Best Cupping (Hijama) Therapy Centers in Riyadh

By Mohammed Ameen

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Best Cupping (Hijama) Therapy Centres in Riyadh

What is Hijama or Cupping Therapy

Cupping, also known as Hijama in Arabic, is a traditional therapeutic practice that involves applying suction to the skin. This method is believed to detoxify the body by drawing blood from a small skin incision. It’s aimed at treating a variety of ailments including digestive issues, muscle pain, skin problems, and depression, offering a natural approach to healing without notable side effects. This ancient technique is recognized and valued across various cultures for its health benefits.

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Top Hijama Centers in Riyadh

In Riyadh, there are several reputable centers offering Hijama therapy, ensuring professional and hygienic services. Here are some of the top cupping therapy centers in Riyadh, along with their location, and contact information:

  • Cupping Experts Center (مركز خبراء الحجامة – فرع الشفاء) in Al Shifa offers a range of Hijama services in a professional setting. You can contact them at 055-581-8785 or visit their location for more details. View on Google Maps.
  • Al-Najah Cupping Center (مركز النجاح للحجامة – حي الفيحاء) in the Al-Fayhaa District is another well-known cupping therapy center in Riyadh. You can reach them on 053-353-9222. The center is located on Al Imam Al Shafi road in Al Fayhaa. View on Google Maps.
  • Hijama Clinic (عيادات الحجامة) on the Northern Ring Branch Road offers hijama therapy, and their contact number is 055-592-8950. The treatment center is located at the Northern Ring Branch Road at Taawun in Riyadh. View on Google Maps.
  • Dar Alhajm Cupping Center (مركز دار الحاجم للحجامة) in the King Faisal District provides quality Hijama services at their location in Riyadh. You can reach them on 011-232-9302. The center is located on Prince Bandar Bin Abdulaziz Road in King Faisal District in Riyadh. View on Google Maps.
  • New Cupping Center (مركز الحجامة الحديث) in Ghirnatah is well-known for Hijama therapy. Their contact number is 050-331-5999, and their center is located on Imam Saud Bin Abdulaziz Bin Mohammed Rd in Ghirnatah, Riyadh. View on Google Maps.

Treatment Duration and Cost

The duration and cost of cupping therapy sessions can vary significantly between different centers. Typically, a session might last anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour, depending on the specific area being treated and the condition addressed. The cost for these sessions can also vary widely, usually ranging from SAR 100 to SAR 600. These variations reflect the practitioner’s level of expertise, the quality of the facilities, and the complexity of the treatment offered.

It’s essential to choose a certified and experienced practitioner for Hijama therapy, as the technique and hygiene practices are crucial for its effectiveness and safety. Most centers also advise on following certain pre and post-treatment guidelines, such as avoiding strenuous activity and ensuring proper hydration, to enhance the treatment’s benefits and reduce any risk of complications.