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Penalties for Using Mobile Phone While Driving

Mobile Phone is the Main Cause of Road Accidents

Saudi Arabia witnesses about 1,400 traffic accidents daily, resulting in 20 deaths and 35 disabilities, according to statistics released by the campaign.

Tariq Al-Ghamdi, a social activist, said vehicles driven by motorists speaking on their hand-held phones “are time bombs on the streets and public squares that may explode at any minute.”
Despite the measures taken by traffic officials and the strict punishments imposed on violators of traffic regulations, including a ban on talking on hand-held devices while driving, traffic accidents are on the rise.

Saudi Arabia Traffic Department  Announces New Penalties for Using Mobile Phone While Driving


SAR 500  fine and 24 hours Jail if caught for the first time


SR 1,500 fine and 24 hours jail if caught for second time


SR 15,000 fine, 24 hours jail and car will be confiscated by traffic police for 30 dats if caught third time


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