Check Traffic Violations Payment Deadline to Avoid Doubling

Time limit for paying Traffic penalty

Your traffic penalty amount will be doubled if you are not paying on time.

One month is the time limit for paying the traffic penalty. You can count the final due date from the date of violation.

You can check your date of violation through the following methods:

Traffic Violation SMS

Date of Violation will be mentioned on your MOI- Muroor (Traffic) penalty notification SMS.

Check the Traffic Penalty Due Date with Online Banking

You can also check your traffic penalty due date with online banking. Go to the traffic penalty payment option and enter your iqama number or violation number, in the next window you will get the amount and due date.

How to Check the Date of Violation in Absher

Visit the Ministry of Interior website

Select English as the Language

Click on Login from the top right corner

Enter Absher username and password

Enter the OTP received on your registered Mobile

Go to the Dashboard

Click on More Details under traffic violations section

Here you will be able to see all your traffic violations history including unpaid violations details.