Traffic Violation Points in Saudi Arabia & License Suspension

By Mohammed Ameen

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Driving License Suspension and Traffic Violation Points in Saudi Arabia

Driving responsibly is essential to ensure the safety of all road users. Saudi Arabia has implemented a traffic violation point system to encourage safe driving and discourage dangerous behavior on the roads. In this article, we will discuss the point system in detail, focusing on the consequences that occur when a driver accumulates (24) points within a Hijri year.

Understanding the Traffic Violations Point System

The point system is designed to penalize drivers who commit traffic violations, with each infraction being assigned a specific number of points. As a driver accumulates points for various offenses, the penalties become more severe. The objective of the system is to encourage safer driving habits and minimize accidents.

Traffic Violations and Points

1Driving a vehicle under the influence (Alcohol/Drugs)24
3Running a red traffic light12
4Driving in the opposite direction of traffic12
5Weaving through traffic on public roads8
6Not complying with traffic officer’s manual signal8
7Driving a vehicle without brakes or lights8
8Not stopping completely at a stop sign6
9Failing to observe right-of-way rules6
10Exceeding the speed limit by more than 25 km/h6
11Not yielding to cars inside a roundabout6
12Overtaking in prohibited areas6
13Stopping on railway tracks6
14Exceeding the speed limit by up to 25 km/h4
15Driving on lanes not designated for the vehicle4
16Overtaking school buses while students are boarding or disembarking4
17Not covering the load and cargo during transport4
18Modifying vehicle structure or body without proper authorization4
19Not wearing a seatbelt2
20Using a hand-held mobile phone while driving2
21Not wearing a helmet while riding motorized bikes2

Understanding the Impact: Accumulating 24 Traffic Violation Points within a Hijri Year

When a driver reaches (24) points within a Hijri year, their license is subject to revocation according to the following guidelines:

  1. First-time accumulation of (24) points: If a driver reaches (24) points for the first time within a Hijri year, their license will be suspended for a period of three months. This serves as a warning to the driver to improve their driving habits and avoid further violations.
  2. Second-time accumulation of (24) points: Should a driver accumulate (24) points for the second time within a Hijri year, the penalty is increased, resulting in a license suspension for six months. This more severe penalty highlights the importance of correcting driving behavior.
  3. Third-time accumulation of (24) points: If a driver accrues (24) points for the third time within a Hijri year, their license is suspended for one year. At this point, the driver must take serious steps to reevaluate their driving habits and commit to safer practices on the road.
  4. Fourth-time accumulation of (24) points: Finally, if a driver reaches (24) points for the fourth time within a Hijri year, their license will be permanently revoked. This measure is taken to protect other road users from drivers who repeatedly demonstrate a disregard for traffic laws and safety.

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The traffic violation point system in Saudi Arabia is an essential tool to promote road safety and ensure responsible driving. By understanding the consequences of accumulating points, drivers can make a conscious effort to adhere to traffic regulations and maintain a safe environment for all. Remember, driving is a privilege, not a right, and it is the responsibility of each driver to contribute to a safer road environment.

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