How to Check Your Hajj Permit Status on Absher Portal

By Mohammed Ameen

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How to check your Hajj permit status on Absher

Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam, holds profound significance for Muslims worldwide. As Hajj 2024 approaches, residents in Saudi Arabia who wish to perform Hajj are required to obtain a permit from the authority. In this article, we will guide you on how to check your Hajj permit status on the Absher portal.

Hajj Without Permit is a Violation

The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia has issued a stern warning regarding the importance of obtaining a Hajj permit. Those caught performing Hajj without a permit will face severe penalties. The first violation incurs a fine of SAR 10,000, while repeat violations can lead to a fine of SAR 20,000. Additionally, expatriates who commit this violation risk deportation and being banned from future entry into the Kingdom.

According to the Council of Senior Scholars, obtaining a Hajj permit is mandatory under Shariah law. This requirement is in place to ensure the well-being of the community and to prevent harm. It is crucial to adhere to this regulation, as performing Hajj without a permit is impermissible and constitutes a sin.

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How to Check Your Hajj Permit Status

To check the status of your Hajj permit, follow these steps:

-Visit the Absher portal at

-Select “Individuals.”

-Choose the English language option.

-On the home page, select the “Inquiry About Hajj Permit” option under Public Services.

inquiry about hajj permit

-Enter your Iqama Number and Date of Birth.

-Enter the image code as displayed.

check hajj permit status

-Click on the “Check Hajj Permit Status” option.

You will then be able to view the status of your Hajj permit on the next page.

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What to Do if You Don’t Have a Hajj Permit

If your application for a Hajj permit is not approved and you do not have a permit, the system will display a message in red stating, “The entered ID holder does not have a Hajj permit.” In such a case, it is important to refrain from attempting to perform Hajj, as doing so without a permit is a violation of the law.

does not have hajj permit message

In conclusion, it is essential to obtain a Hajj permit before embarking on the pilgrimage. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily check the status of your permit on the Absher portal. Adhering to these regulations ensures the smooth and lawful conduct of Hajj, in accordance with the teachings of Islam.