Temporary Hajj Jobs: MHRSD Invites Saudis and Residents to Apply

By Mohammed Ameen

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Temporary Hajj Jobs: MHRSD Invites Saudis and Residents to Apply

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) has launched the “Hajj Ajeer” or Hajj Worker service, allowing businesses to hire temporary workers during this Hajj season.

The ministry is inviting Saudis and residents interested in working at the holy sites during Hajj to submit their resumes through the “Bab Ajeer” platform. This platform connects job seekers and employers, making it easier to find work opportunities during Hajj.

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This initiative is part of the ministry’s efforts to organize work and simplify procedures for businesses and workers during the Hajj season. It aims to enhance the services provided to Hajj pilgrims and improve their experience during this special time.

Businesses using the “Hajj Ajeer” service can issue work permits and hire Saudi and resident workers temporarily. They can also advertise job vacancies for the Hajj season through the platform, allowing job seekers to easily find and apply for these positions.

The “Hajj Worker” service aims to make the workforce more flexible, improve its efficiency, provide flexible work options, and reduce the need for external recruitment.

This service is available online through the “Ajeer Hajj” website (https://www.ajeer.com.sa/), making it convenient for businesses and individuals to access and use.