Replacing Your Old Driving License: A Guide for Expats Returning on a New Visa

By Mohammed Ameen

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Replacing Your Old Driving License: A Guide for Expats Returning on a New Visa

As an expat returning to Saudi Arabia on a new visa, replacing your old driving license is a crucial step to ensure your continued mobility and compliance with local regulations. This article outlines the process and the required documents for replacing your old driving license when returning to Saudi Arabia on a new visa.

Eligibility and Requirements

Expats who have left Saudi Arabia on a final exit visa and are returning with a new visa can visit the Muroor (traffic department) to get a new driving license (Source: SG) using their new ID number. However, if your old driving license is expired, you must pay fines and undergo a medical check-up before applying for the new license.

Required Documents

To initiate the replacement process, expats must gather the following documents:

  1. Old Driving License: An original and a copy of your old driving license.
  2. Copy of Old Iqama: A copy of the previous residence permit is necessary for the application.
  3. New Iqama: The new residence permit to confirm your current status in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Payment Receipt for License Fee: Proof of payment for the new license fee and any penalty for an expired license.
  5. Efada Medical Test: A medical check-up is required. Once completed, it will be automatically updated in the MOI systems; no receipt is required. (Learn how to check Efada medical report status)
  6. National Address Proof: It is advisable to carry a copy of your national address proof. (Learn how to download national address proof.)
  7. Passport Copy: A copy of your passport for identification purposes.
  8. Completed Application Form: Fill out the application form in Arabic, affix a recent passport-size photo, and submit it along with the required documents.

Appointment and Processing

To replace your old driving license with your new Iqama number, you need to schedule an appointment for “Replacement of Driving Licenses” through Absher. You can learn how to schedule a Muroor appointment by reading this article.

Fee for License Replacement

You must pay the fee for issuing a new driving license on your new Iqama number: SAR 400 for 10 years, SAR 200 for 5 years, or SAR 80 for 2 years. Additionally, if your old license has expired, you need to pay a penalty of SAR 100 for every year.

Completion of the Process

Once the appointment is completed at the traffic police station, the officer will cancel the old license and issue a new driving license with the new Iqama number. This process will only takes a few minutes.

By following these steps and providing the necessary documents, you can successfully replace your old driving license and continue to enjoy the freedom of driving in Saudi Arabia.