Vehicle Accident Reporting Procedure


In case you get in a traffic accident, always please,

  • Make sure of your safety and anyone with you.
  • Take great care when getting out of your vehicle.

 Thus, it is essential to follow the following steps:

Notifying the traffic police if you don’t have a valid insurance policy in time of accident or in case that there are injuries or dead persons or fires.

Notifying the Najm if you do have a valid insurance policy in time of accident on our toll free customer service Center no. 920000560.

Provide the basic information where possible (Name of informer ID / Iqama no., mobile no., no. of car’s plate, the type of the car, insurance policy no., insurance company  name, city, accident location any distinguished or outstanding signs of the accident).

Inform if the cars involved in the accident can be moved or not.
Be sure to note the number of the case and date of the accident (given by the recipient of the call Center) to facilitate the procedure of following up your case with insurance company in the future.

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