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Learn about Saudi driving license restriction codes

You may have noticed a restriction code written on the Driving License issued in Saudi Arabia. Have you ever wondered what these codes mean? This article explains it in detail.

The restriction codes denote some limitations. A list of limitation codes and specifics about each limitation is provided below:

0 or بدون قيود – No restrictions

The code”0” or “بدون قيود” on a driver’s license indicates that the license has no restrictions.

1 – Automatic only

A driving license code “1” indicates that he or she is only permitted to drive automatic vehicles and not permitted to drive a manual transmission vehicle.

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2 – Prosthesis

Code “2” indicates that the driver must use an external or implanted device to replace or supplement a missing or damaged body part.

3 – Corrective lenses

A driver with a Saudi driving license restriction code “3” is required to wear corrective eyeglasses or lenses while driving.

4 – Only drive in the daytime

This means the driver is only permitted to drive during daylight hours, from one-half hour after sunrise to one-half hour before sunset.

5 – Hearing aids must be used

Code “5” indicates that the driver must use a hearing aid while driving.

6 – Driving within Saudi Arabia

Code “6” on a driving license indicates that the driver is only permitted to drive within Saudi Arabia.

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7 – Adapted vehicles

This means that the driver can only operate a vehicle equipped with hand controls for the accelerator and brake.

8 – No commercial use

A driving license with a code “8” indicates that the holder is not permitted to drive a motor vehicle for commercial purposes.

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