Iqama Grace Period: How to Renew Without Penalties

By Mohammed Ameen

Updated on:

Jawazat warns of penalties for self-employed expatriates

Do you know when your iqama expires and want to learn about renewing it without facing any penalties? This article covers everything you need to know.

What is Iqama

An Iqama is a residency permit issued to expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. It serves as a legal document confirming the holder’s right to reside and work in the country. Typically, an Iqama’s validity period varies from three months to one year, necessitating renewal upon expiration.

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The 3-Day Grace Period

Saudi authorities recognize that unforeseen circumstances may sometimes cause delays in renewing an Iqama. To address such situations, a 3-day grace period is offered after the Iqama’s expiration date. During this period, residents can renew their permits without incurring any penalties.

Implications of Missing the Grace Period

If the Iqama is not renewed within the 3-day grace period, fines will be imposed. Additionally, repeated delays in renewal could result in deportation. Therefore, it is crucial to be proactive and ensure timely renewal to avoid any negative consequences.

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In summary, Saudi Arabia provides a grace period for Iqama renewal, but expatriates should prioritize timely renewal to avoid complications and enjoy their stay in the country. Staying informed and proactive is key.