCLINICC2056Al Lewa`a Med. Clinic – Baqa`a016-5271122Plan 316 DistrictHail University Rd.
HailBaqaaCLINICC508131Baqa`a Medical Complex016-5272255Al Mokhatat Dist.General St.
HailHailCLINICC1046Al Safa Medical Complex016-5435556Montazah DistrictKing AbdulAziz Rd.
HailHailCLINICC1258Al Noor Polyclinic – Hail ( Al Abeer Group )016-5344440Airport North Dis.King Abdulaziz St.
HailHailCLINICC1475National Medical Complex – Hail016-5320333Barazan DistrictKing Faisal Rd.
HailHailCLINICC1628Zamzam Medical Complex016-5312020Al Aziziyah District
HailHailCLINICC1629Al Khaleej Medical Complex – Hail016-5322333the Station
HailHailCLINICC509042Salamat Medical Complex – Hail016-5588888Al jamaien Dist. Prince Turki St.
HailHailCLINICC509921Al Takhsees Medical Complex – Hail016-5350101Al jamaien Dist.King Faisal St.
HailHailCLINICC533850Ibn Sina Medical Complex – Hail016-5399999Al Hawazem DisImmam Mohamed Bin Saud St
HailHailCLINICC541861Al Ahli General Medical Complex – Hail016-5355555Shraf DistrictAl Buhtri Street
HailHailDENTALE509923Al Takhsees Dental Clinic- Hail016-5320040Aziziya DistrictKing Faisal St.
HailHailHOSPITALC1035Al Anwar Medical Hospital ( Prev New Medical Center Hospital )016-5332222Aziziya DistrictKing Faisal St.
HailHailHOSPITALC1499King Khaled Hospital – Hail (MoH)016-5328888Airport
HailHailHOSPITALC1686Maternity Hospital – Hail (MoH)016-5437007Shraf
HailHailHOSPITALH519041Salamat Hospital – Hail016-5366666Al Montazah Al Gharby Dis.Jeddah St.
HailHailHOSPITALH521034 Heart Center – Hail – MOH016-5319526Air Port Dist.King Abdel aziz St.
HailHailHOSPITALH522301Saudi German Hospitals Group – Hail016-5411111Khozama DistrictKing Abdulaziz St.
HailHailHOSPITALH533821King Salman Specialist Hospital – Hail – MOH016-2362222Al Maseef Dis.Baqaa St.
HailHailOPTICALL410738Magrabi Optical – Hail016-5327672Al Khomashya District
HailHailOPTICALO510501Al Ballaa Optical Group – Farza Optics (Master NPCODE)017-2342222Shamasan Dist.Almaikulai St.
HailHailPHARMACYP540601 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Hail138677776
JizanAbo ArishCLINICC1915Al Hayat Specialized Medical Center – Abu Areish017-3254100Al Wasat DisMain St.
JizanAbo ArishCLINICC543701Al Hakami Medical Complex – Abu Arish017-3243333Al Janobi DisPrince Sultan Street
JizanAbo ArishHOSPITALH521094 Abo Arish General Hospital- MOH017-3250012Abo Arish DisPrince Soltan Bin Abdel Aziz St
JizanAbo ArishPHARMACYP540510 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Abo Arish92000838
JizanAl ArdaCLINICC535661Faisal Yahya Khubrani Complex – Jizan017-3315514Al Ardah Dis.Main Street
JizanBishCLINICC519981Sarh Al Tawfeeq Medical Complex920010866Al Wasat DisMain Street
JizanBishCLINICC530701Maha Medical Center – Bish017-3420552Al Wasat DisMain Street
JizanBishCLINICC548081Nokhbat Al Janoub Medical complex-Bish173424077Al Khaldiah Dis
JizanBishHOSPITALH521092 Bish General Hospital -MOH017-3421144North DistrictInternational St.
JizanDarbCLINICC518781Shifa Al Darb Medical Complex017-3461177Darb Dis.Jizan St.
JizanDarbHOSPITALH521093 Al Darb General Hospital- MOH017-3461063Abo Al Sadad DisAl Darb Hos St.
JizanForsan IslandHOSPITALH521090 Forsan General Hospital- MOH017-3160112Forsan DisMain Street
JizanJizanCLINICC1142Magrabi Eye & Ear Center – Jizan017-3225555Al Rawdha Dis
JizanJizanCLINICC1469Rawafed Medical Complex – Jizan ( Prev Nasser Daifallah Morayaa Polyclinic -Jizan )017-3173725North
JizanJizanCLINICC1763Shifa Jizan Polyclinic – Jizan017-3232266Al Wasat DisOmar Bin Al Khattab St.
JizanJizanCLINICC522101Al Waseet Medical Complex – Jizan017-3183000Al Shamal DistrictOmm Alqura St.
JizanJizanCLINICC533601Al Noukhba International Medical Complex017-3236181Plan 5 DistrictMain Street
JizanJizanCLINICC550581Al-Sadaf Medical Complex508808061Airport Dis.
JizanJizanHOSPITALH513881Hayat National Hospital – Jizan017-3311111JizanMaali Resturant
JizanJizanHOSPITALH518261El Emeis Hospital – Jizan017-3226633Al Wasat DisMain Street
JizanJizanHOSPITALH521089King Fahad Hospital – Jizan – MOH017-3250318King Fahad DistrictKing Faisal St.
JizanJizanHOSPITALH521091 Prince Mohamad bin Naser Hospital- MOH017-3238007Al Shawagra DisMain Street
JizanJizanHOSPITALH547081alaridah genral hospital – MOH530257006AL MOBET
JizanJizanPHARMACYP540603 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Jizan92000838
JizanOhd Al MassarhaCLINICC509981Al Hakami Medical Complex – Ahad Al Massarha017-3193200Al Wasat DisGeneral St.
JizanOhd Al MassarhaCLINICC551961My deami500720849Al BalidyahKing Abdullah Street
JizanOhd Al MassarhaHOSPITALH532282Ohd Al Massarha General Hospital – Jizan – MOH017-3190903Industrial area Dis
JizanSabiaCLINICC513641Mishal Medical Polyclinic – Sabia017-3366622SabiaBehind Al Ahly Bank
JizanSabiaCLINICC519367Al Moraya Experts Medical Complex – Sabia (Prev Naser Daifallah Moraya Polyclinic – Sabia)017-3221990Eastern DistrictEducation University
JizanSabiaCLINICC547883Hayaty Care Clinic534831966King Fahad DistrictKing Fahed street
JizanSabiaHOSPITALC1524Sabia General Hospital – Jizan (MoH)017-3261344Al Wasat Dis
JizanSabiaHOSPITALH509861Al Emeis National Hospital – Sabia017-3266633Salhaba Dist.King Faisal St.
JizanSamtahHOSPITALH521354Samtah General Hospital – MOH017-3321448Samtah Dis
JizanShaqiqCLINICC518041Saleh Shakeel Al Alawi Polyclinic017-3411171Shaqiq Main Road
MadinaAl OlaCLINICC548381Aldeera PHC – MOH148843635Ola
MadinaAl OlaCLINICC548921Alnjeel PHC – MOH148843635
MadinaAl OlaCLINICC548922alward PHC – MOH148843635Al SHADO dis
MadinaAl OlaCLINICC548923Almansheah PHC – MOH148843635Ola Dis
MadinaAl OlaCLINICC548924Aluthaib PHC – MOH148843635Ola Dis
MadinaAl OlaCLINICC548926Mghera PHC – MOH148843635Mugeraa
MadinaAl OlaCLINICC548927Airport PHC – MOH148843635Airport Dis.
MadinaAl OlaCLINICC548928Alsukhairat PHC – MOH148843635Ola Dis
MadinaAl OlaCLINICC548929Madien Saleh PHC – MOH014 884 3635Madaen Saleh Dis
MadinaAl OlaCLINICC548931Aljdeedah PHC – MOH148843635Ola Dis
MadinaAl OlaCLINICC548932Fadla PHC – MOH014 884 3635Fadla District
MadinaAl OlaHOSPITALH521040 prince Abdelmohsen Hospital – MOH014-8843743Aziziya DistrictAl Madinah Al monwarah St.
MadinaAl OlaOPTICALO522237Rouya Optical – Skhirat – Madina014-8842255Skhirat DistrictKing Fahad St.
MadinaBADRCLINICC1595Al Noor medical Complex – Badr014-3320227Badr Al Shohadaa Dis
MadinaMadinaCLINICC1144Magrabi Eye & Ear Center – Madina014-8423252Airport St
MadinaMadinaCLINICC1759Wahat Al Shifa Medical Complex – Madina014-8288177Al Mestrah DistrictEyes St.
MadinaMadinaCLINICC2133Al Abeer Polyclinic – Madinah014-8268664Al Nasir DistrictOthman Bin Affan St.
MadinaMadinaCLINICC2149Al Bakkari Polyclinic – Madina014-8344438Al SharqiaKing Abdulaziz St.
MadinaMadinaCLINICC518921Al Aqeeq Polyclinic – Madina014-8645511Al Khatem DisAl hizam St
MadinaMadinaCLINICC521781Dama Medical Center – Madina014-8367000Al Shuhada Districtking abdullah St
MadinaMadinaCLINICC530141Eye Specialist Center – Madina014-8493355Hizam DistrictHizam St.
MadinaMadinaCLINICC530435Wahat Al Shifa Medical Complex 2 – Madina014-8230888Al Nasr DistrictAnas Bin Malek St.
MadinaMadinaCLINICC536741Dar Al Tadawe Medical Complex – Madina014-8131340Al Mastrah Dis.Prince Abdulmajeed St.
MadinaMadinaCLINICC539781Madinah Medical Center 2 Day case surgery920002077Al Hasan MallKing Abdullah St.
MadinaMadinaCLINICC541242Rooh Al Shefaa Medical Complex – Madina920005496Ring DisSecond Ring road
MadinaMadinaCLINICC551531DR ABDUALRAHAMAN AL OGALY POLYCLINIC148250561Qurban DisAbdullah Hussein Street
MadinaMadinaDENTALC1888Al Andalus Dental Polyclinic – Madinah014-8151333Sultana District Sultan St.
MadinaMadinaDENTALC519601Basmet Al Faraby Dental Complex – Madina014-8666640Al Doimahprince abdelmajeed St.
MadinaMadinaDENTALE545510Lulua Al-Farabi Dental Complex-AlMadinah920008358Al Abas Bin Abad Street
MadinaMadinaHOSPITALC1051Al Zahraa Hospital (2)014-8488808Al awali District Awaly St.
MadinaMadinaHOSPITALC1057Madina National Hospital014-8444444Bani Zafr
MadinaMadinaHOSPITALC1119MOUWASAT MEDICAL SERVICES HOSPITAL – Madinah500170150Jasham DisAbdul Jabaar bin Abdul samad st
MadinaMadinaHOSPITALC1139Saudi German Hospital – Madina014-8406000Abar Ali District
MadinaMadinaHOSPITALC1513Ohud Hospital (MoH)014-8300016Ohd Dis
MadinaMadinaHOSPITALC1531Al Hayat National Hospital – Madina ( Prev United Madinah Hospital Medical Care ( Prev Al Dar Specialist Hos. Quba`a )014-8677777Qubaa DistrictQubaa St.
MadinaMadinaHOSPITALC546262Magrabi Hospitals and Centers Specialized Polyclinic148422666Mazhoor Dis.
MadinaMadinaHOSPITALH521037 Heart Surgery Center – MOH014-8456796King Fahad Hos DistrictKhalid Bin al Waleed St.
MadinaMadinaHOSPITALH521038King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Medical City Madina- MOH014-8649999Mahzoz Dis.prince abdelmajeed St.
MadinaMadinaHOSPITALH521039king Fahad Madina – MOH014-8463080Al Jameaat Dis.Abo Bakr Alsedik St.
MadinaMadinaHOSPITALH544990King Faisal Specialist Hospital &Resear Centre-Gen.Org-Al Madinah Al Munawwarah011-4647272Hamraa Al Asad Dis
MadinaMadinaOPTICALO2039Elias Optic – Sultana014-8274644Sultana DistrictMain St.
MadinaMadinaOPTICALO2041Elias Optic – Quba`a014-8255933Qubaa DistrictMain St.
MadinaMadinaOPTICALO2121Al Ansari Optics – Madina014-8452743Sultana DistrictAbu Bakar Alsedek st.
MadinaMadinaOPTICALO2136Rouya Optic – 2nd Ring Rd.014-8372072Al Mostaraha Dis.Shohadaa St.
MadinaMadinaOPTICALO2137Rouya Optic – Khaldiyah014-8648778Al Khaldiah DisFront of Al manarat schools
MadinaMadinaOPTICALO2138Rouya Optic – Al Salam Dis014-8303456Al Salam Dis.Jam’at
MadinaMadinaOPTICALO524391Magrabi Optical – Abu Bakr St. – Madina014-8454218Al Raya DistrictAbo Bakr Alsedik St.
MadinaMadinaOPTICALO524392Magrabi Optical – Airport st. – Madina014-6161900Air Port Dist.Airport St.
MadinaMadinaOPTICALO524393Magrabi Optical – ALnour Mall Center – Madina014-6510655AL Oyon DistrictRing Road 2 – Al Nour Mall Center St.
MadinaMadinaOPTICALO546961optics of alabeer international medical co. Madinah549560888Al RayaOthman Bin Affan Street
MadinaMahd Al DahabCLINICC540021Lamsat Shifa Medical Complex – Mahd Al Dahab014-8681899Eastern DistrictOthman bin Afan St.
MadinaYanbuCLINICC529942Communnity Health Medical Company ( Prev Dr. Sari Al Qahtani Medical Complex )014-3220077Al Sameeri Dist.Ali Bin Abi Taleb
MadinaYanbuHOSPITALH521041 Yanbu general Hospital – MOH014-3222640Al Bandar Dis.King Khaled St.
MadinaYanbuOPTICALO522238Rouya Optical – Yanbu – Madina014-5109000Beach DistrictAbo Bakr Alsedik St.
MadinaYanbuPHARMACYP541542 Al Dawaa Pharmacy – Yanbu920000838
MadinaYanbu Al BaharOPTICALO2120Al Ansari Optics – Yanbu014-3910737AL Balad DistrictMohammad ibn Abdulwhab st.
MadinaYanbu IndustrialDENTALC1108Ghassan N. Pharaon Polyclinic (GNP) – Yanbu014-3923222Royal Commission
MadinaYanbu IndustrialDENTALE522768Ram Yanbu Medical Company014-3931222Khalid DistrictKhaled bin Al Waleed
MadinaYanbu IndustrialHOSPITALC1130Al Ansari Specialist Hospital014-3925111Jabiryah District
MadinaYanbu IndustrialHOSPITALC1979Yanbu National Hospital014-3962000Nawah DistrictPrince Moh`d Bin AbdullAziz Rd.
MadinaYanbu IndustrialHOSPITALH534541Royal Commission Hospital – Yanbu Industrial014-3937700Industrial yanbu DisKing fahd st.
MadinaYanbu IndustrialOPTICALO2122Al Ansari Optics – Yanbu Industrail014-3926444Jabiryah DistrictKing Fahad St.
MakkahADAMHOSPITALH521047 Adm Hospital- MOHAdm Dis.Adm St.
MakkahAl HowayaCLINICC521801Al Bandar clinic medical complex (prev Bin Reshoud General Medical Complex)012-7325005Al Fahd Dis
MakkahAl HowayaCLINICC536501Al Siteen Doctors General Medical Complex012-7251700Soltana DistrictAl Bostan St
MakkahAl HowayaHOSPITALC1376Al Nahda Hospital012-7250600Al Hawayah Dis
MakkahAl JomomCLINICC528208Al Bader Developed (2) Medical Complex – Jomom ( Prev Al Bader Al Thaleth Medical Complex – Al Jamom )012-5940071Al Nakheel DistrictSouq Al Dhahab St
MakkahAl KhormaCLINICC2020Ahaly Al Khorma Medical Complex ( Prev. Al Ahli Clinic – Khorma )012-8321434Nozha DistrictMain St.
MakkahAsfanCLINICC531854Asfan Medical Complex – Asfan012-2653113Asfan DistrictAsfan St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1007Al Hiba Polyclinic ( Al Abeer Group )012-6500089Ruwais DistrictHail St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1013Al Abeer Polyclinic-Shrafiyah012-6573001Al Sharafiyah DistrictSouth Region St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1029Al Rayan Polyclinic012-6319476Al Sharafiyah District60 St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1050Al Faisal Medical Complex 2012-6120999Al Naem Dis.30 St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1063Badruddin Medical Group – Bawady012-6559191Al Bawady District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1068Hala Issa Bin Laden Medical Complex012-6722315Mashrfa Dis.Makarona St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1109Al Abeer Polyclinic-Industrial City012-6080326Industrial DistrictIndustrial St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1131Magrabi Eye & Ear Center – Jeddah012-6655200Mushrifa
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1231Khalid Medical Advanced Complex ( Prev Khalid Medical Center 2 )012-2722222Al Samer DistrictEast Highway Rd.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1235Al Abeer Polyclinic-Aziziyah012-6174545Al Aziziyah District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1306Al Shifa Medical Complex – Al bawady012-6977075Al Bawady DistrictAbdulRahman Bin Al Harith St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1315Al Sameria Polyclinic012-6283333Al Samer District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1319Khalid Al Motamayz Medical Complex012-6204484Al Rawabi DistrictBaladyat St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1383Dr. Hani Abdullah Ragban Clinic012-6946506Al Nahdah Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1433Khalid Bakr Al Bakri General Medical Complex ( Prev Al Thomairi Medical Center )012-6736946Al Rehab DisPrince Mohamad Bin Abdelaziz
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1468Magrabi Eye Center – Salam Med. Center – Jeddah012-6165500Al Salamah Dis.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1517Al Nahda Medical Complex – Jeddah012-6205940Al Hamdanyiah Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1582Shifa Al Bawady Polyclinic012-6625259Al Rabwa Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1583Al Yasmin Polyclinic012-6244091Kilo 14
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1624New Ghulail Polyclinic012-6360346Al Gholail District Hasan Hasnain St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1657The First Clinic- Jeddah920029090Al Zahra DisKing Abdul Aziz Road
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1692Al Abeer Polyclinic-Bawady012-6395444Al Bawady District60 St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1697New Al Hiba Polyclinic ( Al Abeer Group )012-6500089Ajwad District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC1973Al Higra Medical Clinic – Jeddah012-6216040Al Montazhat Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC2004The Eye Consultants Ctr-Jeddah012-6686161Al Rawdha DistrictNahda St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC2075Dr. Talal Qutub Medical Center012-6939222Al Safa Dist.Prince Meteb Rd.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC509081Shifa Al Muntazah Poly. jeddah012-6205999Al Humdaniyah district
MakkahJeddahCLINICC513801Al Saggaf Eye Center & Day Surgery012-6314004Al Fayhaa DistrictAbdallah Salman Street
MakkahJeddahCLINICC518661Abdul Rahman Al Sahly Medical Center012-6583379Al Marwa DistrictEnd 8 Prince Majed
MakkahJeddahCLINICC522061Yashfen General medical Complex (Prev Ali Zafer Medical General complex – Jeddah)012-6025555Al Wazeryah District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC525117Elxir Medical Complix – Jeddah012-2886667Al Hamdanyah DistrictAl Hamdanyah St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC529262Medical Center in Terminal South at King Abdulaziz Airport – Jeddah – MOH012-6853473Terminal South
MakkahJeddahCLINICC529901Health Center Khalid Typical – Jeddah – MOH012-2068931Teba District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC529903University Health Center – Jeddah – MOH012-6896580University District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC529905Al Safa Health Center 1 – Jeddah – MOH012-6782076Al Safa Dist.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC530321Bio Life Medical Complex012-6620208Al Rawdha DistrictPrince Sultan St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC530761Nibras Medical Complex ( Al Abeer Group )012-2710777Al Safa Dist.Abdulla Al sharbatly st
MakkahJeddahCLINICC530881Wahat Al Shifa Medical Complex 3012-6542022Al Madina Indus Disindustrial city St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC530921Al Faisal Medical Complex 3012-6120999Al Samer DistrictWaheeb Bin Omair St
MakkahJeddahCLINICC531161Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Family Medical Center – Al Nozha Dis012-6650444Nozha DistrictMadina Monawara St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC532052Bin Rushd Medical Center – Jeddah920000181Beach DistrictKing Fahad St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC532201Dr Soliman Fakeeh Family Medical Centers – Al Basatin012-2296400Al Basatin DisIsmail Bin Kather St
MakkahJeddahCLINICC532521Al Manar Specialized Medical Complex – Jeddah920024241Al Manar DisWaheeb Bin Omeer St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC534021Al Mas Ideal Medical Complex – Jeddah012-6596600Al Rabwa Dis.Al Makaronah St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC534061Quality Medical Comblex – Jeddah012-2889210Teba DistrictTaibah District – Main St
MakkahJeddahCLINICC534561Dr Ahmed S. Balghsoon Medical Complex012-6327100Al Fayhaa DistrictAl Fayhaa St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC534849Al Hanan Advanced Medical Complex012-6010118Madaen Al fahad DisIstad Al riyady St
MakkahJeddahCLINICC535482Al Salam General Medical Complex – Jeddah012-6976014Al Rabwa Dis.Prince Majed street
MakkahJeddahCLINICC535841Al Hanan Al Mutamiz Medical Complex – Al montzahat012-6231312Al Montazahat DistrictAl Haramain St
MakkahJeddahCLINICC536844Safa Al Bawadi Medical Complex – Jeddah012-6625536Al Rawdha DistrictAl Makrona Street
MakkahJeddahCLINICC537441Health control centers Islamic Port – Jeddah – MOH012-6483966The Port Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC537761Eradah Mental Health Complex012-6361078Al Mahjar Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC538941Mohammad Al Jadaani Medical Complex012-6411144Al QarniyahMain St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC539681My Family Medical Complex012-2620055Al Ajaweed DisMain Street
MakkahJeddahCLINICC540321Bani Malik Medical Complex – Jeddah012-6700116Bani Malek DisAl Souq St.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC541741Abraq Al Raghama Health Center – MOH012-2327555Abraq Al Raghama Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC541941Al-Tawfiq and Al-Rabee Health Center – MOH012-2327555Al Samer District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC541942Al Rehab Health Center – MOH012-2327555Al Rehab Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC541943Breiman Health Center012-2327555Breman Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC541944Sulaymaniyah Health Center – MOH012-2327555Al Sulaymaniya District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC541945Al Rawabi Health Center – MOH012-2327555Al Rawabi District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542081Old Airport Health Center – MOH012-2327555Al Fayhaa District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542101East Line Health Center – MOH012-2327555Al Ajwad Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542381Qurainia Health Center – MOH012-6375555Al Qurainia Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542382Al Quozain Health Center – MOH012-6375555Al Quozain Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542481Quwaiza Health Center – MOH012-2327555Abraq Al Raghama Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542582Prince Fawaz Health Center – MOH012-6201767Prince Fawaz – South Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542821Killo14 Health Center – MOH012-6201767Um Al Salm District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542841Al Bawadi Health Center – MOH012-6606111Al Marwa District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542842Al Faisaliah Health Center – MOH012-6606111Al Faisalyah Dist.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542861Al Shera Health Center 505 – MOH012-2285000Al Shraa Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542862Dhahban Health Center – MOH012-2285000Al Mezeraa Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542863Al Hamra Health Center – MOH012-6606111Andalus District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542881Al Marwa Health Center – MOH012-6606111Al Marwa District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542882North Abhur Health Center – MOH012-2285000Abhar Al Shamalyah Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542883Al Harazat Health Center – MOH012-6201767Al Herazat Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542884Al Rabwah Health Center – MOH012-6606111Al Rabwa Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542901Al Naeem Health Center – MOH012-6606111Al Naeem Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542902Al Fadilah health center – MOH012-6375555Al Fadalyah Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542921Al Rayan Health Center – MOH012-2285615Al Rayan District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542922Al Ruwais Health Center – MOH012-6606111Al Roways Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542923Al Nahda Health Center – MOH012-6606111Al Nahdah Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542925Al Shatie health center – MOH012-2285000Beach District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542926Umm Al Salam Health Center – MOH012-6201767Om Al Salm Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542941Al Salama Health Center – MOH012-6606111Al Salamah Dis.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542942Mishrifah Health Center – MOH012-6606111Mushrifa Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542962Al Majid Health Center – MOH012-6375555Al Hamdanyah District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542963Al Safa Health Center 2 – MOH012-6606111Al Safa Dist.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC542981Al Wafa Health Center – MOH012-2285000Al Wafaa Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC543002Al Mahjar Health Center – MOH012-6360478Al Mahjar Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC543003Thuwal Health Center – MOH012-2900110Thoal Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC543004Dental Specialist Center in Jeddah – MOH012-6074181Al nozha dist
MakkahJeddahCLINICC543021Rabigh Health Center – MOH012-4232644Rabigh Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC543023Adham Health Center – MOH017-7426228Adam Dis
MakkahJeddahCLINICC545541Magrabi Specialize medical complex555586743King Abdulaziz Street
MakkahJeddahCLINICC545801Al Zobydi Medical Clinics Complex – Jeddah126600046Al Aziziyah DistrictHmazah noor st.
MakkahJeddahCLINICC546021AL NUZHA MEDICAL COMPLEX – Jeddah012-6203700Al Bawady DistrictHeraa Street
MakkahJeddahCLINICC547139LIFE CARE MEDICAL CENTER126875767Al fasialyah
MakkahJeddahCLINICC547561Balsam Medical Center8002480088Al Fayhaa District
MakkahJeddahCLINICC548661Eshraq AlMadinah Medical Complex prev ( New Care Medical Center )126511112Al sharfiyah
MakkahJeddahCLINICC549181JEAZZ MOHAMED ALBISHRI MEDCAIL JEDDAH555358031Riyadh DistAhmad Maki Al Attar Street
MakkahJeddahCLINICC549301MANARAT CO126500710Al Roways Disstreet risalat al hurraih
MakkahJeddahCLINICC552502safaa pioneer clinic920015099Al Muhammadiyah DisAmna Bint Wahab Street
MakkahJeddahDENTALC1806Andalusia Dental Center – Jeddah012-6702777Al Sharafiyah DistrictMakarona St.
MakkahJeddahDENTALC1815Magrabi Dental Center012-6644999Mushrifa
MakkahJeddahDENTALC1976Dr. Muneer Al Harasani Dental Clinics012-6696564Borj Al MerjanaKing Sultan St.
MakkahJeddahDENTALC521962Magrabi Dental Center – Al Morgan – Jeddah012-6110616Al Morgan DistirctJabla Bin Amro Al Ansari St.
MakkahJeddahDENTALC543121Ram Medical Clinics Company – Jeddah920020011Al Marwa DistrictHeraa Street
MakkahJeddahDENTALC546261Magrabi Dental Center – Jeddah26165545Al Salama Distirct
MakkahJeddahDENTALE508130Al Nowras Dental Clinic – Jeddah012-6068182Al Rawdha DistrictSari St.
MakkahJeddahDENTALE547001Nibras Health Medical Company Branch Clininc549560888Eastern Al Baqdadiyah District
MakkahJeddahDENTALE551621Rimas Dental Clinic126517828ASR AN NAHDAH
MakkahJeddahDiagnostic CenterI548421molecular Imaging Center920020441Al SlymaniyahKing Abdulaziz University Campus
MakkahJeddahHEARING AIDC539177Al Mukhlis Hearing Center012-6682255Mashrfa Dis.Flisteen St.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1003Al Hamra Hospital012-6653939Al Hamra Dist.Arafat St.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1005Comprehensive Co. for Medical Care Company Branch ( Prev Ghassan N. Pharaon General Hospital (GNP) – jeddah )012-6823200Zahraa DistrictPrince Sultan St.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1017Dr. Erfan & Bagedo Hospital012-6820022Al Faisalyah Dist.King Fahad Rd. (Prev. 60 St)
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1020Al Jedaani Hospital – Al Safa012-6772221Al Safa Dist.40 St.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1021New Al Jedaani Hosp -Gholail012-6368100Al Gholail District Mahjar St.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1024Hala Issa Bin Laden Hospital012-6603332Al Hamra Dist.Makarona St.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1026Al Zahra Hospital (1)012-6823331Zahraa DistrictPrince Sultan St.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1031Bugshan General Hospital012-6691222Ruwais DistrictTahlia St.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1034New Jeddah Clinic Hospital012-6675000Al Hamra Dist.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1054Dr. Suleiman Fakeeh Hospital012-6655000Al Hamra Dist.Palestine St.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1055Saudi German Hospital – Jeddah012-2606000Zahraa DistrictBatraji St.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1070Abuzinadah Hospital012-6510652Al Sharafiyah DistrictMadina Rd. with Hail St.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1132Dr. Bakhsh Hospital-Sharfaiah012-6510555Al Sharafiyah District
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1136United Doctors Hospital012-6533333Ruwais DistrictIsma`il St.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1185King Faisal Specialist Hospital & RC012-6677777Al Rawdha Dis
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1262International Medical Center012-6509000Al Rowais Dis
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1533King Abdul Aziz Hospital – Jeddah (MoH)012-6375555Al Mahjar Dis
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALC1663Dr. Hassan Ghazawi Hospital-Jeddah ( Al Abeer group )012-6636333Aziziya District Al Tareeq St.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALH2111Al Zafer Hospital – Jeddah012-6256666Prince Fawaz DistrictPrince Fawaz St.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALH510481Abdullatif Jameel Hos. – Jeddah012-6770001Al Safa Dist. Prince Meteb Road
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALH513521Ibn Sina National College Hospital – Jeddah012-6355566Al Gholail District Al Mahjar Street
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALH521044Al Azizya Maternity and Children Hosital – Hospital – MOH012-6729092Aziziya DistrictAl Sahafa St.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALH522445King Fahad Hospital – MOH012-6606111Fahad District
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALH522446King Abdullah Hospital – MOH012-2285000Abhor Al Shamalya DisAbhor Al Shamalya
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALH522447East Jeddah Hospital – MOH012-2323555Al Sulaymaniya District
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALH523849King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital – Jeddah012-2328888Beach District
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALH524581Dr. Samir Abbas Hospital – Jeddah012-6187777Beach DistrictKorneesh St
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALH528932Ophthalmology Hospital – MOH012-6939998Al Safa Dist.
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALH528937Al Thaghr Hospital – MOH012-6201767Al Thaghr Dis
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALH531602Chronic Care Specialist Medical Center – Jeddah012-6180600Al Baghdadyah Al Gharbiah DisAl Baghdadyah Al Gharbiah St
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALH541462King Abdulaziz University Hospital – Jeddah126408222
MakkahJeddahHOSPITALH547881Meddle East Healthcare Hospital Company Alrawabi ( Saudi German Group )920007997Al Rawabi DistrictAbdullah Salman
MakkahJeddahOPTICALL410661Dareen Optical -Jeddah012-6656473Ruwais District Palestine St.
MakkahJeddahOPTICALL410741Magrabi Optical -Sari Street012-6971140Al Rawdha Dis
MakkahJeddahOPTICALL410748Magrabi Optical – Madinah Road012-6655463Mashrfa Dis.
MakkahJeddahOPTICALL410749Magrabi Optical -SERAFI MEGA MALL012-2845056Al Nazla Al Sharqia Dis
MakkahJeddahOPTICALO509021Hossam Optical – Jeddah012-6658665Aziziya District60 Street
MakkahJeddahOPTICALO538912Fakeeh Vision – Al Basatin012-6650045Al Basatin DisPrince Sultan Rd
MakkahJeddahOPTICALO538913Fakeeh Vision – Al Nozha012-6650045Al nozha distAl Madina Rd
MakkahJeddahOPTICALO538914Fakeeh Vision – Al Hamra012-6650045Al Hamra Dist.Al Ekhlas St.
MakkahJeddahOPTICALO540121Al Abeer Optical – Al Bawady011-2339600Al Bawady DistrictKing Fahad St
MakkahJeddahOPTICALO540124Al Abeer Optical – Azizyah920000503Azizyah DistAl Sahafa Street
MakkahJeddahOPTICALO540142Al Abeer Optical – Al Sharafiyah920000501Al Sharafiah DisKhalid ibn Al Walid Street
MakkahJeddahOPTICALO546223Magrabi Opticals, Class A, Red Sea Mall Center012-6502650
MakkahJeddahOPTICALO546224Magrabi Optical Class A012-6510655
MakkahJeddahOPTICALO546941Fakeeh Vision Company LTD Prince Sultan Rd Branch126650045Al Salamah Dis.Prince Sultan St.
MakkahJeddahOPTICALO546950Fakeeh Vision Company LTD Alsalaam Mall Branch126650045Al Fayhaa District
MakkahJeddahOPTICALO550964SIX BY SIX FOR OPTICAL555572055Abe feras Dis
MakkahJeddahPHARMACYP537783United Pharmacy – Jeddah012-6522226
MakkahJeddahPHARMACYP545202Adam Pharmacy 22011-88000039Al Zahra Dis
MakkahJeddahPhysiotherapistT552181Your Health Rehabilitation126052011Al Naim DisPrince Sultan Street
MakkahKhulaisCLINICC531881Majid Muhammad Al-Bishri Complex – Khulais (Previously Al Bishri Medical Complex – Khulais)012-2653113Al Daf DistrictMain Street.
MakkahLiethCLINICC1566Al Laith Medical Complex ( Prev Lieth National Polyclinic )017-7423446Al Lieth
MakkahLiethCLINICC543022Al Leith Health Center – MOH017-7421593Al Lieth Dis
MakkahLiethHOSPITALH521045 Al Lieth Hospital – MOH017-7421947Central of CityHospital St.
MakkahMakkahCLINICC1006Asian Polyclinic Co. (Prev; Asian Medical Complex)012-5361280Kaakah DistrictIbraheem Khaleel St.
MakkahMakkahCLINICC1145Magrabi Eye & Ear Center – Makkah012-5595010Aziziya DistrictAziziya St.
MakkahMakkahCLINICC1444Ibn sena Medical Complex – azizyah012-5586515Al Aziziyah District
MakkahMakkahCLINICC1940Al Abeer Polyclinic – Makkah012-5665656Al Aziziyah District
MakkahMakkahCLINICC1991Umm Al Qura Polyclinic012-5376767Umm Al Qura DistrictUmm Al Qura St.
MakkahMakkahCLINICC2048Modern Medical Complex012-5371111Kaakah DistrictIbraheem Khaleel St.
MakkahMakkahCLINICC520681Shifa Al Baraka Medical Center012-5479000Al Saaha Dis.General St.
MakkahMakkahCLINICC522541Al Saaed General Medical Center – Makkah012-5491111Al Zaher DistrictOpposite Imam bokhary St.
MakkahMakkahCLINICC527788Al Raqi Medical Complex – Makkah012-5342111Al Khaldiah DisAbdallah Al Mashat St.
MakkahMakkahCLINICC532861Al Badr Medical Complex 1 – Al Khansaa012-5533770Al Khansaa DisAl haj Street
MakkahMakkahCLINICC533101Al Zaher General Medical Comlex012-5492800Al Zaher DistrictQaser Al Dhiyafah St
MakkahMakkahCLINICC533261Al Fares Crystal General Medical Complex012-5277222Al Sharea Dis64 St
MakkahMakkahCLINICC533341Al Andalus General Medical Complex – Makkah014-5777855Al Khansaa DisAl haj Street
MakkahMakkahCLINICC533362Noor Al Hujaz General Medical Complex – Makkah012-5412233Al Kaika DisMain Street
MakkahMakkahCLINICC533981Aspect Of Medical Care Complex – Makkah012-5977757Al Shawkia DistrictUmm Al Katatd St.
MakkahMakkahCLINICC539341Makkah Medical Complex – Al Zaher012-5456561Al Zaher DistrictAl Kuliyah St.
MakkahMakkahCLINICC548761Albadr Polyclinic Second General125506748Green DistrictAin Jalot Street
MakkahMakkahCLINICC548797albadr developed tenth medical complex125506667Green DistrictAl Askr Street
MakkahMakkahDENTALE2085Quality Dental Clinics – Makkah012-5423322Al nozha dist
MakkahMakkahHOSPITALC1233Basharahil Hospital012-5204444Jadeedah DistrictMadina Rd.
MakkahMakkahHOSPITALC1402Saudi National Hospital ( al Abeer Group )012-5562177Al Aziziyah District
MakkahMakkahHOSPITALC1685King Abdul Aziz Hospital – Makkah (MoH)012-5442400Al Zaher District
MakkahMakkahHOSPITALH509924Al-Shefa Hospital – Makkah012-5369779Al Hendawiya DistrictAl-Mansour St.
MakkahMakkahHOSPITALH513501Makkah Medical Center Hospital012-5222222Al Umrah Dist.Madinah Road
MakkahMakkahHOSPITALH521049 Heraa General Hosp – MOH012-5203535Al Umrah Dist.Al Taneem St.
MakkahMakkahHOSPITALH521050 Al Nour Hospital- MOH012-5665000Al Hejrah Disthird Ring St.
MakkahMakkahHOSPITALH521051 Maternity and Children Hospital – Makkah – MOH012-5530400Al Naseem DistrictAl Taif St
MakkahMakkahHOSPITALH521123King Abdullah Medical City – Makkah – MOH012-5549999Aziziya District
MakkahMakkahHOSPITALH529781King Faisal Hospital – Makkah – MOH012-5566411Al Shasha Dis
MakkahMakkahHOSPITALH549821Meddle East Hospital Company Makkah500777369Crown prince DisIbrahim Al Khalil
MakkahMakkahOPTICALL410743Magrabi Optical -Makkah AL-Haram012-5365978Al Aziziyah District
MakkahMakkahPHARMACYP537781United Pharmacy – Makkah012-6522226
MakkahMakkahPHARMACYP542328Al Shafi Pharmacy Makkah 2554461223Al Shbika DisIbrahim Al Khalil Street
MakkahMakkahPHARMACYP545305Adam Pharmacy 42011-88000039Al Shawkia District
MakkahQUNFUDAHCLINICC1918Al Asheery Medical Complex – Qunfudah017-7331888Hla DisFariq & Salama St.
MakkahQUNFUDAHCLINICC517964Al Azhar Polyclinic – Qunfudah017-7325110Al Khaldiah Dis60 ST
MakkahQUNFUDAHCLINICC523181Al Zobydi Medical Complex – Al Qonfudah017-7331071King abdulaziz St
MakkahQUNFUDAHHOSPITALH521087 Al Qunfudah General Hos- MOH017-7321790Al Khaldiah DisKing Abdel aziz St.
MakkahQUNFUDAHHOSPITALH521088 South of Qunfudah Hospital – MOH017-7328000Al Qoz DisJeddah-Jizan St
MakkahQUNFUDAHPHARMACYP540629 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Qunfudah92000838
MakkahRabeghCLINICC1301Al Nakheel Medical Complex – Jeddah012-4221006Al Samad DistrictMain St.
MakkahRabeghCLINICC1958Al Amal Medical Complex – Rabigh012-4222916Main District
MakkahRabeghCLINICC1978Dr. Khalid Idriss Medical Center012-4222229Rabegh Dis.
MakkahRabeghCLINICC531841Al Bishri Medical Complex – Rabigh012-2653113Al Gahnan DistrictAl Kahraba Street
MakkahRabeghCLINICC551141FAMILY MEDICAL CANTER125104190Al Morouj District
MakkahRabeghHOSPITALH521046 Rabegh Hospital- MOH012-4221776Shifa DistrictMain Street
MakkahRabeghOPTICALO2124Al Ansari Optics – Rabigh012-4220320Rabegh Dis.General St.
MakkahRaniahCLINICC1690Your Healthcare Medical Complex (Prev Raniah National Clinic )012-8424061Rania DistrictMain St.
MakkahTaifCLINICC1216Al Mokhtar Medical Complex012-7252702Hawya DistrictKing Fahad Rd.
MakkahTaifCLINICC1922Al Watan Medical Complex – Taif012-7490660Eshihar District60 St.
MakkahTaifCLINICC513401Turki Medical Clinic – Taif012-7441111Al Shuhada DistrictPrince Mettib St.
MakkahTaifCLINICC534821Your Doctor consultations medical complex012-7444495Om Al Sebaa Diskhat al janub St
MakkahTaifCLINICC535021Al Andalus Medical Complex -Taif – Shahar012-7405000Shahar DisMain St
MakkahTaifCLINICC542230Your Health Medical Complex012-7441600Al Washhaa DisHassan Bin Thabet Street
MakkahTaifCLINICC542341Al Salam Medical Complex – Taif012-7372004Al Rayan DistrictDammam Street
MakkahTaifCLINICC549001Planet Complex Of General Medical Healing127500002Al QoutbiyahGeneral Qamariyah Street
MakkahTaifHOSPITALC1569Al Adwani General Hospital012-7340000Al Faisalyah Dist.Air Port St.
MakkahTaifHOSPITALH521052King Abdelaziz Hospital – Taif – MOH012-7310800Ring DisKing abdalla St.
MakkahTaifHOSPITALH521053 King Faisal Hospital – taif – MOH012-7481699Al Sadad Dis.Gardens St.
MakkahTaifHOSPITALH521128Children’s Hospital – Taif – MOH012-7447202Shahar DisAl Sadad St
MakkahTaifHOSPITALH523856Armed forces hospial -Taif region127541610al hada
MakkahTaifOPTICALL410781Barakat Optical – Taif012-7428480Shahar Dis
MakkahTaifOPTICALO2090Al Wattan Optics – Taif012-7464864Eshihar District60 St.
MakkahTaifPHARMACYP541541 Al Dawaa Pharmacy – Taif920000838
MakkahTaifPHARMACYP543961United Pharmacy – Taif012-6522226
MakkahThoalCLINICC1577Majid Muhammad Al-Harbi Medical Complex (Previously Bishri Clinic)012-2652999Thoal Dis
MakkahThoalCLINICC533041Dr Soliman Fakeeh Medical Complex – Thoal012-6655000University District
MakkahTURBAPHARMACYP540761 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – TURBA92000838
NajranNajranCLINICC1271Al Qadi Typical Medical Complex017-5431000Aba Saud DistrictKing Abdulaziz St.
NajranNajranCLINICC1272Al Qadi Medical Complex017-5431000Fahad DistrictFahad St.
NajranNajranCLINICC1647Dawa Al Salama Medical Complex ( Prev Dawa Al Salama Clinic ) Najran017-5221080Al Khaldiah DisKing Abdul Aziz , Al Khaldiyah
NajranNajranCLINICC506254Zain Medical Center- Najran017-5430303Abo Al Soud Dist.Turki Al Mady St.
NajranNajranCLINICC518541Shifa Najran Medical Center – Najran017-5220888Mafraq KhamisKing Saud St.
NajranNajranCLINICC520361Al Wafa Medical Complex017-5466866 Al Mashliyah Dis.General St.
NajranNajranCLINICC526641Dawa Al Salama Polyclinic – Prince Mashal Dis -Najran017-5295666Prince Mashal DistrictHamzah Bin Abdulmutalib St
NajranNajranCLINICC528541Elia Medical Complex – Najran017-5436000Al Qabel Dist.Al Hisen St.
NajranNajranCLINICC535001Enayti Medical Center – Najran017-5422201Prince Meshal DistrictAl Jawafa st
NajranNajranCLINICC547901AL TAJ AL AHLY COMPLEX175422165Prince Mashal DistrictKing Khalid Street
NajranNajranDENTALE509041Ebn Sena Dental Complex – Najran017-5426100Al Qabel Dist.Prince Sultan St.
NajranNajranHOSPITALC1200Al Zafer Hospital017-5235000Prince Fawaz DistrictKing Abdulaziz St.
NajranNajranHOSPITALC1500Maternity Hospital – Najran (MoH)017-5295000Al Othabiah Dis
NajranNajranHOSPITALC1630King Khaled Hospital – Najran (MoH)017-5224116Al Balad Dis
NajranNajranHOSPITALH519813Shefa Specilized Hospital017-5426666Al Athaiba DisKing Abdulaziz St.
NajranNajranHOSPITALH520601Specialized Najran Medical Co Hospital (Prev Al Qadi Hosptial – Najran)017-5227888Al Fahd DisKing Saud St.
NajranNajranOPTICALO550881Opticals 6/6-Najran175226006Al Faiyslyah DisKing Abdulaziz Street
NajranNajranOPTICALO550961six on six comercials shops175296006Al Goayla Dis
NajranNajranOPTICALO550962VISION FOR OPTICALS555572055Al Faiyslyah DisKing Abdulaziz Street
NajranNajranOPTICALO550963six on six comercials shops555572055Al Qabel Dist.
NajranNajranOPTICALO550965SIX BY SIX OPTICAL555278494Al Faiyslyah Dis
NajranNajranPHARMACYP540622 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Najran138677776
NajranSharooraCLINICC1556Al Jazirah Medical Complex – Sharoora017-5321966Al Faisalyah Dist.Al Mohafaza St.
Northern BorderArarCLINICC502123Sehat Amass Polyclinic – Arar014-6638383Aziziya DistrictKing Abdulaziz St.
Northern BorderArarCLINICC547061Salamati Polyclinics for Medial Services146636222Eastern mosaeda
Northern BorderArarCLINICC550081Al Yhaya Medical Complex146637000Airport Dis.Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz
Northern BorderArarCLINICC550841leen private medical complex146636000Al Nassem DisPrince Fahd Bin Jalawi Street
Northern BorderArarDENTALE521361Prince Abdalla Bin Abdelaziz Bin Mosaed Hospital for Dental – MOH014-6629130Al Salhiyah Dis
Northern BorderArarHOSPITALH521071 Arar Hospital – MOH014-6620132Al Mosadya West Dis.Al Ghazy Bin Qais St.
Northern BorderArarHOSPITALH521072Maternity and Children Hospita – Arar – MOH014-6528888Al Dahya DisInternational St.
Northern BorderArarHOSPITALH521073Prince Abdelaziz bin Mosaed Hospital- MOH014-6613239Militiry City DisInternational St.
Northern BorderArarHOSPITALH521346Prince Abdalla Bin Abdelaziz Bin Mosaed Hospital for heart Surgery – MOH014-6620614Al Mosadyah Dis
Northern BorderArarPHARMACYP540542 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – ARAR138677776
Northern BorderRafhaCLINICC1302Al Fayhaa General Medical Complex014-6764000Namozaya DistrictArban St.
Northern BorderRafhaCLINICC501921Rafha Medical Center – Rafha014-6773880Al Mohammadih Dis.Omar Ibn Al-Khattab ST.
Northern BorderRafhaOPTICALO530485Bader Mohammed al Wahbi Optical – rafha (Badr Najd optical Group)013-7244124Al Mosadya Dis.King Fahad St.
Northern BorderRafhaPHARMACYP540645 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – RAFHA138677776
Northern BorderTuraifCLINICC513064Al Muna Medical Complex -Turaif014-6530091Al Garbi Dist. King Faisal St.
Northern BorderTuraifCLINICC542621Noor Medical Care – Turaif014-6533500Al Yarmouk DistrictAbu Bakr Al Siddiq Street
Northern BorderTuraifHOSPITALC1683Turaif General Hospital – Northern Borders (MoH)014-6521822Al Balad Dis
Northern BorderTuraifPHARMACYP540742 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Turaif138677776
QassimAl BukairiyahCLINICC1178Tadawi Medical Complex016-3358709Shifa DistrictKing Khaled St.
QassimAl BukairiyahHOSPITALH521064 Bukairiyah Hospital – MOH016-3350059Hospital DisKing Khaled St.
QassimAl BukairiyahPHARMACYP540522 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Al Bukairiyah138677776
QassimAl MednabCLINICC1246Afiaa Medical Complex – Al Methnab Prev (Society Med. Complex-Midnib)016-3422116Al Khaldiah DisKing AbdulAziz Rd.
QassimAl RassCLINICC1328AL- Jinnah Medical Complex – Rass016-3335500Al Nakheel District
QassimAl RassCLINICC528144Shifa Al Rass Medical Complex016-3334089Al Qassim DistrictAl Quds St.
QassimAl RassCLINICC547661alshark national poly clinic163330029King Faisal DistrictKing Fahad Street
QassimAl RassHOSPITALH521065 Al Rass General Hospital- MOH016-3339996King Khaled DisIbn Sena St.
QassimAl RassPHARMACYP540536 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy -Al Rass92000838
QassimBadayaCLINICC513921Dawna Medical Center016-3326660Badaa DisAbd Al Aziz St.
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC1222Al Fayhaa Polyclinic016-3814020Fayziyah DistrictPrince Sultan St.
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC1223Al Fayhaa Polyclinic-2016-3855070Fayziyah District60 St.
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC1275Saudi Medical Complex016-3810196Iskan DistrictOmar Bin Al Khattab St.
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC1422Adel Care clinics (Prev Future Care Clinics)016-3259900Al Fakhriah Dist.King AbdullAziz Rd.
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC1431Shaza Medical Complex – Buraidah ( Prev Al Mohaimid Medical Complex )016-3244905Al Khobaib DistrictUnit St.
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC1757Panorama Care Polyclinic – Buraydah ( Noor Al Momayaz previously)016-3846777Al Ofoq Dis.Ali bin Abi Taleb St.
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC513321Al Habib Medical Complex – Buraydah016-3243144Al Sadah DistKhing Abdullaziz St.
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC513681Rashid Medical Complex016-3814400BuraydahKing Abdul Aziz Road
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC520021Al Flaiw Medical Complex – Buraida016-3856611Al Ofoq Dis.King Saud St.
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC520061Al Saraya Corner Medical Polyclinic016-3240396Al Khobaib DistrictAl Emarah St,
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC520077Salamat Medical Dispensary 2016-3267441Al Sulaymaniya DistrictKing Abdel aziz St.
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC520082Salamat Medical Complex 1 – Buraidah016-3819966Al Rawdha DistrictKing Abdel aziz St.
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC533422Selva Medical Complex016-3827722Al Montazah East DisAli Bin Abi Taleb St
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC536371Dr.MAC Medical Complex016-3820330Al Safraa DisOthman bin Afan St.
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC537381Magrabi Eye & Ear Center – in Al Qassim National Hospital – Buraidah016-3280618Al Iskan DisAli bin Abi Taleb St.
QassimBURAIDAHCLINICC543461Vision Eye Specialist Center016-3265288Al Rayan DistrictAl Bukhari Street
QassimBURAIDAHDENTALC1101Ghassan N. Pharaon Dental Complex (GNP) – Qassim016-3812996Rayan DistrictAL Emam Al Bokhary St.
QassimBURAIDAHHOSPITALC1415Al Ferah Hospital016-3245501Southern Dis
QassimBURAIDAHHOSPITALC1460King Fahad Hospital – Qassim (MoH)016-3242250Naziah District
QassimBURAIDAHHOSPITALC2016Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital – Qassim ( Habib Group )016-3166666Al Hamra Dist.
QassimBURAIDAHHOSPITALH2053Al Qassim National Hospital – Buraidah016-3836100Safra District
QassimBURAIDAHHOSPITALH521061 Buraida Hospital – MOH016-3240110Al Sadah DistAl Sadah St.
QassimBURAIDAHHOSPITALH521062 Maternity and Children Hospital – Buraida – MOH016-3851258Al Hamra Dist.Othman Bin Affan St.
QassimBURAIDAHHOSPITALH521746Prince Soltan Cardiac Center – Qassim – MOHKing Fahad District
QassimBURAIDAHHOSPITALH529032Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Oncology Center016-3251009Al Takhasosi Dis
QassimBURAIDAHHOSPITALH550761Qassim University Medical City541238180Mulida Dis
QassimBURAIDAHOPTICALL410744Magrabi Optical – Qassim – Buraydah016-3237617Al Khobaib District
QassimBURAIDAHPHARMACYP540582 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – BURAIDAH92000838
QassimRiyadh Al KhobaraaCLINICC520045Al Flaiw Medical Complex – Riyadh Al Khobraa163342901Al Tawan Dis.King abdalla St.
QassimUNAYZAHCLINICC1293Al Barakah General Medical Complex016-3651800Al Salhiyah Dis
QassimUNAYZAHCLINICC509822Al Ma’ali Medical Complex.-Unayzah016-3633339Al Fakhriah Dist.Al Rayyan St.
QassimUNAYZAHCLINICC510148Al Salam Medical Complex – Unayzah016-3610009Al Huda Dist.Al Salhyah St.
QassimUNAYZAHCLINICC551341NAJD ALWTNU ALTABU016 363 9888al Fedhaa
QassimUNAYZAHHOSPITALC1287Al Hayat National Hospital – Unizah ( Prev Al Wafa Hospital )016-3636600Madina DsitrictMadina Rd.
QassimUNAYZAHHOSPITALH521063 King Saud Hospital – MOH016-3645000Al Montazah Dist.King Saud St.
QassimUNAYZAHPHARMACYP540624 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – UNAYZAH92000838
RiyadhAfifCLINICC1427Al Shifa Medical Center- Afif011-7221777Southern Dis
RiyadhAl AflajCLINICC2045Al Kamal Medical Center – Al Aflaj (Prev Al Dera Med. Comp )011-6821111Dawair DistrictPrince Salman Bin AbdullAziz Rd.
RiyadhAl AflajCLINICC536521Al Qarra Medical Complex – Aflaj011-6827777Ghasiba DisKing abdul Aziz St
RiyadhAl AflajOPTICALO537203Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Al Aflaj011-6825590Salhiya DistrictKing Abdullah Rd
RiyadhAl DarayaCLINICC1264Sahhat Al Daraya Clinic011-4863555Daraya DistrictKing AbdullAziz Rd.
RiyadhAl DarayaCLINICC1574Daraya Medical Complex011-4860040Al Faisalyah Dist.King Fahad Rd.
RiyadhAl DarayaCLINICC519637Al Farabi Medical Complex – Diriyah (Prev Lamset Al Farabi Medical Polyclinic)011 4242211Al Faisalyah Dist.King Abdulaziz St.
RiyadhAl DarayaDENTALC1892Al Farabi Dental Clinic – Deraya (Prev Basmet Al Farabi 1 Dental Clinic (Prev Madar Al Shifa Dental Polyclinic -2)011-4862828Daraya District
RiyadhAl dawadmiCLINICC1938Abu Zied Medical Complex011-6423338North DistrictGeneral St.
RiyadhAl dawadmiCLINICC522081Durrar Al Dawadmi Medical Complex – Dawadmi011-6421515Dawadmi DistrictMain Street
RiyadhAl dawadmiCLINICC533141Aba Al khel Medical Complex – Al Dawadmi011-4335011Hittin DistrictPrince Abdulrahman Bin Abdulaziz St
RiyadhAl dawadmiHOSPITALH521022 AL Dawadmi Hospital – MOH011-6436599Nozha DistrictKing Abdel aziz St.
RiyadhAl dawadmiOPTICALO537142Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Dawadmi011-6442776Dawadmi DistrictKing abdulaziz St
RiyadhAl dawadmiPHARMACYP540523 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Al Dawadmi92000838
RiyadhAl dawadmiPHARMACYP543661Innova HEALTH HOUSE PHARMACY 36 – Al Dawadmi011-2914944King Fahad District
RiyadhAl MajmaahCLINICC1243Sudair Consulting Clinics016-4322444Main DistrictKing Fahad Rd.
RiyadhAl MajmaahCLINICC513421Mohamad Ali Al Habib Medical Complex016-4323931King Fahad DistrictPrince Salman Bin Abdullaziz
RiyadhAl MajmaahHOSPITALH521029 king khaled Hospital – Majmmaah – MOH016-4320000Al Fayhaa DistrictKing Fahad St.
RiyadhAl MajmaahOPTICALO519445Al Salman Optical – Al Majmaah011-4313444 Al Majmaah DisKing Fahad St.
RiyadhAl MajmaahOPTICALO537171Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Majmaah016-4325223Al Majmaaha DisKing abdulaziz St
RiyadhAl MajmaahPHARMACYP540526 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Al Majmaah138677776
RiyadhAl OyaynaCLINICC517581Al Enjaz Medical Center011-5288000Huraymala Dis.King Abdel aziz St.
RiyadhAl OyaynaCLINICC534601Dya Al Olaya Medical Complex – Al Uyaynah011-4708000Al Oyayna DisMain St
RiyadhArtawiyahCLINICC1249Shoroq Al Fayhaa Medical Complex ( Prev Al Fayhaa Polyclinics )016-4360333Raweesh DistrictPost St.
RiyadhHawtat Bani TamimCLINICC527592Viola Medical Complex – Hawtat Bani Tamim – Riyadh011-5552777Al Salamyah DistrictKing Fahad St.
RiyadhHawtat Bani TamimHOSPITALH521341Hawtat Bani tamim General Hospital – RiyadhAl Warood District
RiyadhHawtat SudairCLINICC538501Safa Al Oroba Medical complex016-5399999Shifa DistrictKing AbdulAziz Rd.
RiyadhHawtat SudairOPTICALO519453Al Salman Optical – Hota Suder011-4113661Hota Suder Dis.Main St.
RiyadhKharjCLINICC1158Al Dosary Medical Complex011-5444032Aziziya DistrictKing Faisal Rd.
RiyadhKharjCLINICC1443Advanced Consulting Clinics – Kharj011-5451111Al Montazah Dist.
RiyadhKharjCLINICC1497Ameed Medical Complex011-5442777Al Salam Dis.
RiyadhKharjCLINICC1557Gannas Medical Complex-Kharj011-5475555Nozha District
RiyadhKharjCLINICC1675Dar Al Showbaa Medical Complex – Kharj011-5488866Khozama DistrictKing Saud Rd.
RiyadhKharjCLINICC2014Al Sukhaiber Medical Complex – Kharj011-5488881Andalus DistrictKing Abdullah Rd.
RiyadhKharjCLINICC532581Tabeebak Medical Co Ltd011-5459999Al Rayan DistrictAbo Bakr Alsedik St.
RiyadhKharjCLINICC536685Magrabi Medical Complex – Kharj011-4705656Khozama DistrictKing Abduallah Street
RiyadhKharjCLINICC547141Dur Alsalam Polyclinics115484549al salam
RiyadhKharjHOSPITALH521027 king Khaled Hospital – Kharj – MOH011-5444444Al Khaldiah DisSalah Al din Al ayoubi (Steen) ٍ S
RiyadhKharjHOSPITALH528551Maternity and Children Hospital – Kharj- MOH011-5406009Al Khaldiah DisKing abdalla St.
RiyadhKharjOPTICALO537141Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Kharj – Al Salam011-5494330Al Salam Dis.King Fahad St
RiyadhKharjOPTICALO537166Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Kharj – Al Montaza011-5445261Al Montazah Dist.King Fahad St.
RiyadhKharjPHARMACYP540607 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Kharj138677776
RiyadhMuzahmiyahCLINICC1274Primary Care Medical Complex 1 ( Prev Al Metrik Medical Complex (Muzahmiya)011-5232829Muzahmiyah DistrictPublic St.
RiyadhMuzahmiyahCLINICC538861Al Reen Medical complex011-5234565Touak DistrictPrince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz St.
RiyadhQWAYIAHCLINICC1325Primary Care Medical Complex 4 ( Prev Al Metrik Medical Clinic (Qwayiah)011-6521333Al Rabwa Dis.Prince Salman Bin AbdullAziz Rd.
RiyadhQWAYIAHCLINICC2018Al Tayyar Polyclinic – Quwaiya011-6520808Zohour DistrictKing Abdulaziz St.
RiyadhQWAYIAHCLINICC513741Angel Of Mercy Medical Company011-6524777Al Rabwa Dis.Salman bin abdel aziz St.
RiyadhQWAYIAHHOSPITALH521030 Al Qwayiah Hospital – MOH011-6521003Al Rabwa Dis.King Salman Bin Abdel Aziz St.
RiyadhRemahPHARMACYP540647 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Remah138677776
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1001Al Nozha Medical Center011-4554400Nozha DistrictOthman Bin Affan St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1011Rawdat Al Aqsa Polyclinic – 2011-4536060Nozha DistrictUthman Bin Affan St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1015Al Warood Medical Center011-4703355Al Warood DistrictOlaya St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1032Consulting Clinics920019123    Olaya DistrictTakassosi St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1033Al Bustan Complex011-4582140Al Yamama DistrictHejaz St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1056Olaya Medical Complex011-4645501Al Sulaymaniya DistrictOyanina St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1065Badruddin Medical Complex -Al Bathaa011-4053613Batha DistrictMain St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1069Manarat Al Teb Polyclinic011-4956000Al Khaldiah DisAnood St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1094Heraa Medical Complex011-4390040Al Swedy Dis.Swedy Main St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1128Al Eman Medical Complex011-4582070Manfoha DistrictManfouha St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1129Al Subhi Specialized Center011-2335000Andalus DistrictPrince Bandar Bin Abdulaziz St
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1146Magrabi Specialized Center ( Prev Magrabi Eye & Ear Center – Riyadh )011-4455049Rayan DistrictEast Ring Rd.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1164Ajial Medical Complex – Riyadh (Prev. Ziad Al Mutlag Polyclinic)011-4543104King Fahad DistrictHisham Bin Abdullmalik St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1165Malaz medical Complex Company011-4771515Malaz DistrictMusaab Bin Omair St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1166Factories Polyclinic011-2652130Industrial DistrictAl Karj Rd.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1173Al Alam Medical Company011-2783330Al Rawdha DistrictKhalid Bin al Waleed St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1175Omar Al Ajaji Medical Complex-Malaz ( Ajaji Group )011-4741122Malaz DistrictSalahuddine Ayoubi St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1181Adwaa Al Alami Medical Complex – Al Morouj (prev Morooj Therapeutic Center)011-2634887Al Morouj DistrictHijaz St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1182Qasr Al Raed Medical Clinic – Riyadh011-2690606King Fahad District
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1203Durrat Ghornata Medical Complex011-2771162Gurnata DistrictKhalid Bin al Waleed St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1210E.N.T. Medical Center011-4802229Olaya DistrictTakassosi St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1221Al Fayhaa Medical Complex011-2329660Al Naseem DistrictAhmed Bin Hanbal St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1228Zahrat Al Amal Medical Complex011-4318888Badeya DistrictMadina Rd.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1237Eixir Medical Complex011-4080977Batha DistrictKing Abdulaziz St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1240Al Ewan Medical Complex011-4631606Al Sulaymaniya DistrictTahlia St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1244Medical World Complex011-4731313Malaz DistrictJareer St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1252Mustausaf Olaya Medical Complex011-4632691Olaya District30 St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1259Typical Medical Clinic011-2454444Al Nadim DisAl Nadwa St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1260Al Momtaz Medical Complex011-4781858Malaz DistrictJareer St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1270Safa Makkah Polyclinic (2)011-4040188Batha DistrictKhazzan St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1282Dar Al Hikma Dispensary – Riyadh011-4461804Salhiya DistrictSalhiya St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1283Al Khaldiyah Dispensary011-4481448Al Khaldiah DisPrince Moh`d Bin Abdurahman Rd.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1289How Medical Office-Morouj011-2493999Al Morouj DistrictKing AbdulAziz Rd.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1290How Medical Complex 1 -Naseem011-2356111Al Naseem District40 St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1291Al Badri Medical Center011-4509000Maseef DistrictImam Saud Bin Abdulaziz St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1292Mohammadiyah Medical Complex011-2101414Al Mohammadih Dis.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1300Modern Medical Center011-4918003Al Rabwa Dis.Prince Meteb Rd.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1304Al Olaya International Medical Complex011-2930135Olaya DistrictOlaya St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1310Al Ajaji Medical Complex011-4545453Maseef DistrictMaseef St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1316Shifa Al Jazeerah Polyclinic011-4121855Batha DistrictKing Abdulaziz St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1318Riyadh Medical Complex011-4653060Al Sulaymaniya DistrictOrouba St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1322Al Rayan International Complex – Riyadh011-4011833Batha DistrictAssad St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1323Al Khaliji Medical Clinic-Shabra011-4260861Shobra District
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1324Al Khaliji Medical Complex-Al Shifa011-2970779Al Shifa Dis
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1336Al Thowaini Medical Complex011-2317744Al Naseem DistrictUsama Bin Zaid St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1342Senimar Medical Complex011-2356322Al Naseem DistrictUsama Bin Zaid St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1345Ishbilia Medical Complex011-2400555Ishbilia DistrictKing Abdullah Rd.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1348Adwaa Durrat Al Alami Medical Complex011-2481400King Faisal DistrictKhalid Bin al Waleed St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1361Mawyah Clinics-1 – Naseem (Ahmed Bin Hanbal)011-2314444Al Naseem DistrictAhmed Bin Hanbal St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1365AlFarabi Medical Complex ,Al Uraija011-4318254Badeya Districtsaleh bn abd elaziz bn abd elrahman
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1373Al Fairouz Medical Complex011-4239235Al Shifa Dis
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1389Al Shomoly Medical Polyclinics011-4543232Al Morouj DistrictKing AbdullAziz Rd.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1393Al Hayat National Complex 2 ( Prev Al Hayat Nat. Clinic-3 (Nafel) )011-2741840Al Nafl Dist.Abu Baker St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1430Salamatak Medical Complex – Riyadh011-2269733Al Nahdah Dist.Jubail St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1436Al Khaliji Medical Clinic -2nd Ind. City (Dar Al Modawat Polclinic)011-4987038Al Manakh District
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1458Rathawia Medical Center011-4163322Olaya DistrictAl Oruba St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1467Al Kadesiah Al Ahli Complex011-4462062Al Khaldiah DisAl Asma`ai St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1480Al Rawdah Medical Complex011-2311104Al Rawdha DistrictKhalid Bin al Waleed St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1526Al Hakeem Medical Complex011-4304747Oreja District
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1534Rawdat Al Aqsa Polyclinic011-4938919Al Rawdha DistrictAl Hasan Bin Ali St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1545Bin Rushd Medical Center011-4613131Olaya DistrictKing Fahad Rd.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1558Al Rahmah Complex011-2260507Al Nahdah Dist.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1563Khazan Medical Complex011-4355252Khazzan District
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1573Aziziah Medical Clinic-Riyadh011-4956127Al Aziziyah DistrictMain St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1575Omm Al Hamam Polyclinic011-4807293Omm Al Hamam Dist.Prince Nawaf St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1594Sun City Polyclinic011-4068882Batha DistrictOmar Bin Al Khattab St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1597Mashfa Medical Center011-2088585Al Quds Dis.East Ring Rd.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1634Al Hayat National Medical Complex011-2444111Al Fayhaa DistrictHaroun Al Rasheed St. Exit 15
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1635Al Hayat Polyclinic011-2789333Ishbilia DistrictHasan Bin Ali St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1639Elaj Al Riyadh Medical Center011-4553041Qurtoba DistrictSheikh Hasan Bin Husein St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1644Adwaa Al Alami Medical Complex ( Prev Al Shamael Medical Complex )011-4286923Al Swedy Dis.Aisha Bint Abi Baker St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1645Al Barrak Medical Complex011-2620407Oreja District Prince Abdullrahman Bin Saud St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1646Al Amin Medical Complex – 1011-4222000Al Shifa Dis
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1662Al Jazeera Med. Complex first -Riyadh011-2331290Al Naseem DistrictHassan Bin Thabit St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1669Merad Medical Clinic-Riyadh011-4511895Al Naseem Districtabu horaira st.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1672Al Maseef Polyclinic Complex011-2255000Maseef DistrictIbn Sina st.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1677Al Faraidy National Medical Complex-RUH011-2366662Al Naseem District30 St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1756Zahrat Al Amal Medical Complex -2011-4313333Oreja DistrictBilal bin Rabah St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1758Al Sharq Polyclinic – Riyadh011-2267128King Faisal DistrictPrince Bandar St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1919Al Mansour Medical Complex011-2411888Solay DisFurosiya St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1928Al Yarmouk Medical Polyclinic011-2490484Al Yarmouk DistrictBahr Al Arab St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC1945Lotus Medical Center011-2490667Al Yarmouk DistrictEmam Moh`d Bin Saud St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC2000Al Haramain Clinic – Riyadh011-2323666Al Rawdha Dis
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC2003The Eye Consultants Center – Riyadh011-4616161Olaya DistrictTakhassosi St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC2011Dawaak Polyclinic – Riyadh011-2446677Al Fayhaa DistrictHaroon Al Rasheed St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC2029Primary Care Medical Complex 2 ( Prev Al Mitrik Medical Complex – Wadi Laban )011-4366818Wadi Laban DistrictTaiba St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC2033Lora Medical Clinic – Riyadh011-4123232Batha DistrictWorkers St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC2035Al Salamah Medical Complex – Riyadh011-4113289Shumaisi DistrictAssir St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC2036Jwel Clinics – Riyadh011-4883424Maathar DistrictTakhassosi St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC2047Tadawi Al Riyadh Clinic011-2533999Al Shuhada DistrictKhalid Bin al Waleed St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC2055Raseel Medical Center – Riyadh011-2047700Al Mansoura Dis.Maan Bin Zaidah St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC2062Al Abeer Polyclinic – Batha011-4091064Batha DistrictFootah St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC2063Al Abeer Polyclinic – Shomaisi011-4132824Shumaisi DistrictSaleem St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC2071Durrat Lamar Medical Center011-4955866Al Aziziyah DistrictShabab St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC2078Taif National Medical Complex – Riyadh   011-4881133Olaya DistrictTakhassosi St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC2099Demas medical dialysis – Riyadh (Prev Demas Medical Center – Riyadh)920023008Rabie DistrictKing AbdulAziz Rd.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC502055Khalid Medical Complex – Riyadh011-2365111Al Naseem DistrictAbu Hurayrah St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC509842Sixt primary care Medical Complex – Riyadh011-2744433Al Nafl Dist.Abu Bakr Al Sedeek St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC509844Dar Al Elaj Medical Complex – Riyadh011-4258933Al Swedy Dis.Aisaha Bint Abi Bakr St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC509901Hittin Medical Complex011-4896459Hittin DistrictAl – Khair Street
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC510042Maroom Al Riyadh Medical Complex ( Prev Dar Al Muafat Polyclinic 1 – Riyadh )920003314Al Raed Dist.king Abdullah Road
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC510221Shaza Medical Complex – Riyadh011-4917788Al Rawabi DistrictAl Adal St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC510261Teb Al Osrah Medical Complex 1 – Badeaa011-4262233Al Badeaa DisAl Nakheel St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC510281Family Service Polyclinic011-2716188Al Hazm Dis.Al Mashtl St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC510401Fayaha Health Medical Complex-Riyadh011-2418000Al Fayhaa DistrictAl Bayan St. – Cross Ibn Maja St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC510422Al Hayat Clinic 2 – Nazeem011-2460234Al Nadim DisAl Marmar St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC513461Jareer Medical Center Prev.(Dr.Mahfouz Batarfi – Kims)011-4777471Malaz District Jarer Street
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC513821Al Fares Al Jazeera Medical Complex011-2476500Hai Thahrat LabanAl Taybah Street
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC518241Worof Medical Ployclinic Complex011-2755500Al Wadi Dis.Red Sea St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC518262Fal Al Afia Polyclinic – Riyadh011-2220222Al Yarmouk DistrictMohammad Bin Saood St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC518961Excellence Specialist Medical Center011-2130783Al Dar Al BaydaaArafa St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC519401Dr Soliman Al Kharashi Medical Center011-2222822Nozha DistrictAbo Bakr Alsedik St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC519421Sanad Al Jazirah Polyclinic011-4365550Oreja DistrictKhadija Bent Khouaild St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC519461Dr. Health Medical Clinic ( Prev Distinction Health Medical )011-4001133King Fahad DistrictKing Abdullah St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC519481General Network Primary Care ( prev Majestic Millennium Medical Center )011-4607562Al Shifa DisAbdullah Al Angary St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC519921Al Kon International Medical Complex – Bin rushd 2011-4262226Badeya DistrictSouth ring between Ext 24 & 25
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC521641Nebras Medical Complex – Riyadh011-2254477Al Yarmouk DistrictAl Emam Saud St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC522100Al Salam Care Polyclinic – Riyadh011- 2946167Al Salam Dis.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC523001Cmai Medical Complex 1011-2005333Al Falah DistricOthman bin Afan St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC523490Al Abeer Supereme Medical Complex 2 – King Faisal Dis – Riyadh011-4388012Al Rawdha DistrictAbi Saad Alkhudari St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC524661National Blood & Cancer Center – Riyadh011-2250000Mogarrazat DistrictKing abdalla St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC527515Adwaa Ishbiliya Medical Complex – Riyadh011-4531238Ishbilia DistrictAl Sahaba St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC530051Adwaa Al Alami Medical Complex – Aqiq District – Riyadh011-8121835Aqiq DistrictImam Saud Al Faisal St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC530241Amaluna Medical Complex920001607Mowanasiah DistrictAl Ghazari St
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC530344Magrabi Eye & Dental Specialist Center – Al Shuhada011-4705656Al Shuhada DistrictImam Saud Bin Abdelaziz St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC530741Future Specialized Medical Complex011-2155551Dahya Labn DisAl Taif St
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC530894Rafa Medical Complex – Riyadh011-2328333Mowanasiah DistrictAl Dammam St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC531889Mohamed Abdul Latif Basha Medical Group011-4044313Wazarat DistrictAl Dabab St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC532202Dhaka Medical Complex011-2144765Al Footah DistrictHibatallah Al Khazraji St
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC532502World Of Autism Speaking and Listening011-2110675Al Waha DisOthman bin Afan St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC532981Roaya Medical Complex – Riyadh ( Prev Medan Al Asimah Medical Complex)011-4963005Al Rawabi DistrictAl Imam Al shafi St
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC533001Namar Medical Complex920007589Al awali DistrictAli Bin Shiban St
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC533155Aba Al Khel Medicl Complex – Wadi Laban011-4365550Ext 34Al Taif St
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC533301Rashid Al Otaibi medical Complex – Riyadh011-4102630Namar DistrictNijm AL Deen St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC533323Basmat Al Narjis Medical Complex – Riyadh011-2477157Al Narjis DisOthman bin Afan St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC534004Eram Medical Complex – Riyadh011-2139795Al Yasmen DistrictKing abdulaziz St
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC534071Aseel Medical Complex 1 – Riyadh011-4855566Al Aqeeq DisAl Bahr Al Motwaset St
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC534131Asdaa Al Seha Medical Complex – Riyadh011-8102172Zahrat Laban DisHail St
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC534227Pyramid Care Medical Complex011-2030924Ishbilia DistrictAl Sahaba St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC534389Saif medical company ( Prev Al Naseem Health Medical Complex )011-2071555Al Nassem Al Sharqy DisAbo Horayrah St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC534993Savan Medical Complex – Riyadh011-2360333Al Nassem Al Sharqy DisSaba St
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC535034Factories Medical Care Complex011-2122295Industrial District2 Street
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC535230Atlas International Medical Complex – Riyadh920010107Mowanasiah DistrictAl Sahaba Street
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC536344Adwaa Sahha Medical Complex – Riyadh011-4032290Al Amal DisAsad Bin Al furat St
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC538721Adwaa Alami Medical complex – Salhiya011-4486834Salhiya DistrictRawdat Al Aqiq St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC538802United Medical Complex011-2454334Al Nadim DisAl Marmar St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC538821Noon Medical Complex 1011-4467755Al Khaldiah DisAl Ahmasi St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC538830Noon Medical Complex 2011-4822198Um Al Hamam DistUm Al Hamam St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC539001Right Treatment Medical Complex – Riyadh011-4268000Al Swedy Dis.Suwaidi St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC539381Dr. Abdulaziz Al Ajaji Dental Polyclinic011-4774700Malaz DistrictAli Bin Abi Talib St.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC540581Primary Care Center of Excellence920011535Al Qadisia DisWadi Al Sahel Street
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC542441NERA MEDICAL SPECIALIST CENTRE & DAY SURGERY CENTER (prev TADAW MEDICAL COMPLEX)011-4622006Al Shohadaa DisImam Abdullah bin Saud bin Abdulaziz Street
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC544161Rashed Complex Medical Clinics – Riyadh500020204Okaz DisAl Fursan Street
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC547235Safa Makkah Polyclinic-1114036111thlem Dis
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC547243ALWSJ MEDICAL920009131Al Aziziyah District
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC547361lana medical920012928Al Khalij Dis.
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC547902healthy international medical company118342222Al AredAl-Qasr Street, with Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC549721ANGEL OF MERCY MEDICAL COMPANY505111357Laban DistrictHalban Street
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC550461Sajaya health services company118280950Al Yasmeen District
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC550681Golden Care Medical Complex114212252Al Rawabi District
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC550801taib urgent care056 191 0196Al Nadim Dis
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC551101odont medical company9200 00321Al Warood DistrictKing Abdullah Street
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC551441Dallah Care Medical556677879Al AredAbu Bakr Alseddeek street
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC551619Bafaqeeh Medical polyclinic920025909Al Warood DistrictAl Olaya Street
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC552341Tadawi modern medical complex555742582Dahraht Laban DisAssir Street
RiyadhRiyadhCLINICC552501Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Center126995621Al Safarat DisKing Fahed street
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1801Smile World Dental Complex011-2488837Gurnata District
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1802Pretty Smile Dental Center011-2243333Al Wadi Dis.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1804Nahj Al-Takwa Dental Complex011-2485247Al Rawdha District
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1811Madar Al-Shefa Dental Polyclinics – Main Branch011-2086177Al Quds Dis.East Ring Rd.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1816Rodwan Dental Complex011-4784081Malaz District60 St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1818Fahad Dental Complex – Etaiqa011-4597123Etaiqa DistrictAl Hijaz St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1821Dima Dental Center011-4661200Olaya DistrictTahlia St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1824Ebtisamatec Dental & Dermatology Clinic011-2326291Al Naseem DistrictUsama Bin Zaid St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1832Dental Care Clinics – 1011-2196000Olaya District King Abdullah Rd.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1851Wahat Al Mas Dental Center011-2487888Al Hamra Dist.King Abdullah St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1881Al Farabi Dental and Dermatology Complex (Prev Qimmat Al Nakheel Dental Polyclinics – 1)011-4854495Al Swedy Dis.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1882Alfarabi Dental and Orthodontic Complex-Aqeeq011-4180178Aqeeq District
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1883Alfarabi Dental and Orthodontic Complex,Tuwaiq011-4365530Oreja District
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1884Al Faraby Dental Polyclinic (Rukn Al Farabi)011-4259262Al Badeaa Dis
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1887Alfarabi Dental and Orthodontic Complex,Al Uraija011-4332701Oreja District
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1889Alfarabi Dental and Orthodontic Complex,Al-Sweedy011-4246102Al Swedy Dis.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1893Madar Al Shifa Dental – Badr011-4234400Badr District
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1927Alfarabi Dental and Orthodontic Complex,ALWADY011-2105017Al Wadi Dis.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1933Al Khazan Dental Complex011-4354367Olaisha DistrictTV St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1974Alfarabi Dental and Ortodontic Complex,AZIZIA011-4959485Al Aziziyah District
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC1977Alfarabi Dental and Orthodontic Complex,Naseem011-2086173Al Naseem DistrictNakheel St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC519613ALFarabi Dental and Orthodontic Complex,(Al Khaleej)-Riyadh011-2300412Al Khalij Dis.Prince Bandar bin abdel aziz St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC519619ALFarabi Dental and Orthodontic Complex,Badia_Exit28011-2475371Badeya DistrictWest Ring St. Ext 17
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALC519630ALFarabi Dental and Ortodontic Complex-Exit24011-4278555Al Swedy Dis.Al Tormozy St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALE2073Afaq Al Balsam Dental Center011-4268777Al Swedy Dis.Aisha Bint Abi Baker St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALE2128Lolouat Al Aaj Dental Center011-2477301AL TOUAK DistrictBilal bin Rabah St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALE510421Shaheen World Dental Center – Riyadh011-4554567Salah Alden Dist.Khig Abdulaziz Road
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALE513581Bros Dental Clinics011-4555843Al Warood DistrictOlaya St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALE518221The Lasting Smile Dental Clinics011-4640216Al Sulaymaniya DistrictAbdullah Bin Hamdan
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALE520110Kental Center Polyclinic for Dentistry – 2011-4567070Nozha DistrictAbo Bakr Alsedik St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALE520111Kental Center Polyclinic for Dentistry – 1011- 4080414Al Morabaa Dis.Dhabab St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALE520401Abas Dental Medical Complex011-4640788Al Sulaymaniya DistrictAlDabab St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALE521601Dar Meral polyclinic for Dentistry 1011-4620444Olaya DistrictPrince Mohammed Bin AbdulAziz St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALE522001Zahrat Al Farabi Dental & Orthodontics Complex – Riyadh011-4953322Al Aziziyah DistrictNahawandah St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALE529801Uranus Planet Dental Center – Riyadh011-4657000Olaya DistrictOroba St.
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALE545501Alfarabi Dental and Orthodontic Complex-Riyadh,Dhahrat Laban ( Prev : Lulua Al-Farabi Dental Complex )920008358Dharat Laban Dist.Taibah Street
RiyadhRiyadhDENTALE551281deep care clinics920004309Al Malqa DisAnas Bin Malik Street
RiyadhRiyadhDiagnostic CenterC519001Al Madina Hearing Aid Center011-4787722Malaz DistrictSalah Al Deen St. ( 60 Malaz )
RiyadhRiyadhDiagnostic CenterL412017Allied Diagnostic Center – Riyadh011-4942990Salah Alden Dist.King Abdulaziz St.
RiyadhRiyadhHEARING AIDC525870Al Barakat Hearing Center 1 – Riyadh011-4769105Malaz DistrictSalah Al Dein St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1010Green Crescent Hospital011-4644434Motamarat DistrictAbdulmalik Bin Marwan St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1030Kingdom Hospital011-2751111Rabie DistrictKing Abdulaziz St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1040Specialized Medical Center Hospital -SMCH011-4343800Olaya DistrictKing Fahad Rd.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1041Al Azhar Hospital011-2366788Al Naseem DistrictAbu Huraira St.Prev.Hamza St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1112Al Jafel International Hospital011-4322222Badeya DistrictExit. 28
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1113Al Falah International Hospital011-4463737Ghubaira DistrictAmmar Bin Yaser St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1114Al Eman General Hospital – Riyadh (MoH)011-4471900Khanshilila Dis
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1120Al Hayat National Hospital previously (Najd Consulting Hospital – Riyadh)011-4455555Al Rabwa Dis.Exit. 14
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1137Saudi German Hospital – Riyadh011-4873000Sahafa DistrictKing Fahad Rd.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1151Riyadh Care Hospital011-4933000Al Rawabi DistrictAhmed Bin Hanbal St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1171Riyadh National Hospital011-4761211Malaz District40 St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1186Obeid Specialist Hospital011-4767222Malaz DistrictFarazdaq St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1189Dallah Hospital011-2995555Al Nakheel Dist.King Fahad St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1247Sehat Al Olaya Medical Complex ( Habib Group )011-4622224Olaya DistrictKing Fahad St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1255Dar Al Shifa National Hospital011-4012029Al Khazan Dis
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1416Al Osrah Int. Hospital011-4311111Oreja DistrictBilal bin Rabah St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1462Al Mishari Hospital – Riyadh011-4657700Olaya District
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1548Rabiah Hospital011-4999000Masafi DistrictKharj Old St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC1988Aster sanad hospital for health care (Previous Dr. Ahmad Abanmi Hospital)011-2407778Al Hamra Dist.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALC2015Arryan Hospital – Riyadh (Sulaiman Al Habib Med. Group)( Habib Group )011-4909999Al Rayan District
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH2042Al Jazeera Hospital – Riyadh920005322Al Naseem DistrictNakheel St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH2158Dr. S. Al Habib Hos. Takhasosi ( Habib Group )011-2833333Al Rahmanya Dis.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH2160Magrabi Hospital – Riyadh011-4705656Al Mohammadih Dis.King fahd st.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH506066Dr. S. Al Habib Hos. Maternity ( Habib Group )011-4622224Olaya DistrictKing Fahad St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH514081King Saud Medical City ( Referral Only )011-4355555Shmaysi Dist,
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH517783Al Mouwasat Hospital – Riyadh011-4130000Gurnata DistrictKhalid Bin al Waleed St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH518001Victoria Hospital – Riyadh011-2099999Al Rawdha DistrictKhurays St
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH519241Al Hammadi Hospital – Swedy011-4250000Al Swedy Dis.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH519941Elite Hospital -Olaya011-4616777Olaya DistrictTahlia St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH520701Dr.S.Habib Swedi – Sehat Al Sewedi Medical Company ( Habib Group )011-4754444Al Zahra Ext 26
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH521001King Fahad Medical City – Riyadh011-2889999Al Sulaymaniya DistrictKhurays St
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH521026 King Salman bin Abdel Aziz Hospital – MOH011-4311100Badeya DistrictAisha Bint Abi Baker St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH521028 Al Yamama Hospital – MOH011-4914444Rayan DistrictAl Imam Al Shafae St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH521342Al Amal for Psychological health Complex – MOH011-4804548Al Khozama Dis
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH521747King Khalid Specialist For Eyes Hospital – Riyadh – MOH011-4821234Om Al Hamam West District
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH522099Al Salam Hospital – Riyadh011-2222211Al Salam Dis.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH524441Family Care Hospital – Riyadh011-2454444Al Nadwa DisAl Rayah Street
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH525587Al Hammadi Hospital – Nozha011-4837777Nozha DistrictPrince Mogren Bin Abdulaziz St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH528566Dallah Namar Hospital – Riyadh011-8275555Namar DistrictDerab St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH529010King Faisal Specialized Hospital and Research Center-Riyadh114427407
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH529013Prince Sultan Cardic Center – Riyadh011-4783000
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH529064King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University Hospital118203344
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH537561Specialized Medical Center 2-SMCH011-4343800King Faisal Districtking Abdullah Road
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH537942Al Dara Medical Center Hospital011-4207800Maathar DisTakhasosi St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH539181Ali Bin Ali Hospital011-2600000Al Aziziyah DistrictMohammed Bin Rasheed St.
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH541681Dr. Mohammad Alfagih Hospital – Riyadh011-4560000Al Khalij Dis.King Abdullah Street
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH544241Prince Sultan Military Medical City – Riyadh011-4777714Al Sulaymaniya District
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH545383Al Diriyah Hospital – MOH011-4919726
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH545601Doctor Soliman Fakeeh Hospital (Prev : Rana Medical Services Company Hospital)8001209999NO. 3 Street
RiyadhRiyadhHOSPITALH546422University Medical City- King Saud University – Riyadh114692666Al Read Dist.
RiyadhRiyadhLaboratoryL543641Delta Medical Laboratories – Olaya011-4657733Olaya DistrictAl Takhasosi Street
RiyadhRiyadhLaboratoryL550981Alestsharyoon company Center Polyclinic for radiography diagnostic14612266Olya Dis
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410502Barakat Optical – Malaz (60 St.) (Master NPCODE & Claims)011-4765714Malaz District 60 St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410506Al Warood Optical Center011-4703355Olaya DistrictOlaya St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410627Durrat Al Maha Optical – Malaz011-4778718Malaz DistrictSalahuddine – 60 St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410718Al Azhar Opticals011-2366788Al Naseem Districtabu horaira st.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410721Barakat Optical – Al Raoda 3011-2377935Al Rawdha Dis
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410723Barakat Optical – Olaya Main St.011-4657404Al Olaya Dis
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410725Barakat Optical – Garnata011-2535226Gurnata Dis
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410733Magrabi Optical -Riyadh Olia011-4624128Al Olaya Dis
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410735Magrabi Optical – Riyadh Zahret Badeia011-4602699Al Badeaa Dis
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410736Magrabi Optical – Riyadh Sitteen011-4731027Malaz District
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410737Magrabi Optical – Riyadh king Abdulla011-4559720King Fahad DistrictKing Abdullah St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410772Barakat Optical – Al Batha2011-4012053Batha District
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410782Barakat Optical – Aziziyah014722677Al Aziziyah District
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410786Barakat Optical – Fal Center014777127Salah Alden Dist.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410795Barakat Optical – Omm Al Hamam014722677Om Al Hamam Dis
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410799Barakat Optical – Suwaidy014722677Soltana Dis
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410800Barakat Optical – Wrood011-4530383Al Warood DistrictAl Warood Area
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410811Magrabi Optical – Mamlaka Tower012-6161900Olaya District
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410917Menshaf Optical – Riyadh011-4914419Al Rawdha DistrictAl Hasan Bin Ali St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410923Renad Optical – Shifa011-2063444Al Shifa DisSchools St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL410960Durrat Al Maha Optical – Suwaidi011-4515574Al Swedy Dis.Swedy General St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALL412002Dorrat Al Maha Optical ( Prev Nour Al Madar Optics – Riyadh )011-4790600Malaz DistrictSalah Al deen Al Ayoubi St
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO2069Durrat Al Maha Optical – Shomaisi011-2876858Al Shomaisy DistrictAL Shomaisy St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO2154Class Optical – Azizia011-4381168Al Aziziyah DistrictAziziya St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO510061The Consultants Opticals011-4616161Olaya DistrictTakhasosi St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO515181Roaya Eye Center – Riyadh011-2154138Olaya DistrictKing Fahed St
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO518161Smile World Optical – Riyadh011-2788588Qurtoba DistrictKhalid Bin al Waleed St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO518821Mass Al Oyun Optical – Azizyah011-4404593Al Aziziyah DistrictAl Shabab St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO519442Al Salman Optical – Olaya011-2291934Olaya DistrictMain St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO519444Al Salman Optical – Al mansoorah011-4463577Al Mansoura Dis.Maeen Bin Zaeedah St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO519446Al Salman Optical – Al Warood011-4605244Oroba Dis.Oroba St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO519449Al Salman Optical – Al Rwaabi011-4918239Al Rawabi Districtprince Saad bin Abdulrahman St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO519451Al Salman Optical -ِ Al Rabwah011-4917977Al Rabwa Dis.Prince Moteb St
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO519452Al Salman Optical – Al Mursalat011-8100599Al Morsalat Dis.Immam Saud St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO519454Al Salman Optical – Al mohamdiyah011-4536127Al Mohammadih Dis.Takhasusi St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO519455Al Salman Optical – Al Swaidi011-4256465Al Swedy Dis.Al Swaidi St
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO524401Al Madina Optical – Al Yasmeen011-2458828Al Yasmen DistrictAnas Bin Malek St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO524402Al Madina Optical – Malaz011-2916090Malaz DistrictSalah Al Dein St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO524403Al Madina Optical Class A – No. 2 – Fotah011-4057029Al Footah DistrictAl Khazan St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO524405Al Madina Optical – Al Soulaimanya011-4622104Al Sulaymaniya DistrictPrince Mamdouh St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO524407Al Madina Optical 7 – Al Badiyah011-2677454Al Badiya DistrictAl Madinah Al monwarah St
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO524408Al Madina Optical 8 – Gobiraa011-4482869Gobirah DistrictGobiraa St
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO527605Al Farabi Optical Center – Touak 1 – Riyadh011-4317917Touak DistrictBilal bin Rabah St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO527606Al Farabi Optical Center – Al Ereja – Riyadh011-4302063Oreja DistrictPrince Mosaed bin Abdelrahman St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO527608Al Farabi Optical Center – Badeya – Swidan011-4302288Zahrat Al Badeaa DistrictAl Madinah Al Mnwarah St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO527609Al Farabi Optical Center – Aqeeq011-2250326Al Naseem DistrictHassan Bin Thabit St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO527611Al Farabi Optical Center – Badeya011-2477086Oreja Districtwestern ring Road Exit 28
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO527613Al Farabi Optical Center – Touak011-4346284Touak DistrictBilal bin Rabah St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO529441Hakeem Oyon Optical – Rawdah011-2097089Al Rawdha DistrictKhalid Bin al Waleed St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO529447Hakeem Oyoun Optical – Maseef011-2931339Al Maseef Dis.Imam Saud St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO529461Five Season Optical – Riyadh011-8800700Al Wadi Dis.Abu Bakr Al Sedeek St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO532721Toroun Optical – Al Salam011-4603244Al Salam Dis.Imam Al Shafee St
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO532722toroun Optical – Olaya011-4602744Olaya DistrictOlaya St
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO532762Toroun Optical – in Mouwasat Hospital – Riyadh011-4603244Gurnata DistrictAbu Jafar Al Mansour St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO533061Al Madina Optical – Al Rabee011-4787722Al Rabee DistrictAbi Moaath Al Ansari st.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO537081Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Mansoura920004292Al Mansoura Dis.Maan Bin Zayid St
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO537122Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Shobra011-4244585Shobra DistrictTamim Al Dari St
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO537123Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Rabwa011-2088806Al Rabwa Dis.Prince Muteb St
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO537145Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Dahya Laban011-4243944Al Mohammadih Dis.Main Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO537146Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Shifa – Okaaz011-4222610Okaz DisAl Muthanna Bin Haritha St
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO537165Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Badar011-4214506Badr DistrictBin Taymeyah Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO537168Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Shifa 1011-4231587Al Shifa DisAl Turmuzi Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO537169Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Shifa011-2840654Al Shifa Dis60 Street.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO537170Rawat El Eoon Opticals – wadi Laban – Mohammadia011-4322240Wadi Laban DistrictTaiba Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO537172Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Azizia011-4956510Al Aziziyah DistrictAl Azizyah St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO537173Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Azizia 2011-4383075Al Aziziyah DistrictMain Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO537174Rawat El Eoon Opticals – Masif011-4244585Al Maseef Dis.Taiba Bint Al Baraa
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540122Al Abeer Optical – Footah920000517Footah DisAl Batha St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540241Dar Al Qasr Optical – Bedeya011-2302027Badeya DistrictAbdulaziz Bin Mohammed St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540242Dar Al Qasr Optical – Al Wadi011-2378640Al Wadi Dis.Othman Bin Affan Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540243Dar Al Qasr Optical – Al Khalij011-2378640Al Khalij Dis.Prince Bandar bin Abdulaziz Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540244Dar Al Qasr Optical – Qurtoba555566534Qurtoba DistrictHassan Bin Hussein St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540246Dar Al Qasr Optical – Al Naseem011-2378640Al Naseem DistrictAbu Huraira St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540261Dar Al Qasr Optical – Ishbilia011-2173336Ishbilia DistrictKing abdalla St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540301Dar Al Qasr Optical – Al yarmook555566534Al Yarmouk DistrictAl Imam Mohammed bin Saud St.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540843Mugla Optical – Wadi Laban011-2456855Wadi Laban DistrictAl Shifa Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540844Mugla Optical – Al Salam011-2080409Al Salam strictAl Imam Al Shafie street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540861Mugla Optical – Al Nafel011-2456855Al Nafel strictKing Abdulaziz Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540862Mugla Optical – Al Shefa011-2456858Al Shefa strictal termithi Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540863Mugla Optical – Ishbiliah011-2456855Ishbilia DistrictKing Abdullah Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540864Mugla Optical – Al Quds011-2456855Al Quds strictEastern Ring Road
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540881Mugla Optical – Aqeeq, Riyadh Gate011-2456855Aqeeq Riyadh Gate Eeq, RiyadhstrictKing Fahad Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540882Mugla Optical – Al Yarmook011-2456855Al Yarmook strictAl Dammam Road
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540883Mugla Optical – Al Murslat011-2456855Al Murslat strictImam Saud bin Abdulaziz Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540902Mugla Optical – Badeaah011-2456855Badeaah DeaahstrictAl Takhasosi Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540961Mugla Optical – Al Rawdhah011-2456855Al Rawdhah strictKhalid Ibn AlWaleed
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540962Mugla Optical – Anas Bin Malik Branch011-2456855Malqa DisAnas Bin Malik Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO540981Mugla Optical – Al Maather, Takhasussi st.011-2456855Al Maather Takhasussi st Maather, Takhasussistrict Al Takhasussi Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO541002Mugla Optical – Airprot011-2456855Airprot RprotstrictAirport Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO541961Crazy Optical – Al Shifa011-4215546Al Shefa DistIbn Taymiyyah Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO542002Crazy Optical – Dohrat Laban555213825Laban DistrictTaif Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO543401Crazy Optical – Olaya011-4215546Olaya DistrictPrince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO543521Crazy Optical – Azizayah555213825Al Aziziyah DistrictHamza bin AbdulMuttalib Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO543541Crazy Optical – Tweq555213825Touak DisHamza bin Abdul Muttalib Street
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO546221Magrabi Optical Center category (a) – Alqods011-2782661Al Quds
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO546242Magrabi Optical Category (a)Alrawdah011-6161900Al Rawdah Dis.
RiyadhRiyadhOPTICALO551021vision experts star est011 477 8718Malaz District
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP519261Innova Health House Pharmacy one hundred (Master NPCODE & Claims)Al Wadi Dis.
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP535581Innova Health House Pharmacy one hundred and five011-2914944Dahya Labn DisTaibah Street
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP535582Innova Health House Pharmacy one hundred and six011-2914944Solay Diswestern ring Road
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP535680Innova HEALTH HOUSE PHARMACY 05 – Al Shifa0566758607 Al Shifa DisAl Mothana Bin Hartha St
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP535681Innova HEALTH HOUSE PHARMACY 27 – Olaya501864399Olaya DistrictMosa Bin Nuseer St
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP535683Innova HEALTH HOUSE PHARMACY 30 – Malaz541280594Malaz DistrictOmar Bin abdulaziz St.
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP535686Innova HEALTH KINGDOM PHARMACY 06 – Al Rawdah569930119Al Rawdha DistrictHafsah Bint Omar St
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP538241Al Kordy Pharmacy 1.011-2254210Salah El din DisKing abdulaziz St
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542281Al Shafi Pharmacy 5 – Junadriyyah011-2692286Al Janadryah DisSheikh Khalifa Street
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542282Al Shafi pharmacy 5 – Al Swedi (Al Balad Al Ameen)554461223Al Swedy Dis.Al Balad Al Ameen St.
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542283Al Shafi Pharmacy 1 – Badeaa-Musaad Bin Abdulrahman554461223Al Oraija DisMusaed bin Abdulrahman Street
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542303Al Shafi Pharmacy 4 – Al Naseem011-2784245Al Naseem Al Gharby DistrictAbdullah bin Masoud Street
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542304Al Shafi Pharmacy 3 – Al Naseem011-2692286Al Nassem Al Sharqy DisHassan Bin Thabet Street
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542306Al Shafi Pharmacy 5 – Badr (Fateh Makkah)554461223Al Badr DisFateh Makkah Street
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542307Al Shafi Pharmacy 1 – Al Badeaa011-4182928Al Badeaa DistrictSheikh Abdulaziz bin Mohammad Street
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542308Al Shafi Pharmacy 4 – Al Shifa011-4537218Al Badr DisImam Malik Street
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542321Al Shafi Pharmacy 3 – Manfoha554461223Al Manfohoha DisAl Ghunaim Street
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542322Al Shafi Pharmacy 4 – Al Murouj011-2447289Al Murouj DistrictIbn Sina Street
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542323Al Shafi Pharmacy 2 – Al Murouj554461223Al Murouj DistrictIbn Sina Street
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542324Al Shafi Pharmacy – Al Yarmook554461223Al Yarmook DistrictBahr Al Arab Street
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542342Al Shafi Pharmacy – Al Swedi ( Al Swedi Al Am )554461223Al Swedy Dis.Al Swedi Al Am St.
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542343Al Shafi Pharmacy 3 – Al Swedi (Sudair)554461223Shobra DistrictSudair St.
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542344Al Shafi Pharmacay 5 – Badr ( Al Eatedal )554461223Al Badr DisAl Eatedal St.
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542345Al shafi Pharmacy 3 – Al Nazeem011-2692286Al Nadim DisMohammed Al Ahmad St.
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542346Al Shafi Pharmacy 4 – King Faisal011-2692286King Faisal DistrictAbi Saad Al Khudary
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542347Al Shafi Pharmacy – Shubra554461223Shobra DistrictAl Abbad St.
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542348Al Shafi Pharmacy 2 – Al Rabeaa011-2692286Al Rabeaa DistrictKing Abdulaziz St.
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542355Al Shafi Pharmacy 1 – Manfoha011-4562164Al Manfohoha DisPrince Abdullah Bin Abdulrahman St.
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542362Al Shafi Pharmacy 2 – Al Murabaa011-2692286Al Murabaa DistrictPrince Faisal St.
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542366Al Shafi Pharmacy 2 – Al Yasmeen011-2692286Al Yasmeen DistrictQalaa St.
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542367Al Shafi Pharmacy 4 – Al Nazeem011-2692286Al Nadim DisAl Muheit St.
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542369Al Shafi Pharmacy 3 – Al Swedi ( Al Balad Al Ameen )554461223Al Swedy Dis.Al Balad Al Ameen St.
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542370Al Shafi Pharmacy 3 – Al Yasmeen011-2692286Al Yasmeen DistrictAl Qadsia St.
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542371Al Shafi Pharmacy 2 – Ghubayra554461223Ghobairah DistrictPrince Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542401Al Shafi Pharmacy 2 – Al Sahraa Al Gharbiyah st554461223Al Rabeaa DistrictAl Sahraa Al Gharbiyah Street
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP542402Al Shafi Pharmacy 3 – Mohammad Al Ahmar st554461223Al Nadim DisMohammad Al Ahmar Street
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP543962United Pharmacy – Riyadh012-6522226
RiyadhRiyadhPHARMACYP545085Adam Pharmacy 10011-88000039Al Remal Dis
RiyadhRiyadhPhysiotherapistT550601vigour locomotion114443340Qurtoba District
RiyadhRiyadhTele Con & Home CareC546942Taib Saudi Company  115202978-920033271
King Abdullah Street
RiyadhSajerPHARMACYP540650 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Sajer92000838
RiyadhShaqraaHOSPITALH2094Shaqra General Hospital – MoH011-6221645Shaqra Dis.
RiyadhShaqraaOPTICALO519443Al Salman Optical – Shaqra011-6229595Shaqra Dis.40 Street
RiyadhTomairPHARMACYP540741 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Tomair138677776
RiyadhWadi Al DawaserCLINICC1150Al Nowaimah Medical Complex011-7861495Nowaimah DistrictMain St.
RiyadhWadi Al DawaserCLINICC524681Shams Atadawi Medical Clinic Complex011-7846161Wadi Al Dawaser DisMain Street
RiyadhWadi Al DawaserHOSPITALH521031 Wadi Al Dawasir Hospital – MOH011-7840085Al Khamasin DisMain Street
RiyadhZulfiCLINICC524361Al Qimah Medical Complex 1 – Zulfi016-4222333Al Farouk DistrictKing Salman Street
RiyadhZulfiHOSPITALH521351Al Zulfi General Hospital – MOH016-4223458Zolfy Dis
RiyadhZulfiPHARMACYP540782 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Zulfi138677776
TabukAl BedaHOSPITALH529321Al Beda General Hospital – Tabuk – MOH014-4341219Al Beda District
TabukAl WajhHOSPITALH521070 Al Wajh Hospital – MOH014-4420181Al Dakhl Al Mahdod Dis.Talha Bin Obied allah St.
TabukDhibaCLINICC510001Dhuba National Polyclinic – Dhuba014-4320250Al-Mqata Dist.
TabukDhibaCLINICC532162Bassam Ahmed Afasha Medical Complex – Dhuba011-44330333Airport Dis.Mohamad Bin Saud St.
TabukDhibaHOSPITALC1684Dhiba General Hospital – Tabuk (MoH)014-4320900Al Balad Dis
TabukDhibaPHARMACYP540584 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – DHIBA920000838
TabukHaqlCLINICC548641shoaa alamal medical groub144532922Al Dahra Dis
TabukHaqlHOSPITALH529003Haql Hospital – MOH014-4530212Haql Dis
TabukTabukCLINICC1177Mabasem Polyclinic014-4228840Al Sulaymaniya DistrictPrince Mamdouh Rd.
TabukTabukCLINICC509961Tabuk National Complex – Tabuk014-4226215Al Mahragan Dist.Jeddah St.
TabukTabukCLINICC525505Al Arjan Medical Complex – Tabuk014-4282555Olaya DistrictPrince Sultan Bin Abdelaziz St.
TabukTabukCLINICC528422Ain Al Hayat Medical Complex – Tabuk014-4227010Al Maseef Dis.Amro Bin Alas St
TabukTabukCLINICC550541Health Gulf Medical Co., Ltd. Tabuk144211113Al Faiyslyah Dis
TabukTabukHOSPITALC1183Prince Fahad Bin Sultan Hospital014-4238486Sultana DistrictSultana St.
TabukTabukHOSPITALC1440King Khaled Hospital – Tabuk (MoH)014-4220400King Khaled Dis
TabukTabukHOSPITALC1681Maternity and Children Hospital -Tabuk (MoH)014-4239544Al Basatin Dis
TabukTabukHOSPITALH521129King Fahd Specialist Hospital – Tabuk – MOH014-4259000Al Qadisia DisKing Khaled St.
TabukTabukOPTICALO2123 Al-Ansari Optical -district of Alosta-Tabuk014-3824243Al Wasta Dis.General St.
TabukTabukPHARMACYP540681 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Tabuk92000838
TabukTaimaaCLINICC523061Kawkabat Al Saha Medical Complex – Taimaa014-4633991Al Rawdha DisPrince Abdulmajeed
TabukTaimaaHOSPITALH521069 Taimaa Hospital – MOH014-4630031Al Togary Dis.King abdalla St.
TabukTaimaaPHARMACYP540701 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Taimaa138677776
TabukUmlujCLINICC1599Al Salamah & Al Hayah Complex014-3820222Batha DistrictYarmouk St.
TabukUmlujCLINICC551516EINAYAULHAWRA POLYCLINIC143822228Al Dawhiy DisKing Abdullah Street
TabukUmlujHOSPITALH522450Ummloj General Hospital – MOH014-3820700King abdallah Dis.
TabukUmlujPHARMACYP540762 AL-Dawaa Pharmacy – Umluj92000838

Please note: This information is sourced from the company’s website ( and may be subject to change over time.

Benefits of Choosing an In-Network Hospital

Opting for a hospital that is part of the AICC network comes with numerous advantages. Firstly, the claims process is typically smoother, as the hospital directly coordinates with the insurance company. Secondly, in-network hospitals follow the fee structure agreed upon with AICC, which means lower out-of-pocket expenses for patients. Additionally, the pre-authorization of services is often quicker, ensuring you receive the medical attention you need without unnecessary delay.

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In conclusion, having access to the right healthcare facilities is a crucial aspect of any insurance plan. The Arabia Insurance Cooperative Company hospital list provides a comprehensive range of options for members, ensuring that quality medical care is accessible and affordable. Remember to consult this list before scheduling your next hospital visit to make full use of your AICC health insurance benefits. Stay informed, choose wisely, and take a proactive step towards managing your health with confidence.