How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Saudi Arabia: A Step-by-Step Guide for Expatriates

By Mohammed Ameen

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vehicle ownership transfer saudi arabia

Transferring ownership of your vehicle in Saudi Arabia has become easier with the introduction of online services through the Absher account. Here’s a simple guide to help you navigate the process:

Requirements for Vehicle Ownership Transfer

Before initiating the transfer process, ensure you have the following documents and information ready:

  1. Vehicle Sequence Number: This unique number identifies the vehicle and you can find this in your Istimara.
  2. Iqama Number and Date of Birth: The buyer’s Iqama number and date of birth are required.
  3. Absher Account: Both the buyer and seller must have an active Absher account.
  4. Valid Fahas: The vehicle must have a valid Fahas (MVPI). (check fahas validity)
  5. Valid Insurance: The vehicle must have a valid insurance (comprehensive or thirdparty) for the vehicle. (check vehcile insurance validity)
  6. Maximum Number of Vehicles: Foreigners are limited to owning only two vehicles in Saudi Arabia. If an expat already having two vehicles, he cannot transfer additional one to his name.
  7. Saudi National Address: National address registration is mandatory for vehicle ownership transfer, ensure you have updated your national address.
  8. IBAN Numbers: The seller’s and buyer’s bank account IBAN numbers are necessary.
  9. Vehicle Price: The price of the vehicle must be between SAR 500 and SAR 200,000.
  10. Car Transfer Fee: The fee for transferring car ownership in Saudi Arabia is SAR 380, with SAR 150 paid through SADAD and the remaining SAR 230 added to the vehicle’s cost.

Vehicle Ownership Transfer Steps

  1. Vehicle Ownership Transfer Fee Payment: The buyer pays SR 150 of transfer fee through SADAD.
  2. Creating a Request to Transfer Vehicle Ownership: The seller creates a request to sell the vehicle through Absher.
  3. Accepting the Vehicle Ownership Transfer Request: The buyer accepts/rejects the request within two hours.
  4. Making the Payment: The buyer transfers money to the Absher bank account.
  5. Delivering the Vehicle: The seller delivers the vehicle.
  6. Collecting the Istimara: The buyer collects Istimara from the Muroor.

#1: Vehicle Ownership Transfer Fee Payment

  • Go to an ATM or Log in to your internet banking account.
  • Select “Payments” > “Government Payments” > “Motor Vehicle” > “Transfer Owner“.
  • Enter required details such as current owner Iqama number, vehcile sequence number and Iqama number of new owner.
  • Pay SAR 150 through SADAD.

#2: Creating a Request to Transfer Vehicle Ownership

Here is how a seller can create and send a request to transfer ownership of a vehicle through Absher.

  • Log in to your Absher account.
  • Click on “Vehicles” > “Vehicle Ownership Transfer” > “Seller“.
  • Enter vehicle and buyer details inclusing
    • Vehicle’ Price
    • Iqama Number of Buyer
    • Date of Birth of Buyer
    • Seller IBAN.
    • Region of sale.
  • Agree the terms and conditions and create a ownership transfer request.

Once the you create a request to transfer a vehicle, the buyer has to approve the request within two hours.

#3: Accepting the Vehicle Ownership Transfer Request

Here are the steps on how a buyer can accept or reject the request through their Absher account.

  • Log in to your Absher account.
  • Click on “Services” > “Vehicle Ownership Transfer“.
  • Accept/reject the request.
  • Next, enter IBAN of buyer bank account (for refund if sale is cancelled), select the region, review the price of the vehicle and agree the terms.

The screen will show the bank account to make payments and the buyer will have 72 hours to make payment and it will be only processed during banking hours.

Saudi Vehicle Transfer through Absher

#4: Making the Payment

  • Make the payment to the designated bank account within 72 hours.
  • When you add beneficiary enter “Account” as first name and “Dhamen” as the last name.

#5: Delivering the Vehicle

  • After payment, wait for SMS confirmation from Absher.
  • Seller needs to log in to Absher and follow “Vehicles” > “Vehicle Ownership Transfer” > “View Request.”
  • Review the information and click “Proceed to Vehicle Delivery“.

The buyer will recieve a verification code which seller needs to enter in his absher account to complete the sale. Ensure buyer only provide the code after recieving the vehicle and its key. Once the code is verified, the payment will be released to seller’s account in a few hours.

#6: Collecting the Istimara

  • Buyer can request the delivery of Istimara or vehicle license via post through the Absher.
  • If you prefer to collect the Istimara card from the nearest Traffic station, take a Muroor appointment.
  • Visit the traffic traffic station with your Iqama to collect the new Istimara.

By following these steps, expatriates in Saudi Arabia can successfully transfer vehicle ownership online using the Absher platform.