With a Saudi Driving License, You Can Now Drive in 10 Countries

By Mohammed Ameen

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Saudi License Validity Abroad

Saudi Driving License Opens Up Driving in 10 Countries

If you possess a Saudi Arabian driving license, there’s good news! This documentation allows you to drive in no less than ten countries. If you have one, you can comfortably cruise around in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Canada, Austria, and the United Kingdom (UK) without an international driving license. The rule applies equally to all – whether you’re a citizen or a foreigner in Saudi Arabia.

In particular, the UAE stands out, welcoming a lot of vehicles with Saudi Arabian number plates daily. The process for Saudi Arabian citizens to obtain a UAE driving license is generally hassle-free.

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With your Saudi license, you can drive to Bahrain using your vehicle. The journey begins from Dammam and goes through the iconic King Fahd Causeway. Plus, it’s a straightforward process to acquire a visa on arrival at the Saudi border, letting you drive your vehicle into Jordan with ease.

Driving into Qatar using a Saudi license is also a possibility. Moreover, Egypt gives you the green light to drive within its borders for up to three months from your arrival date if you have a Saudi Arabian license. The same three-month rule applies to Canada as well, another country friendly to Saudi license holders.

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Austria recently opened its doors to Saudi Arabian drivers, recognizing their national licenses. When it comes to the UK, however, only Saudi Arabian citizens with valid licenses are permitted to drive. And they can do so for up to a year. After the initial year, the UK requires these drivers to obtain a local driving license.

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